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Dear Dermatologists, Upgrade your Practice and Be Most-Loved Online Dermatologists in America: A Guide

Quick Summary: In a short span of time, the COVID-19 pandemic forced every business or industry, especially the healthcare industry, to adopt new innovative approaches and sufficient technologies.

As a result, healthcare enterprises have witnessed tremendous growth in technology adoption, after the pandemic.

mHealth apps are one of the innovative approaches that many healthcare professionals are currently utilizing to provide a more quality care experience at any time, anywhere.

As per the reports, “The mHealth apps market is valued at $47.7 billion in 2021 and is projected to grow to $149 billion by 2028”.

The online dermatologist app is one of the mHealth apps which seamlessly connects patients and dermatologists via virtual meetings for convenient and rapid care solutions.

As a result, patients are also preferring online appointments with dermatologists via chat, voice calls, and video calls over live-in visits due to the flexibility of care.

So, in this blog, we are going to discuss everything you need to know before starting an online dermatologist solution.

What is the importance of an online dermatologist service or app?

Skin issues are one of those healthcare concerns which don’t need a live-in person treatment every time. So, an online dermatologists platform can be beneficial for both patients and medical experts.

In addition to this, it enables patients to connect with dermatologists for their several skin-related issues without travelling miles.

For dermatologists, an online platform or app helps them to provide a more personalized and rapid care experience while at the same time saving valuable time and reducing live-in clinical visits.

Here are the three major reasons why talking to a dermatologist online is important in this post-pandemic time.

1. More effective personalized care

Patients only need one thing and that’s – a comprehensive solution for their various skin-related diseases.

Using an online platform for dermatology solutions, patients can obtain a faster, more effective, and secure consultation without any clinical visits.

2. Time and effort saving

Gone are the days when patients need to wait weeks and travel miles for a single appointment with a dermatologist. But using an app, they just need to book an online appointment and can get the same-day or next-day virtual visits for their skin-related issues.

As a result, medical experts can detect the early stage of the skin-related diseases which initially reduces the patients’ follow-up visits.

From that, we can safely say that developing an online dermatologist app saves almost 80% of the time for both patients and dermatologists.

3. Reduces cost for both patients and dermatologists

As we discussed earlier, an online platform saves valuable time and efforts of the patients as well as medical experts by reducing the patients’ follow-up visits.

As a result, it reduces the cost of the treatment for the patients as the follow-up visits are lesser in virtual dermatology care.

Furthermore, no live-in person visits enable administrative and clinical staff to focus on the other key responsibilities which directly improves the productivity of the enterprise.

From the above three aspects, we can safely conclude that a dermatologist app gives patients the most affordable, easily accessible, and rapid care consultation solutions for their various skin issues.

Top 5 dermatology apps in the USA you should study to build your dermatology app

1. SkinVision:


SkinVision is the Amsterdam-based online dermatologist solution.

Using its new level of skin control, patients can evaluate and track the risk factors of skin cancer. That’s the reason, the app is downloaded by over 1.2 million users.

Because of the smart and advanced algorithm of the dermatology app, it has found over 27,000 skin cancer cases.

2. iDoc24

iDoc24 is the award-winning dermatology solution provider across 160+ countries with 7+ language availability.

For patients, it’s a fast and convenient process in which they just need to upload the image of their skin issues and the common symptoms.

As per your medical condition, a certified dermatologist will contact the patient within 24 hour of span. For that reason, till now, over 20,000+ skin issues have been submitted in the iDoc24 application.

3. First Derm:

First Derm

The First Derm is a similar app to an iDoc24 and it’s backed by the dermatologist scientific research team.

With over 400,000 users across the world, First Derm offers easier, faster, and real-time skincare solutions with the help of highly qualified dermatologists.

Additionally, for real-time data, it gives access to a dermatologist through a connected device.

4. Eczema Tracker:

Eczema Tracker

It’s a simple, intuitive, and easily accessible app for tracking and analyzing eczema, allergies, asthma, and other skin-related issues.

Eczema Tracker gives features such as – daily reports in the form of graphs, a complete management tool for eczema tracking, and an image gallery.

5. VisualDx:


VisualDx is a clinical decision reference tool that allows caregivers to improve clinical approaches and overall patient outcomes.

The VisualDx is used by over 2000+ hospitals, clinics, and medical schools worldwide for more comprehensive diagnostics and insightful learning.

How can you generate more revenue from the online dermatologist app?

Whether it’s skincare issues or other health-related issues, the only thing that matters is – appropriate and quality patient outcomes.

To achieve that, you need to provide dermatology solutions that keep patients engaged with your platform.

For that reason, we have classified the services which you should provide in your dermatologists’ app to generate more revenue and build a better market presence in this ongoing online dermatologist demand.

1. Online pharmacy store

It’s a simple and most effective idea to generate more revenue while at the same time fulfilling the patients’ needs.

Let’s understand this with a quick example.

You are a patient and have some skin-related issues. For that reason, you conducted virtual care with the dermatologist.

After identifying your medical condition, the dermatologist made a prescription for you.

Now the important thing is that the dermatologist isn’t providing online pharmacy services. So, what will you do? Buy it from your nearest pharmacy, right?

But what if the dermatologist also offers an ePharmacy solution? You’ll definitely buy from it as you don’t need to travel or order from other pharmacies.

From that, we can safely conclude that ePharmacy services improve patients satisfaction and boost revenue for your dermatology services.

2. eCommerce store

It’s a simple thing that not everyone is always looking for medicine. Some also want to buy skincare, nutrition, haircare, and other products from online stores.

For that, you can offer eCommerce services to sell the various types of skincare products as you already know what are the requirements of your patients.

As a result, it’ll help you to boost your sales as well as overall revenue as an online dermatologist in the USA.

Let us guess one thing.

If you’re still reading this, we can safely say that you want to start an online dermatologist’s services or want to build a dermatologist app.

Don’t worry, we’ll make your work easier with the appropriate business model strategy.

Explore the ideal business model and became the best online dermatologist in the USA

As we both are aware, the demand for online dermatologists is gradually increasing, especially after the pandemic. For that reason, we have created the most comprehensive business model for you.

With that, you’ll be able to create a more promising market presence, leading to a more profitable business.

Here is the entire process.

  • Reduce the investment risks by identifying the key partners and suppliers
  • Explore the key areas to build a more promising relationship with the users
  • Understand your value proposition better as it’ll help you to create an effective online dermatologist solutions
  • Identify the key resources and how to implement them into your services
  • Create a more profitable distribution and revenue stream
  • Develop an insightful cost structure that includes expenses of activities and resources

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