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Virtual Physical Therapy Solution To Take Your Physical Therapy Clinic Online

Quick Summary- In today’s blog, we introduce you to virtual reality in physical therapy. Explore various aspects of virtual physical therapy and How it works? Get yourself accustomed to the benefits of virtual physical therapy and the best Physical Therapist in the USA. Finally, We will also be sharing our experience of building a virtual physical therapy app.

The telerehabilitation market is supposed to reach USD 9.13 billion by 2027 with virtual physical therapy being a part of it. You can say, virtual physical therapy is the sweet spot of telehealth.

Let us give you an example: In the C-series funding co-led by Cobalt Ventures and TELUS Ventures, a virtual physical therapy provider start-up aimed at patients who recover from musculoskeletal diseases, RecoveryOne scored $33 million.

Formerly known as TrainerRx, RecoveryOne helps patients to get in touch with physical therapists and health coaches via its virtual platform or application, which helps them build a custom recovery plan in real-time.

A virtual physical therapy platform is an MSK caregiver, and this is what the CEO of RecoveryOne Mark Luck Olson has to say. ”We are creating ongoing value for consumers, caregivers, health plans, and payers, so this funding round will help us to scale those efforts and extend our impact far beyond the 60+ clients and nearly three million consumers under contract today”.

Virtual physical therapy has become quite a hot arcade, with investors putting big money into the MSK market.

Virtual physical therapy- A new ray of hope amidst telerehabilitation

The first step towards Musculoskeletal recovery is physical therapy and virtual physical therapy means that physical therapy treatments are delivered via a digital platform rather than in-person.

A person who is injured or hurting gets in a car or otherwise goes around looking for a physical therapist’s office or clinic. But, with virtual physical therapy providers, you get convenience, control of the situation, and it saves other tertiary costs.

Virtual physical therapy is a method of convenience due to two reasons. One, people are attached to technology more than ever before they were. And second the uncertain times we are facing due to the Covid-19.

Therapists have the opportunity to use virtual physical therapy as a platform to educate patients who contrarily couldn’t access care.

Virtual physical therapy as a solution for access to care- How virtual physical therapy works?

From ordering food to medications online. We have become quite a technology-oriented society. And we need everything on-demand. And access to healthcare should always be on top priority when it comes to accessibility to care.

With virtual Physical therapy, you don’t have to wait weeks for an appointment, even though you need only general guidance and exercise prescription.

This is how virtual physical therapy works-

  • The in-house option makes physical therapy more accessible. Your virtual session takes place in the comfort of your home via. Laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.
  • Using the virtual physical therapy platform such as mHealth a therapist can keep all the data of patients centralized and patients can receive real-time notifications, and updates for their appointments.
  • The app made for virtual therapy care also connects to physical therapists nearby. It can also assist therapists to get lab results and x-ray of patients online saving loads of time.
  • In case, your physical therapist is unavailable. Using virtual physical therapy you can practice your exercise prescribed with your pre-made customized therapy plan.

Top 10 Physical Therapists creating a mark in the MSK market with the virtual presence

Physical Therapy is ever-evolving. And so are the physical therapists. Holding a huge amount of expertise and credibility. We bring you a list of the top 10 physical therapists with whom you can connect through social media and various virtual platforms in case you need advice or consultancy.

  1. Eric Robertson
  2. Kyle Ridgeway
  3. Jerry Durham
  4. John Childs
  5. Tim Flynn
  6. Ben Fung
  7. Karen Litzy
  8. Ann Wendel
  9. Sandy Hilton
  10. Mike Reinold

Benefits of virtual physical therapy

You get personalized healthcare virtually from a licensed professional. Additionally, insurance coverages for telerehabilitation in virtual healthcare services are growing day by day.

  • Time-saving- Because patients do not have to go to the PT clinic, virtual physical therapy sessions may be simpler for them to accommodate into their busy lives. An at-home appointment might provide a welcome element of convenience for parents and people with hectic work schedules.
  • More patient accessibility- Using a virtual physical therapy platform or an app is more comfortable and accessible for rehabilitation patients. A patient might be unable to drive to an appointment due to surgery. Virtually accessing therapy helps them make progress in recovery without leaving the home.

For those living in rural areas far from the nearest PT clinic- virtual physical therapy is a boon.

  • Helps patients with independent symptoms management- Allowing patients to self-manage their symptoms in their own homes can give them a sense of freedom, making them feel more in charge of their recovery.

The physical therapist can advise on how to use rehabilitative equipment and household things (such as walls, doors, and furniture) in specific exercises. Which prevents readmission via home safety evaluations and mobility screening.

We built a virtual aid map for NGO- Physical rehabilitation and therapy clinic

The healthcare sector took a huge bump because of Covid-19 oblivion. The most affected were the individual practitioners and people receiving remote healthcare.

During this period we were approached by an Iowa-based NGO working with physical therapy and rehabilitation for trauma and injuries.

Their requirement; They wanted to continue providing physical therapy services to their clients and people during the pandemic. Since the hospitals were getting full and the scare of Covid-19 people was approaching them to provide care.

We took the call, and through sessions of virtual calls proposed to them a plan for a telehealth platform that anyone with an internet connection can use.

With our expert team and sprint planning. We delivered the app much before the deadline and at the most affordable price.

Integration with EHRs/EMRs such as EPIC was executed for therapists to access patient data.
Our compliance experts made sure the app was HIPAA compliant, with adhering to the ADA act.
And designed according to the HL7s FHIR standards.

  • More than 87% of their previous patients returned for virtual physical therapy
  • 68.3% of new enrollments
  • Less burden on the therapists

Features provided with the app

Patients – 

  • Welcome window/Login page
  • Profile Page
  • Customize your appointment
  • Activity tracker


  • Daily scheduler
  • Report analysis
  • Daily progress
  • Patients directory

Other generic features-

  • Teleconferencing
  • Automated clinical data management
  • Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) compliant functionalities
  • AI designed a chatbot for patients in case their therapist is unavailable
  • Vital tracker for daily activities and auto-suggestion
  • Emergency medical response- push of a button

Get efficient virtual physical therapy solutions with us!

We are a 7-year young healthcare IT solutions company. With a team of highly dedicated IT individuals who are experts and experienced in working with healthcare organizations.

Investing our time in research and documentation gathering provides clarity in structure. We provide the wisest and cost-savvy solutions.

We will be delighted to talk to you if you want virtual physical therapy solutions.