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How to Build a House Call Doctor App in Singapore like Speedoc?

Quick Summary: A lot is yet to achieve in healthcare. One major thing is patient convenience. In this blog, we will share an idea of an app that brings doctors to the doorstep of the patients to deliver quality care. We will discuss its business potential, possible threat and the entire process of building one such app.

The Singapore healthcare system has all credibility to stand tall against the American and Canadian healthcare systems.

Especially ever since the pandemic, Singapore’s healthcare ecosystem has been experiencing a rapid infusion of new healthcare startups and existing startups have been closing successful funding rounds.

Speedoc, providing home call doctor service in Singapore through a mobile app – is one such healthcare startup.

Founded by Serene Cai who made the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list in 2021, the startup has raised a total of $6.7 million in 4 funding rounds.

Which are the top healthcare service areas Speedoc serves in Singapore?

It has been observed in the global healthcare startup market that startups are adopting a multi-service model to build a larger user base and generate multiple revenue streams.

Speedoc also operates on the same strategy, by providing multiple healthcare services under one platform.

House Call Doctor:

This is the next level of care delivery. A patient adds condition, time & date, address & contact number and sees the doctor at his home.

Speedoc offers its house call doctor service 24/7 and 365 days including public holidays.

Talking about its fees, Speedoc’s house call doctor service starts from $150.

It is the most ideal way of seeking expert medical care for those people who cannot leave their homes to receive care.

Video Consultation or Telemedicine:

For common illnesses such as flu and headache, patients can talk to expert medical professionals virtually using Speedoc’s telemedicine features.

Its telemedicine service is available from 8 am to 8 pm daily. And the best part of Speedoc’s video consultation service is its fee starts from just $20.

Home Nurse Visit:

Speedoc facilitates patients to get excellent and quality nurse care at home at any time of the day through licensed nurses.

Their trained and experienced nurses can help patients with their daily life activities.

Speedoc’s home nurse visit service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And its fee starts from $115.


For non-emergency patient transfer from one hospital to another or from home to hospital, patients or their family members can anytime book a private ambulance that reaches the patient within 30 to 45 minutes.

Booking an ambulance with the Speedoc app is as easy as booking a cab by entering basic contact details and pick-up, drop-off location.

Chronic disease home management:

Patients having long-lasting chronic conditions can receive expert medical observation and consultation at their home with Speedoc’s chronic disease home management program.
Speedoc team performs all from medicine and lab test reminders to doctor consultation on behalf of the patients. Patients also receive the opportunity to have 10 teleconsultations that can be used by any family member for any healthcare need.

Diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and thyroid disorder are what Speedoc covers under its chronic disease home management program.

Why does investing in a house call doctor app development guarantee high ROI?

You can tell if an app idea will work or not by only knowing the real on-ground problems it solves. Because people only use a service app if it benefits them in their real life.

Such a positive approach of people toward the app results in a stronger user base and more revenue. Talking about a house call doctor app, it solves following age-old challenges of people.

Rapid access to care:

The healthcare system across the globe is notorious for labour shortages and long queues. It is really a frustrating experience for patients to wait in the queue while going through the worst part of their health.

But using the house call doctor app, patients can not only skip the queue but also receive the care at their home. And that’s something really fascinating for patients!

A most convenient way to seek care:

The majority of the people delay their care as our healthcare system has always been failing to provide convenience. Patients have to make several phone calls to book an appointment, reach the clinic or hospital, fill several forms and wait in the queue to see a doctor.

In today’s world, no one would prefer to go through such a tedious process to seek care unless they have some sort of compulsion.

But unlike all other care delivery models, the house call doctor care delivery model delivers ultimate convenience to patients.

To book a doctor home visit, all they have to do is complete a few steps in the app and see the doctor at home at the desired time by successfully dodging the queue, calls and forms.

360-degree care solution:

A house call doctor app is equipped with all features that address almost all the healthcare needs of the patients. From telemedicine to a home doctor visit, home nurse visit, ambulance booking and even prescription delivery, users can have access to all major services from their smartphone.

Because of such easy accessibility to a 360-degree care solution, users would love to use it for the sake of getting every aspect of care from the same source!

List of features you must add into your house call doctor app in Singapore

One of the reasons Speedoc is very successful in Singapore is its feature set. It is armed with common, useful, advanced and good-to-have features to address every need of every user.

The following are the top features – inspired by the Speedoc app – our business analysts suggest you take into account.

Patient app features:

  • Sign up/login
  • Patient profile
  • Explore services
  • Explore doctor profiles
  • Explore nurses profiles
  • Telemedicine
  • Track live location of doctor/nurse
  • Book healthcare service
  • Make payment
  • Rate & review
  • View history
  • Claim insurance

Healthcare providers app features:

  • Sign up/login
  • Create profile
  • See all house call requests
  • Accept house call requests
  • In-app navigation
  • Explore patient profile
  • Track history
  • Patient communication
  • Reporting
  • ePrescription
  • Rate & review

Make your app future-ready as the end of pandemic will bring in another healthcare revolution

Being proactive in only the healthcare industry as healthcare IT experts, we have seen all aspects of healthcare app success and failure very closely.

To be frank, we delivered both the most successful and tragically failed medical apps. And later what we identified as the major cause behind medical app failure was healthcare market fragility.

You have to be very innovative and straightforward at the same time to keep dominating the healthcare app market even while it is going through the transition phase and entering the new phase.

The reason why we are sharing this is very real. The next transition phase of the healthcare app market is near – when we will have less or almost zero impact of a pandemic on the healthcare industry.

And unfortunately, no one knows how the post-pandemic healthcare market will react to existing healthcare apps.

So, the best thing you can do now is make your house call doctor app future-ready. And we have some solid ways.

  • Keep patient problems in focus all the time. Only change the way you solve those problems if another healthcare revolution would happen due to pandemic turning into endemic.
  • Don’t rely on only one or two revenue streams. Introduce more services and figure out how to make more money with the same resources.
  • Add some advanced features to your app to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Don’t promote your app as a house call doctor app. Promote it as a healthcare lifestyle app. (It basically improves life!)
  • Build strong relationships with healthcare professionals. They are at the core of your services.
  • From the first day, adopt cloud as it is easy to scale up with the cloud.
  • Streamline your back-office operations to be more focused on your app and services.

Sharing our 17-step process to build a house call doctor app like Speedoc in Singapore


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