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Home Doctor Service App: Making Healthcare Consultation More Convenient With Home Doctor App in Australia

Quick Summary- As we explore the healthcare demographics extensively, today we approach the home doctor apps in Australia and their quick rise in popularity in the Australian healthcare market.

Today we bring you the holistic point of view of the home doctor service app, the range of features that you can get, the convenience of the home doctor service app, along how we as healthcare IT solutions providers help you develop a home visiting doctor app.

The Australian population as of 2020 was 25.5 million and is projected to grow to 42.96 million by 2099.

No, this is not a census article.

We are still a healthcare IT-focused company providing concrete healthcare solutions.

The reason for articulating this data was to make you understand the scope and viability of the home doctor service app which is directly in correlation with places that are population savvy.

Thus, proving our point.

Yes, the Australian subcontinent indeed has a strong healthcare system but still, many patients are unable to access the healthcare they need, when they need it.

Well, we are not going to get into the whys, & hows of it.

Rather we’ll provide solutions.

Home Doctor App: Interact with Doctors Online or In-House in a Few Easy Steps

Alright! Let’s get straight to the point.

What are your options when a sudden medical ailment may cause you to seek help during weekends or after-hours?

Or when your GP is unavailable. Where do you go?

This is when a home doctor service app comes into the picture.

Extremely convenient service for those looking to get doctor services and eliminates the need for doctor’s waiting rooms, long wait periods, or costly travel time to secure an appointment.

The Home Doctor App will be Beneficial for

  • Those living all by themselves away from family & loved ones (like students)
  • The best alternative for care towards the elderly. Your senior’s healthcare concerns can be handled even if you are unavailable.
  • Those living in rural areas, where getting to your nearest hospital is a KMs away deal.
  • All those who want to save themselves from the headaches of hassles of consultations, bookings, and scheduling.

Why wait at the emergency room or until your regular doctor’s office is open?

A Home doctor service app in Australia will even help you to get to talk to a doctor for online consultation 24×7 & 365 days.

And keep your regular GP updated with the reports of treatment & consultation provided.

Bringing the Traditional House Call Back with the Touch of Technology

When was the last time your doctor came to your house?

For some, the answer is very likely never.

But with a platform of home doctor service apps, patients & physicians may have some common ground to interact with each other using the 21st Century approach to house calls.

The home doctor service app can be your trusted choice in after-hours care delivery and in case the doctor can’t be made available physically, the app can make sure to fix you up with a video consultation.

But how exactly does it work?

Well, let us explain!

The House Call

  • The very first thing you do is choose a service to get started after you log in to the app. You book using the online app or make a call right away.
  • Upon getting the request the doctor for your preferred consultation is dispatched to your location. While you get the regular real-time updates of his/her estimated arrival.
  • The doctor arrives at your location, usually accompanied by a caregiver, and provides you treatment, makes the diagnosis, and provides medication or a prescription if required.
  • Next treatment, the doctor will submit a report to your regular GP to offer an update on your condition and treatments. This enables your regular doctor to continue or modify their care as needed, while also acting as a record of your medical history.
  • All the doctors & care providers are under the AMDS program & accredited by the Federal Department of Health.

Interact with an Online Doctor

  • In case, the doctors are unavailable for a house call, as healthcare IT solutions providers, we have got your back with teleconsultation. As you choose the service that you require and move forward.
  • You get to choose the doctor you want from a list of registered Australian doctors in the app/software/website database.
  • While you fix a time of your convenience for an appointment, the doctor receives a request and responds to it.
  • And finally just using your smartphone, or laptop get a video consultation from expert doctors from anywhere in Australia.
  • With the online consultation from your home doctor service app, you get diagnoses, treatment, prescriptions, medical certifications, referrals, pathology, imaging, and more from a registered Australian doctor.

The Range of Features You Can Offer with Your Home Doctor Service App

We are a healthcare IT solution-focused company that has provided a quite good number of healthcare consultation solution platforms & we understand the user’s (patient & doctor’s) usability experience.

I am not going to bore you with the typical features that you find in every consultation app like login page, profiles, reports & analytics for doctors, etc.

We provide all of the above features with other features that are extremely important for healthcare consultation.

  • Real-time booking

The patient is free to schedule appointments with the doctor whenever they choose.

With the choices for real-time availability.

Doctors, on the other hand, can accept or reject the request based on their availability.

If they are attending to another patient, you will be routed to another available doctor as soon as possible.

You will have access to the physicians’ availability switches as well as their registered, complete profile.

  • Secure log-in access

We understand healthcare security very well.

Thus we provide secure login access for you onto the app with a 4 or 5-digit access code & the option of emergency login on your behalf if you allocate someone to be your emergency medical contact on your behalf.

  • Integration with health records

We specialize in offering healthcare information technology solutions.

Our dedicated and well-educated staff of experts will ensure that you are not left in the dark.

Obtaining access to patients’ medical data may be a tough procedure for clinicians.

We take care of it by integrating with the My Health Record Aussie version of EHRs/EMRs in your app.

So, when a doctor provides consultation, he/she has the record of all your health data, medications, treatments, allergies, pathology, imaging, and all medical information.

  • Advanced analytics & reports

This feature is often valuable for physicians since all of the patients’ reports are summarized and analyzed in the patient summary, in case the doctors want to take a fast glance at the patients’ most recent diagnosis, drugs, and progress outcomes.

  • Medication and prescriptions

As a patient, obtaining medication and prescriptions on schedule is critical.

Patients can use geo-location services & find the nearest pharmacy and send their e-prescription to have medicine delivered to their home or get it themselves at their convenience.

Moreover, with the home visiting doctors app you can expect to get your medication the moment doctors come to visit you just like the old times.

How Do We Help You Develop a Home Doctor App in Australia?

Our decade-long experience of providing IT solutions that are sole, healthcare-focused gives us an edge over any generic IT company, with the expertise & experience to help you deliver a smooth & hassle-free healthcare experience.

At the same time, our dedicated team of designers, developers, healthcare compliance experts, QA testers, & project managers make sure that your home doctor app is certified and compliant to function in Australia.

Our in-house compliance experts understand The Privacy Act, by heart, to make sure that the healthcare service that you are delivering is regulated and compliant. While also keeping in mind the HL7 & FHIR standards of app development.

With us, you get the option to choose from an MVP app, white-label & white-label customized, or a custom-made app depending upon your choice, viability, and budget.

And since you have reached this far in the blog,

Let us help you with your home doctor service app development or any healthcare IT solution related to AI, ML, IoT integration, etc.

So, let us help you to help people!