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How Does a Healthcare IT Company Deliver Healthcare IT Projects?

Earlier, we talked about healthcare-focused information technology companies and how they provide proficient medical IT solutions.

Well, today we will be enlightening you with much deeper insight into the process of how your healthcare IT project or idea is turned into reality.

Especially, how SyS Creations as a leading Healthcare-specific IT company delivers its project with dexterity.

We will not only focus on the technical process involved.

But, we will also cater to the management and consultation as well.

How we understand not just our client’s requirement but our client as well.

Well, let us share a secret with you all today.

So, you have stuck with your healthcare IT-related solution.

You have the idea and vision.

But without execution, the whole idea is just a mere thought.

To bring it to reality, you need someone who knows what they are doing.

For the last 8+ years, SyS Creations has been the epitome of healthcare-specific knowledge.

We have been delivering IT solutions only catering to the healthcare sector while helping entrepreneurs and healthcare industry professionals with an overall better care package.

Healthcare IT consultations, healthcare app/software development, EHR/EMR integrations, compliance consultations, and IT solutions to healthcare professionals, we have delivered every single project with efficiency.

And today we are going to share the very intricate process through which we achieve success.

Our process of developing towards success stays the same no matter how big or small our client is.

SyS Creations’ ability to understand healthcare, healthcare providers, and patients has given us an edge in bringing the required innovation.

Hence, let us move on to the real deal – the process with which a Healthcare IT Company like ours delivers your project.

How Healthcare IT Company Works? – SyS Creations Methodology from Concept to Design, from Development to Real-World!

It all begins with you (the client) when you get an idea or a healthcare professional/ individual sees through the door of opportunity to develop an app/software that can assist in the growth of the healthcare sector and services.


You indulge with us with multiple contact sessions where we discover your idea.

  • The very first step towards successful delivery starts with you establishing contact with us. It can be via email, call, or you could just fill up the contact us form on our website from when you visited our blogs.
  • We receive your query/idea/requirement and within 12 hours you get your first virtual call with us. Where we get to know you and your ideas better. Through multiple calls where each one lasts around 1 hour.
  • You gave us your precious time and now it is our time to revert. Don’t worry we do not like to keep you waiting. Be ready to get a proposal with all the assessments within 2 days. How do we do it? We’ll let you know further down the process.
  • We find your target audience, understand, and evaluate the requirements and also research the top competitors. This helps us in creating a leak-proof plan and proposal.

Discovering and Allocation

Exploring your vision and assigning experts to it.

  • This whole process begins as we discover your vision and one week later you and we shake hands over contract finalization.
  • Now you are an integral part of SyS Creations and be ready to expect a call from our team of experts who prepare workflow documentation based on the discussion with your team/stakeholders on your project requirement.
  • We made the call and designed the whole workflow for this very step. After careful assessment of the above point, we assembled a proper team for your project with proper alignment.

Ideating UI/UX

Formation of ideas, creating designs, and providing guidelines.

  • As soon as the team and resources are assembled, our team of healthcare UI/UX experts starts designing sample molds based on the discussions in the discovery and allocation section.
  • Once you approve the mockups. It is time for our expert team to start designing as they create wonders in the form of applications while prototyping. They make sure to create a compliant design. To save you from legal hassle.
  • Don’t worry if you do not have branding guidelines. As I said we provide consultation too. Our UI team will provide you with branding guidelines as well. Where they not only just develop the app but provide you with a logo and theme as well.

Process-based Management

Apart from just developing apps/software, SyS Creations also has expertise in project management.

  • We start with scrum planning which is referenced from our earlier discovery calls.
  • We plan a sprint. This sprint planning technique helps us to brainstorm and arrive at the solution concerned with timeline designing, and roadmaps of the execution process.
  • The project is still in the initial phase which requires backlog planning as well. To make sure, we can initiate a backlog plan protocol in case something gets missed during the developmental phase. Which is again defined by a timeline.

Initiating Development in 3…2…1 – The Time for Practical Enforcement

The time for practical implementation has arrived.

Dividing the process of execution into two stages gives clarity of command.

The initial planning is done on paper i.e., in theory, and only after full-proofing the whole plan does the app/web development begin.

This process helps to deliver an app/web with fewer issues and errors.

Moreover, the development process till the final launch can be effectively moderated by our executives and you as well.

Developers at Work

Our dedicated team of talented developers has started the astounding process of app development.

  • We believe in using clean code architecture while coding any application. The reason is that it makes it easier for your in-house developers to take over the project in the future. We provide documentation of development for source code instructions, API collection, and architecture design.
  • One of the most important things, when you develop an application, is to keep in mind security and compliance. On one hand, we make sure to verify the source code for security and also conduct penetration testing. Whilst, our team of developers also stays in continuous contact with our compliance specialists to achieve HIPAA and ADA compliance. So that in the future you don’t face any legal hardbacks. And the best part is we do not charge for consultancy or compliance audits.

Running Quality Assurance Check

Performing a quality check to ensure proper fulfillment of procedures and processes.

  • The project team leads will aggregate all sprint development and provide the entire project to our QA team to perform the Quality Assurance process.
  • As the DevOps team installs all the essential certificates and servers. We provide you with access to the application with testing credentials.
  • We have quite a protective QA team when it comes to problem detection. Ensuring to check into every element to recognize as many issues and errors as possible to deliver the finest quality application.

Deploying Pilot

The application will be available to a small set of people. To generate feedback and early enhancements.

  • To test the application in a real-time environment for training and testing our DevOps team will set up a QA server.
  • We provide you with a demo and a full-fledged training session going through every feature and functionality. We make sure your vision turned into reality is a work of snapping fingers for you.
  • You and your whole team will have access to the application via a demo link. You can use it to establish and test genuine accounts and test actual app/web flow.

Launching the App/Software

Providing feedback after the pilot as we make necessary fixes to launch the app.

  • As soon as the pilot is done and we’ve received proper feedback and made all the intended fixes that were required, our DevOps team will set up the production server while assuring the maximum level of security.
  • Finally! We launch the application with our team standing by to make sure the application is launched without any hampers. On the day of the launch, your client success manager assigned by us stays on 24-hour availability to establish fast and well-curated communication.

Updating and Support

Your journey with us just doesn’t end after the launch.

We take care of your app/web throughout the lifeline.

  • We keep a keen eye on users’ reports and any bug(s) reported during the initial 30 days will be fixed by us without charging you for the service.
  • You get another slamming idea and want to make changes by adding enhancing features or integration(s). We’ll be there for you to develop and support.
  • We also make sure to do regular follow-ups in case you are too busy and forget to report an issue that has recently emerged. We reached out to you as you reached out to us initially.

This is how our 8+ years young, dynamic and the best healthcare IT company that caters to the healthcare sector delivers success.

So, if you have an idea for a healthcare app/software and want to know how success, triumph, and dedication taste.

Just simply reach out to us!