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White Label Pharmacy App or Software at $8K: Is It a Good Deal?

Mayday, mayday.

Your investment of $8k is in danger.

Because on this entire earth it is not possible to acquire a white label pharmacy app or software at the price tag of $8K.

And if you are getting it somehow, you are very unfortunate because there must be something suspicious which you never know until you launch that app worth $8k in the real market.

No, we are not demotivating you.

We’re putting the reality of a readymade pharmacy app that costs you surprisingly very cheap!

Problems You are Unaware Of

We Can Deliver You A White-Label Pharmacy App At $8K But, Why Aren’t We Doing So?

One single reason is: for your benefit!

A few more reasons are:

Reason #1: Lacking App/Code Ownership

Will you invest in a house if you don’t get ownership of the land?

Of course not.

Similarly, acquiring a pharmacy app without source code ownership is useless.

Without source code ownership, you can’t utilize the pharmacy app as your growth engine or as per your market demands.

This results in very poor ROI.

You can’t even add more features to it in the future without hiring the same IT company.

You will feel trapped.

You will feel helpless.

If you’re wondering, IT companies selling white-label pharmacy apps at such a cheap price can never be able to share source code ownership with you.

Otherwise, it will no longer be possible for them to sell the same pharmacy app to other people like you and make money selling the same app.

In essence, to not make you feel trapped and to not sell the same pharmacy app code to multiple people, we never provide you with an app that costs $8k.

Because it is never feasible for any IT company that wants to see its clients grow – and not only using solutions provided by its team!

Reason #2: The ‘One-Fits-All’ Approach Does Not Work in Healthcare!

An IT company that builds the white-label app builds it for everyone.

Thus, it adds very common features and not specific features.

The company even builds it on very common clinical and operational workflows.

In short, they build the white-label app with a one-fits-all approach because they are ultimately building it for everyone, not specifically for you.

The outcome of this one-fits-all approach is not rewarding.

Because, every market, user persona, your needs, and clinical & operational workflow are different.

You can never be able to utilize the pharmacy app for your gain when it is ultimately not developed for you!

So, why would we deliver a white-label pharmacy app that isn’t developed for you and does not help you reach your goals?

We never do that!

Reason #3: Customization is Useful but, It Increases the Cost!

A few IT companies providing white-label pharmacy software let you customize the software according to your unique needs.

Because customized software is more likely to help you operationally and financially.

However, when you ask that company to customize its white-label software according to your needs, it deploys a team of business analysts, UI/UX designers, app developers, and QA engineers which eventually increases the cost of pharmacy software.

So, what’s the point of selling pharmacy software at $8k and then billing the client for additional customization on the already developed product?

We don’t see this making any sense!

Thus, we neither fall into such a trap nor make you fall in the same!

Reason #4: Ever Heard of Mobile App Bugs?

At least one thing you must know about mobile app bugs is that they are irritating to the users.

And they cause complete app disasters.

An app company selling readymade apps at $8K can never be able to deliver an almost bug-free app.

Because, identifying the app bugs and eliminating them is a crucial process, requiring dedicated skill sets and practices.

Automated and manual testing that finds bugs itself costs somewhere around $8k.

Then how does that company claim to deliver a bug-free app at the cost of $8K?

You should ask that company!

Reason #5: There is Something Called Post-App-Launch Support!

A mobile app is a piece of technology and as we all know technology can work abnormally.

How you deal with such a situation defines the success of your app.

Because a dead app even for 5 minutes or the app working poorly loses users and their trust at a very rapid speed.

What helps you best in such an unprecedented situation is a well-documented support document and support executives of your tech partner.

But again here too, it is financially not feasible for any company to provide outstanding support when it is charging you only $8K!

Solutions You Must Know

If Not a White-Label Pharmacy App Then, What?

White-label apps aren’t a bad choice in all cases.

But when it becomes a scene of ‘it is too good to be true’, you should avoid it.

If you’re inspired to avoid white-label apps in all cases, you still have several other very affordable yet reliable options that offer you value, peace of mind, and high ROI.

Option #1: Go for the MVP Version of the Custom Pharmacy App

An MVP version of the app accommodates only basic and useful features.

But the feature set is decided based on your custom needs.

Thus, high ROI is most likely to be achieved easily.

Also, it requires a low investment cap as the feature set is very limited and specific to your real needs.

The most beautiful part of the MVP app is that you can launch it in the real market with basic features, test the market, and add more features according to market response to keep financial risk low.

Option #2: Go for Cross-Platform App

There are two major types of apps.

One is a native app and one is a cross-platform app.

In the case of a native app, there must be two separate codebases for iOS and Android which increases the development time and cost.

But unlike a native app, a cross-platform app works perfectly seamlessly on both iOS and Android devices with a single codebase.

Thus, the development time decreases by double fold, and so does the cost!

Option #3: Go for Progressive Web App

A progressive web app (PWA) has features similar to a mobile app and also works as a mobile app.

But it only opens on web and mobile browsers.

Building a PWA costs almost 30 to 40% less than a mobile app.

So, if you have a low investment cap, go for a custom PWA, it will benefit you more than a white-label app.

Might Be Boring For You

Anyway, What’s Our Role in this Chaos?

We’re a healthcare-specific IT company and we have ultimate clarity on our role in the healthcare IT market.

  • We are here to make you more sustainable and financially rewarding choices – based on facts, not on talks!
  • We are here to help you build something very epic and unique, and not what your competitors are already using!
  • We are here to make you realize a successful app is not just about coding. It is about discovery, documentation, workflows, UI/UX, QA, piloting, compliance, launch and support.
  • We are here to help you avoid ‘cheap’ apps and deliver ‘affordable’ apps!

In case, you still have doubts about what we’ve shared, let us tell you that we have already been offering a white-label telemedicine app but at a different price.

Because a queen costs a kingdom and a bride costs just a wedding!