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How to Build an Online Prescription Renewal Tool to Renew Prescriptions Completely Online?

Quick Summary: Prescription is a very strong pillar of our healthcare ecosystem. But the not-so-good thing about prescription is that it gets expired. In other words, prescriptions are generally valid for 15 to 30 days only.

After that, patients must renew the prescription. And here is from where the real struggle at both patients’ and doctors’ fronts start. Because the entire prescription renewal process is executed on calls and manually which eats up the time of doctors and keeps the error window open.

But with the prescription renewal tool, we can take this entire process online and make prescription renewal a matter of minutes.


The problems with the conventional prescription renewal workflow

The fact is healthcare that worked so precisely before 2020 will no longer work with the same standards of quality and workflows.

Because pandemic changed the mindset of both patients and healthcare providers and that changed mindset is now causing a positive change in every healthcare workflow.

However, several workflows are still executed the same ways – or rather – the same problematic ways!

Following are the top problems the current prescription renewal workflow has.

  • Zero patient convenience: To renew a prescription, the patient always needs to call a clinic, share multiple crucial medical information on the call, and wait for hours or days to get a renewed prescription from the doctor. This entire process does not deliver the level of convenience patients are looking for!
  • Tedious paperwork for doctors: Doctors have to manage each prescription renewal request manually which includes some of the very tedious tasks such as paperwork and manual data entry. Undoubtedly, such practice makes clinical staff overwhelmed.
  • Delayed prescription renewal processing: Since the entire workflow is executed manually, even a single task takes hours and sometimes days to complete which results in unwanted delay in prescription renewal request processing at the doctor’s side.

Overall, the conventional prescription renewal process puts both doctors and patients in a situation where nothing happens effortlessly and in a timely manner.


How does the online prescription renewal tool solve all these problems?

In a single sentence, the prescription renewal tool takes the entire prescription renewal workflow online where everything happens effortlessly and in a timely manner.

In case you want to learn it in detail, here it is.

  • Prescription renewal request in seconds: Patients can add a prescription renewal request from this mobile phone or laptop by adding a few basic information about their medical condition & ongoing medicine and selecting the doctor. (Patients do not need to call anyone here!)
  • Reduced paperwork for doctors: Doctors do also have a dashboard from where they can see all pending requests, renew the prescription, and confirm it – with almost zero paperwork needed in the entire process as everything is executed through an online dashboard.
  • Rapid prescription requests processing: Doctors have the flexibility to add their team members and assign tasks to them – directly from their dashboard. In addition to this, doctors can have direct control and visibility over all prescription renewal requests and the status of each of them. Such crucial data which is accessible from a single place empowers doctors to renew prescriptions within minutes.


How does the online prescription renewal tool work?: The workflow

Before we move ahead, it is worth noting that the prescription renewal tool is equipped with two dashboards – one for doctors and one for patients.

By logging into their respective dashboard using correct credentials, patients can add prescription renewal requests and doctors can process those requests.

The following is the entire workflow of how online prescription renewal software works.

Patient’s side:

  • A patient creates his account by directly visiting the tool or using a welcome link sent by his provider to create an account.
  • A patient can change his doctor and select his preferred one from the list or continue with the same one.
  • A patient generates a prescription renewal request by adding his current medication details.
  • A patient pays the fees and completes the order/request.
  • Now, when his doctor renews his prescription, the patient can be able to download that renewed prescription.

Doctor’s side:

  • A doctor creates his account and also adds his services and fees for each service.
  • He can add his team members too.
  • If he already has patient data, he can import it to his dashboard or add each patient data manually.
  • From his dashboard, he can see all pending prescription renewal requests which he processes.
  • As soon as he processes the prescription renewal request, the patient receives notification and can now download the renewed prescription.


How does an online prescription renewal tool make money?

It follows the business model of the marketplace under which there is one master admin who takes a fixed percentage of commission from doctors and patients.

For example, if a doctor charges $50 for a one-time prescription renewal request, the online prescription renewal tool takes 5% of the commission from the patient and 15% of the commission from the doctor.

This way, you make a profit of $10 ($2.5 from the patient and $7.5 from the doctor).

There is one more simplified way to make money with prescription renewal software. You can charge a fixed amount per every prescription renewal from the doctor regardless of the type of prescription renewal request.


How can we help you build an online prescription renewal tool?

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company. In other words, we have been working on only healthcare IT projects for 7+ years.

We have an operational center in Ontario, Canada and a state-of-the-art development center in India. Meaning, you will have a wonderful product that works on American & Canadian standards but does not cost what it typically costs to build software in the USA and Canada.

Our development team includes backend and frontend developers who have been dealing with healthcare IT since the first day of their professional careers.

In addition to the development team, we also accommodate the healthcare business team, UI/UX team, QA team and even healthcare compliance team.

Thus, with our healthcare-specific teams and their healthcare IT, business and compliance expertise, we help you with the technology, compliance and business part of the prescription renewal tool.

And since we are healthcare-specific, we have an on-ground understanding of healthcare which is one of the major reasons why we deliver success to our every healthcare IT client.

In case you are wondering, this is the entire 17-step process we follow to build a game-changing healthcare solution.

Process – 1