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Best Telemedicine Platform in Brazil and Rest of Latin America: With 100% Source Code Ownership

Who Are We?

We are an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company, dealing with telemedicine business and tech for 8+ years, yes, even before the pandemic.

Our team includes app developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, QA engineers, and compliance specialists.

How Can We Help You with Telemedicine Tech in Latin America?

We build mobile apps/web apps/software for doctors, healthcare startups, and healthcare enterprises.

We build healthcare solutions in all categories but what we deliver most is a telemedicine solution.

If you have unique telemedicine needs, we assess, define, design, develop, test, and deploy the custom telemedicine solution for you.

When you want to skip the development process and acquire an almost ready-to-use telemedicine solution, we provide you with our white-label telemedicine mobile/web app with source code.

What is Our White-label Telemedicine Solution for the Latin American Market?

To help healthcare providers, clinics and startups acquire telemedicine tech within their budget.

In 2020, we launched our white-label telemedicine platform.

So far, we have brought 3 major updates to it and made it post-pandemic ready with several wellness features too.

The following are some of its key highlights.

  • It is customizable.
  • It is compliant with HIPAA and other data protection laws.
  • It is feature-rich with many features for the post-pandemic market.
  • It comes with source code and full source code ownership.
  • It has a built-in eFax system.
  • It supports chat, voice calls and video calls.

The Real Screen Images of Our White-label Telemedicine Software for Brazil and the rest of Latin America

The platform has patient, provider and admin modules that are equipped with outstanding UI/UX and feature sets.

Here, we are sharing a glimpse of provider and patient modules.



What are the Features of Our Best Telemedicine App for Brazil?

We decided on the feature set very precisely.

Based on the inputs from healthcare professionals, and learnings from market research, we have added features in three major categories – common features, advanced features, and good-to-have features.

The following are some of those features.


How Did We Make it Post-Pandemic Ready?

In the post-pandemic market, a telemedicine solution will not only be limited to virtual consultation.

But it will act as the 360-degree care solution that will look after both the health and wellness of patients.

In other words, the telemedicine platform will become a one-stop solution for patients to receive care and achieve their health and wellness goals.

To satisfy it, we have added several features around wellness in our white-label app and since our platform is fully customizable, it can easily be customized according to new market trends.

Sharing More Information on Telemedicine Source Code and Source Code Ownership

We provide our telemedicine platform to you with source code and full source code ownership without any conditions.

You can use this source code the way you want.

You can customize it through any developers you like.

You are the ultimate decision-maker.

But if you don’t want source code to keep overall acquisition cost low, we are happy to give you only access to our telemedicine platform.

In this case, you always need to seek development help from us whenever you want to customize it as per your requirements.

Who Should Consider Acquiring Our Telemedicine Platform in Latin America?

We had a clear vision.

We wanted to make telemedicine tech most easily accessible and affordable.

Thus, we built it for,

  • Healthcare Providers: Healthcare providers in Latin America can utilize our telemedicine platform to offer virtual care to their patients.
  • Healthcare Entities: Clinics and hospitals can utilize our telemedicine platform to offer virtual care to a large number of their urban and remote patients.
  • Healthcare Startups: Healthcare startups can utilize our telemedicine software in Latin America to solve on-ground challenges, launch SaaS models, and add telemedicine features in any healthcare app.
  • App Development Companies: We also provide telemedicine source code to app development companies that do not have healthcare IT expertise to build telemedicine apps.

What is the Process to Customize Our White-Label Telehealth Platform as Per Your Needs?

We have a state-of-the-art development center.

We have developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, QA engineers, and even compliance specialists on our team.

Thus, if you want to customize a telemedicine solution as per your needs, you only need to share your unique needs.

  • Our business analysts will assess it, define workflows and prepare a document.
  • Our UI/UX designers will design the new features you wish to add.
  • Our developers will code it in.
  • Our QA engineers will test it with automated and manual testing.
  • And our compliance specialists will validate its security and privacy.

Summary of This Blog in 5 Sentences!

  • We are a healthcare-specific IT company
  • We have come up with a white-label telemedicine platform for Brazil and the rest of Latin America
  • We provide it with source code and full source code ownership
  • We provide it to doctors, hospitals, clinics, startups, and other IT companies
  • We also provide customization support if you have unique needs