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Top 10 Mobile Apps for Nurses We Studied to Build Canada’s Best Nursing App Last Year

Quick Summary- Nurses are a major pillar of the global healthcare ecosystem. At some point in the patient care lifecycle, they are more responsible for patient outcomes than doctors. Thus, they must carry out their operations effectively without getting stressed out.

Here is where a mobile app for nurses plays its role and empowers nurses to add extra clinical value to their regular clinical work.

During the peak of the pandemic in 2020, a nurse practitioner approached us with a requirement to build the best nursing app people have ever used.

After several virtual calls, we finally defined the project scope. And as always, after understanding client requirements and fixing deliverables, we carried out a competitive analysis to identify major competitors and research their apps & app features.

Thanks to our practice of documenting everything related to the project, today while writing this blog, we have easy access to the list of top mobile apps for nurses we found during competitive analysis.

So, here we’re sharing that confidential list with the permission of the client.

Top mobile apps for nurses (You should study these if you plan to build a nursing app in 2023 & beyond)


This is one of the best mobile apps for nurses as it offers several use cases from knowledge gaining to knowledge sharing.

It is packed with purposeful information on OTC drugs, herbals, and supplements. Nurses can gain useful knowledge with 6200+ articles for decision-making support.

The best feature of Medscape is its clinical tools which include a drug interaction checker, calculators, and a pill identifier.

It also allows nurses to keep updated with all clinical news from its built-in newsfeed feature that shows only relevant news to nurses.

In addition, it also provides a drug reference tool that has information on 8,000+ brand and generic drugs.

Pill Identifier by

Many times nurses get confused between pills as they have to manage different medication plans of several patients.

The Pill Identifier app allows nurses to search for information about a particular pill based on imprint, drug name, shape, and colour.

Nurses can be able to search for precise information on any pills due to the app’s integration with a searchable database that includes more than 24,000 Rx/OTC medications found in the U.S.

The app also provides information on potential drug side effects, interactions, and warnings for each medication.

Lippincott Nursing Advisor

Launched by Wolters Kluwer Health, Lippincott Nursing Advisor is an app equipped with thousands of evidence-based clinical entries in the categories of diseases & conditions, signs & symptoms, diagnostic tests, and treatments.

Nurse practitioners can read the resources on the go to either just gather clinical knowledge or make clinical decisions.

The best part of the Lippincott Nursing Advisor app is the ease it provides to search resources even with single-word keywords.

The app has a favorite feature that allows the nurses to quickly access their useful resources.

It even offers an integrated dosage calculator for medications.


This is a game-changing app – not just for nurses but for the entire healthcare ecosystem.

It allows nurses to register themselves as individual healthcare providers. Once they register themselves, healthcare entities such as nursing homes, and long-term care facilities can hire them on short notice and pay hourly.

Bookjane app serves two major purposes. It facilitates nurses to earn extra and solves the age-old staff shortage problem of the healthcare ecosystem.

The app also provides a rating system that allows nurses and healthcare facilities to rate each other.

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Alayacare is a Canada-based company that offers home healthcare management software and a mobile app to agencies providing home healthcare services with their nursing staff.

Using this app, nurses of home health care agencies can check in & out, know their schedule, task lists, client home address, client’s medication plan, client’s non-clinical requirements, etc.

The Alayacare app allows nurses to save time and avoid errors by accessing all crucial information from the app and reporting automatically.

It even allows them to track their mileage and expenses for reimbursement, as well as communicate with other members of their care team through the app’s messaging system.

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IntelyCare is a similar app to Bookjane. It is an on-demand mobile nurse job staffing app that connects nurses and CNAs with available nursing positions.

Based on the number of hours nurse practitioners perform jobs, the app pays them weekly with a direct bank transfer.

The best part of the IntelyCare app is that it lets nurses view the hourly pay rate and job hours, for every listed job.

MediBabble Translator

This is a purpose-built app that eliminates the language barrier between nurse practitioners and patients.

It is the medical-focused translator that enables both nurse practitioners and patients to understand clinical terms in their own language.

It is also capable of taking a medical history and physical exam of patients in different languages to improve the safety, efficiency, and quality of care for non-English speaking patients.

The app offers services in several languages, including Spanish, Mandarin, and Arabic. It provides voice recognition technology that enables the patients to respond to questions in their own language.

It even allows users to save commonly used phrases for easy access.

Med Mnemonics

Several nurse practitioners find it difficult to remember all medical conditions, symptoms, and other medical terminology.

Med Mnemonics app helps nurses to remember all such complex clinical terms with over 1,700 acronyms, rhymes, and memory tricks.

The database is fully searchable and can be quickly filtered by discipline and by the system. Users can also create a favorite list, search and filter it similarly.

The app also includes a feature that allows users to create their own mnemonics and share them with others.
This app is particularly very useful to nursing and medical students to quickly remember every medical terminology they study.

However, the app isn’t free. It costs $1.99.


The NurseGrid app was launched by a group of nurses to solve a major challenge all nurses are facing – managing their day, especially when they are working in multiple locations.

With the NurseGrid app, nurses can take control of their day and work-life balance like never before.

They can find all their upcoming tasks in a calendar view and also share it with their colleagues. It even allows them to create customizable shift templates for their work locations.

They can even know who is working before they arrive and also send private messages to colleagues.

The best part of the NurseGrid is that it enables nurses to signal their availability for additional shifts, swaps, and flex-offs.

On the Apple App Store, its overall rating is 4.9 out of 5 based on 97.8K ratings!


What requires most for enhanced patient outcomes is seamless communication and collaboration between clinicians including nurses.

TigerConnect app aims to streamline clinical communication and collaboration. However, it is not just limited to messaging.

It streamlines the entire care cycle by allowing clinicians to access actionable real-time, clinical data at the point of care to drive positive outcomes for patients.

So, by keeping crucial clinical data of patients on one screen, the clinicians including the nurses can collaborate to define a care plan and deliver it most effectively while ensuring greater productivity and profitability for healthcare organizations.

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