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Let’s Calculate the Impact You Can Leave & (Money You Can Make) by Building a Menopause App Like Stella

What inspired us to write on the menopause app today?

A UK-based health tech startup named Vira Health has recently raised $12 million for its digital menopause care program fueled by a menopause app named Stella.

When we dug deep, we found a huge market scope and almost zero competition.


Well, there are 3,904,727,342 women in the world. That’s 49.59% of the world’s population. And all of them go through a difficult phase of their life which is called menopause.

So, if you play it smart, you can seize a huge opportunity to target almost 50% of the world population with your menopause mobile app!

Even if you can manage to convert only 1% of them into your loyal users, things go financially-rewarding for you!

But hold on – we are not going to discuss only the money part. We will also discuss the real impact you can leave by building a menopause app like Stella.

Do women prefer to use a mobile app to tackle their challenges related to menopause?

If you ask us about the current situation, we would say yes.

The pandemic time made consumers so habituated to mobile apps that they still prefer to utilize mobile apps for seeking any essential services including healthcare.

As compared to in-person care, digital care provided by mobile apps is more affordable, rapid and most importantly, very convenient. (Consumers have already acknowledged this fact!)

As far as accessibility is concerned, almost all women now have their own smartphones which they can use to get access to your menopause app.

In addition to this, rising awareness around menopause issues is the major reason why your menopause app is most likely to get thousands of women users.

So, overall, due to easy access, more convenience and rising awareness, women prefer to use mobile apps to deal with their wellness issues.

About Stella app: Get inspired to build something similar

stella app

Stella app enables women to find menopause relief faster than ever. The app aims to help women improve their health now and also later in life.

After downloading the app, women only need to add their symptoms. Based on these added symptoms, Stella’s clinicians and specialists prepare a personalized 12-week plan.

The app – in a very well-organized and clinically-supported manner – introduces lifestyle changes and good habits for each woman to help her achieve their wellness goals and deal with the menopause phase of her life.

The app also suggests different workout options and diet advice in addition to a course of cognitive behavioural therapy to fight against menopause symptoms with both mental and physical strengths.

The best part of the Stella app is that it assigns a dedicated coach for a woman with whom she can have direct communication through the app.

Stella app UI

The real impact you can leave with an app like Stella

We’ve been dealing with healthcare mobile apps for 7+ years and one thing we have learned is that a healthcare mobile app is the only medium available in this entire universe that influences the core health and wellness of millions of people in a single shot.

In other words, it saves lives and empowers people to live a life they always dream of. And this is the only reason, it is advisable to measure the impact you can leave with a menopause app, rather than just ‘measuring’ the money you can make!

The real impact of the menopause app:

1) Mental health

The menopause app provides easy solutions to women to deal with mental health challenges caused by menopause. These mental health challenges majorly include anxiety, mood swings, stress, and in some cases unprovoked anger issues.

2) Physical health

Women going through the menopause phase commonly observe several issues around their physical ability due to weakness caused by menopause.

They feel severe fatigue quite often. In many cases, skin issues also emerge in the form of dark circles popping up under the eyes and dark round spots popping up on the face.

With proper and personalized diet advice and workout plans, a menopause app helps women deal with physical challenges.

3) Social health

Generally, men fail to comprehend the problems women are facing in menopause. This further worsens the conditions of the women. They experience emotional weakness and start feeling lonely even while having an entire family around them.

A dedicated menopause education program regardless of the gender and specific community for women where they share and get inspired by thousands of other women results in good social health of women.

The money you can make by creating a menopause app like Stella

The thing is, you are investing a huge amount to build an app like Stella. So, there is nothing wrong with doing financial discussions!

Let’s do some basic math.

You are running a subscription plan which costs $50 a month to a woman.

Under this subscription plan, you provide her with a personalized treatment plan that includes a diet plan, workout plan, basic OTC medicines, access to the mental health module of the app, and a coach to guide her.

The woman has the flexibility to continue the subscription plan as long as she wants.

Let’s assume that 5 months is the average time a woman continues paying for a subscription.

That means she pays you a total of $250 for those 5 months.

So, $250 is your revenue. And even in worst-case scenarios, your operating and acquisition cost for a single subscription would not surpass $150.

That means, $100 is the possible profit you can make with a single subscription in a period of 5 months. (This is indeed very low!)

But here it is worth mentioning that the more women sign up for your subscription plan, the less you spend on acquisition and operating costs.

Because everything costs less when it comes in bulk!

So, in this way, if you manage to acquire 1000 paid users for a period of 5 months, your revenue for 5 months would be $250,000.

With $250,000 in revenue through only 1000 paid users, you end up making a profit of $100,000 even if you spend 60% of revenue on operating and acquisition costs.

You must now have the ultimate wisdom that the entire game here is keeping operating and acquisition costs low while focusing on earning more paid users!

A pro tip: Never skip the conclusion part!

Because here you find help to execute your menopause app idea!

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