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Why Do You Need An App for Medical Transportation Business?

A staggering 4 million Americans get delayed healthcare or miss their healthcare appointment due to lack of transportation.

Thus, working on the high moral grounds we felt the need to put you through the healthcare IT solution of medical transportation apps.

Why the North American subcontinent needs it?

If you plan on starting one, what are the advantages of it?

While we try & provide you with an efficient solution.

It was just yesterday that the news hit us.

Definitely, more than the caffeine itself!

It was how a recent medical transportation startup founded in 2015 called DocGO was soon going public with at least $200 million in their balance sheets.

Wait! Wait!

The best part is that they provide their on-demand ambulatory service & non-emergency medical transportation to some hot-shots like HBO & NFL.

Well, way to go in the big leagues!

DocGo, The New “Last-Mile” Health Service Wonder, Expanding its Footprint in Mobile Health Services

Alright, so you got the brief introduction about the DocGO, formerly known as Ambulnz, that became public after completing a merger with a blank check firm.

The merger of DocGO creating an equity value of about $1.1 billion made them go cha-ching in the medical transportation sector.

Through their “last mile” initiative which includes mobile services like testing, immunizations, bloodwork, IV hydration, wound treatment, mobile imaging, and EKGs, among other services, are provided to patients at their homes or workplaces.

They are currently operational in 28 states as of now and planning to expand to 35 states.

What’s very intriguing about the whole operation of DocGO is their approach towards mobile medical service.

They believe in assembling a medical field crew of qualified/certified EMTs, paramedics, and licensed practical nurses as opposed to nursing practitioners and physician assistants.

All thanks to the vision of CEO Stan Vashovsky who believes,

“DocGo’s approach is more budgetary because physician assistants and nurse practitioners, who would be performing work below their level of training, have higher labor costs and are more difficult to recruit, especially now that there is a labor shortage”, he said, “This allows us to supply our services at a considerably lower cost factor.”


Why Build a Non-Emergency Medical Transportation App?

What better way to solve a problem with efficient & effective use of technology than using it to serve humanity?

Moving to the question, how does a medical transportation app, or a patient transfer app, solve healthcare transportation inadequacies?

Well, let us first make it clear, a medical transportation app is usually used for non-emergency purposes only.

Especially when routine examinations, lab tests, rehab sessions, pharmaceutical pickups, dental visits, and other crucial appointments are missed.

At the same time, the NEMT is a fast-growing industry, because elderly and handicapped people all around the country require dependable transportation, launching a non-emergency medical transportation app is a good endeavor no matter where you live.

And what we as healthcare IT solution providers personally feel is that a non-emergency medical transportation app will act as a bridge between physical & virtual care.

A NEMT or medical transportation app automates every part of your NEMT business, including dispatching, scheduling, routing, invoicing, driver management, customer notifications, and much more.

The Advantages of Running a Medical Transportation Venture through a NEMT app

Just a heads up when you develop a medical transportation app with us, you get a NEMT app that is comprehensive and customizable as per your business needs.

So here are the benefits that you get when you let us develop a medical transportation app:

Optimized Scheduling

With the apps’ workflow automation, there will be no more paper-based records, documentation, or systems!

The automatic smart system evaluates each passenger’s demands to decide what type of vehicle and how many are required, saving dispatchers time and work.

Moreover, it provides real-time visibility, and optimizing routing which saves money by reducing mile wastage, Its availability on mobile devices saves drivers’ labor as it enables real-time communication with the drivers.

At the same time, the user-friendly interface holds drivers responsible for their schedules and enables real-time traffic updates.

If necessary, the program assists in improving location accuracy and/or trip reassignment.

Which enhances on-time performance, saving lots of time & money.

Easy Billing & Payments

With the help of an app for medical transportation services, you can make digital invoices for clients and send them to them through email.

We make sure that the app is HIPAA-compliant and can produce PDF documents that may be emailed in minutes.

Automated billing saves a lot of time and money with faster submissions and fewer human errors.

And effortlessly track payments for each trip depending on the billing type.


When you have a medical transportation app as mentioned above scheduling, routing is made easier through automation reducing human errors.

This proves to be economical for the vehicles & physical assets as you can invest the saved cost in their maintenance.

Customer convenience

A user-friendly interface for the customers with simplified booking & allowing passengers to

  • Track a driver’s position
  • Schedule and review trips
  • Contact their driver
  • Get automatic trip reminder messages with real-time trip alerts.

All the above will make your non-emergency medical transportation app will be customers’ favorite when they need medical transportation or on-demand ambulance service.

Features that will Make your Medical Transportation App Phenomenal

The major purpose of creating a patient transfer app is to reduce errors through integration and automation.

Creating an optimized environment for you and the users so that tasks on both ends are completed effectively.

Thus we make sure to provide the following features:

Pre-routing for You

Reduces your costs by creating the most effective plan for you every day depending on the capacity of your vehicles.

This reduces 10-15 % of maintenance costs and a lot of unnecessary miles.

Real-time Integration

Trips can be generated from a variety of sources.

It is vital to bring them all together in one location with the most up-to-date information.

Thus, we make sure to provide best-in-class real-time integrations to ensure that information flows effortlessly into your systems.

With geo-location, GPS & navigation.

An Interface for Your Customers

As we said earlier, customer convenience is of utmost importance.

With us, we make sure you have a platform that is user-friendly for all those using your app as a customer with features like

  • Easy booking
  • Billing
  • Feedback & suggestions
  • Easy login
  • High security

While adhering to HIPAA compliance.


Although compliance is an advantage to your non-emergency medical transportation app, we consider it a feature because we provide in-house HIPAA compliance consultancy with our experts throughout your project.

Since, the healthcare sector deals with sensitive patient information like personal details, payment history & sensitive details making them prone to data breaches.

We make sure your app & the medical transportation app on the users’ end is well-protected while adhering to HIPAA compliance.

Who Do You Trust with the Development of a Medical Transportation App? It’s Us! Here is Why…

Let us be absolutely upfront,

We have been working in the healthcare industry delivering focused IT solutions to create an efficient healthcare environment for the past 10 years.

Every member of our team, be it a developer, designer, in-house compliance expert, or project manager, all of them have been solely working with healthcare making them experts in the field.

Be it integration, or using AI & ML in your app, software, or your website, to run rigorous QA testing, we do it all with the highest quality of work.

Well, we see you have come so long into reading this tickling your intelligence & cautious bone, making you just a click away from wonders.

Just get in touch with us & we can do wonders together.