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If a Tinder-like Travel App is Possible, then Why not Dating Apps for Doctors?: Let’s Talk More About Healthcare Dating Apps

Please note: When we talk about Tinder, we are not talking about typical Tinder things that it is known for. Instead, we are talking about making connections, finding emotional support, sharing knowledge, and emerging as a better you – with the help of someone just like you!

We’re trying our best to not criticize the Tinder

For someone every day dealing with healthcare apps, Tinder isn’t a fascinating idea.

Leveraging the matching algorithm which is very common nowadays, it does only match matching.

And it has been years since it is doing the same. (Sorry dear Tinder fans, but we don’t call this innovation!)

But when we read the news of a Tinder-like travel app named OfftheGrid on TechCrunch, we felt magically interested.

Someone is Finally Taking the Concept of Tinder to the Next Level | The Niche-Specific Approach

If you see things from a different perspective, Tinder is not an app.

It is a concept.

A concept of matching people having similar interests.

You can take this concept of Tinder and fit it into anything.

For instance, dating apps for doctors, dating apps for cancer patients, dating apps for CEOs, dating apps for travelers, dating apps for yacht owners, etc.

This approach is called niche-specific when you, unlike Tinder, go specific and build a niche social platform for people limited to 1 or 2 social, financial, or educational backgrounds.

Founded by 25-year-old Ethan Serbantes, OfftheGrid is a travel-niche-specific social platform where travelers find people having the same interest in travel, share their experiences, and vote the travel images and videos by swiping left or right, much like you do on matches.

The overall experience of OfftheGrid app is very appealing to the users:

  • Unlike Instagram, the OfftheGrid app shows very comprehensive details of places – enough information that interested users can know everything about that place from a single image and make a plan to travel there.
  • However, to reveal all the information about a place from the image uploaded by another user, a user needs to have 10 in-app coins.
  • No. Users don’t have to purchase these coins. For every swipe on the travel images uploaded by other users, a user receives 1 in-app coin.

OfftheGrid app

This is a very interesting move.

It keeps users engaged in the app and gives them a sense of achievement when they finally reveal other information about the place.

Why is Tinder NOT Considering Going Niche-Specific?

There are mainly two types of companies including startups – one whose target audience is specific to one niche and another whose target audience is very general.

Going niche-specific is a new trend as it enables startups to understand the requirements of one particular user group more easily and this leads them to serve users better.

However, companies or startups that emerged after the great recession of 2009 chose the bulk market to target as opportunities were massive for them – being the early birds.

These startups include Uber, Tinder, Airbnb, etc.

For them going niche-specific means a downgrade as it is too late for them to adopt this new trend.

Can you ever imagine Uber allowing only women to book a taxi? Or only seniors? No. If it does the same, it cannot survive.

But it is very sure that if they had to start a new startup now, they would have adopted a niche-specific approach only.

Another factor that decides the approach of new startups is the competition in the existing market.

If you now build a Tinder-like app with the same features and concept, you of course cannot survive the competition against Tinder.

But if you build a Tinder-like dating app for doctors, you can emerge as the sole player and not as a competitor of Tinder.

Meaning, that if there is already a dominating player, you must go niche-specific, and if you are an early bird, go for a very large target audience.

Dating Apps for Doctors or Healthcare Dating Apps: Is It Investable?

Yes. Why not?

1. The competition is almost zero

The idea of a healthcare niche-specific dating app is pretty fresh.

Not many have dared to accomplish it yet.

Several startups market their dating apps as doctor dating apps, but they are not.

They welcome all types of users – for the sake of building a larger user base.

The game here is not about a large user base, but a specific user base that you might be the first to understand – thanks to this blog!

2. The idea is very appealing and the use cases are endless

Think from the perspective of the users.

They would love the idea of a dating app for healthcare professionals as they get what other apps would never be able to deliver them – the ‘perfect’ matching!

Yes, all the users have the same educational and professional background and interests makes the use cases of the healthcare dating app endless for the users.

They can use it beyond the purpose of dating. For example, they can use it for networking, for clinical research, for case management, etc.

The thing that matters the most here is perfect match-matching. The rest is up to the thoughtful people from the medical field! They will use it rationally.

3. You are not selling a dating app. You are selling knowledge and emotion

Here is how.

What Tinder is selling lacks constant value as people having all different intelligence levels use it.

But when you build a dating app for doctors, your users would have similar levels of intelligence.

Meaning, that they find value in your app and use it for a purpose that is both suitable and sustainable.

Similarly, when you are building a dating app for patients (for cancer patients), you are allowing them to find emotional support in the form of other patients going through the same journey.

So, this way, a healthcare dating app is not just about dating!

Ideas: If You are Serious about Building a Healthcare Dating App, Here are the Top Ideas You Must Explore

As discussed earlier, don’t consider Tinder as an app. Consider it as a concept. That’s how you can come up with several fresh healthcare app ideas.

Keeping matching in mind, we have discovered the following top ideas.

1. Tinder for medical students

Students studying in medical schools can use this app – not to just find the opposite gender but for purposes beyond that.

2. Tinder for healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals can find other users having similar interests and backgrounds and connect to them for even professional purposes.

3. Tinder for behavioral health patients

Patients undergoing behavioral health therapy can find people undergoing the same and connect to inspire and support each other to go through the journey easily.

4. Tinder for seniors

Seniors living alone or even living with family members can find someone with the same interests and someone going through the same conditions to share experiences, learn from each other, and pour some love which dramatically increases their mental wellness.

5. Tinder for cancer patients

This can prove game-changing.

From pre-diagnosis to diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, the journey is very challenging for patients.

Tinder for cancer patients app gives them hope, inspiration, and strength.

ForeverX is the Dating App for Healthcare Providers: We just love it! Here is why

ForeverX app

The problems healthcare professionals face when it comes to dating:

  • They firstly don’t find like-minded people who understand what it feels like to be a healthcare professional.
  • And secondly, they are too occupied with their work.

ForeverX solves these 2 dating problems of providers in these ways:

  • The app enables only healthcare professionals to register on the app. So, there is a higher possibility that when two users connect, they share the same thought process.
  • The app is equipped with a very useful feature that allows users to schedule a date with another user. This feature makes it easy for occupied medical professionals to streamline both their work and their data.

The Best Thing about Tinder is its Swiping Feature: So, Why Not Implement it in Your Next Healthcare App?

Tinder got popular because of its unique swiping feature.

With this feature, it has become very easy for people to use the app.

So, why not consider using the same feature in your next healthcare app?

It can take your app’s user experience to the next level.

To give you an idea of how it would look, we created an appointment booking app design.

Here, users can just swipe left to go through several available doctors’ profiles and select to whom they would like to send appointment requests with just a right swipe.

Tinder for doctors

Having said that, We are a Healthcare IT Company and can Seriously Change the fate of your Healthcare App Idea

When we say healthcare IT company, we mean that we only entertain healthcare IT projects.

Why? Well, we are here to change healthcare, not just to generate sales.

And the best thing about us is our madness over healthcare.

Our team includes developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, compliance specialists, and QA engineers who have been working only on healthcare IT projects since the first day of their careers.

During our 8 years of experience in the healthcare IT market, we have worked with healthcare providers, hospitals, clinics, LTC homes, clinical research sites, pharmacists, and several healthcare startups.

We are proud to say that we have helped them to serve patients in a better way and reduce administrative costs along with time – with the use of cutting-edge technologies.

If you are also mad over healthcare and want to revolutionize it with the idea of your healthcare app, we would love to be your development partner.

Please remember, we don’t bet on project scale. We bet on project vision!