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Twitter for Healthcare: What Do You Think, Parag?

First of all, congratulations on your new position, Parag.

To be frank, when we first came to know the news, we validated it through Twitter itself.

(That’s how much we trust Twitter!)

Apart from Twitter, we also have full faith in Indian tech enthusiasts, just like Elon Musk!

Twitter CEO tweet In fact, our CEO – Parth Patel – is also an Indian origin who serves the North American healthcare industry with his healthcare IT knowledge and passion.

Anyway Parag, we’re into healthcare and so, we will only talk about healthcare.

We have few questions for you Parag that could possibly affect 7.8 billion people

Twitter is unlike any other. Authenticity and transparency are Twitter’s two most important pillars.

But that is what the global healthcare system lacks.

People always struggle to find authentic healthcare information online and they are never able to know what’s happening behind their back in big hospitals and government-funded programs.

So, our first question to you Parag is, how Twitter can make healthcare a place for all where they can trust what they are reading, listing and watching.

And more importantly, how can Twitter convey the right healthcare information to the right people at the right time which they’ve so far strived to know but could not able to.

Moving on, Twitter did a great job sharing local information regarding COVID-19 and vaccination.

People also leveraged it to find help nearby when our healthcare system collapsed.

However, as healthcare IT professionals, we identified the loophole in Twitter.

It somehow lacked that clinical approach and failed to provide easily accessible & authentic clinical information.

We know Twitter is not a healthcare platform.

But since it is the first choice of people when it comes to finding validated information without spending much time, it must address clinical things as well!

So, our question to you Parag is will you ever consider making Twitter a little bit more focused on healthcare and wellness as it directly affects all 7.8 billion people in the world.

On this note, we would like to share a statement given by former US Senator Russ Feingold, “Healthcare for all Americans is the most pressing domestic issue today. It’s far past time for the President and Congress to deliver care to every American.”

Hey Parag, we know that you know Twitter better than us. But we would love to see its healthcare version working on these core Twitter ideologies

Twitter is unique in its own way.

And it recently became more popular than ever, especially after the Facebook crackdown. It addresses exactly what people are expecting from a social media platform.

The following are the top 2 Twitter’s core ideologies which we would love to see if you’re planning to build Twitter for healthcare.

Highly sociable and authentic social media channel:

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter lets anyone follow anyone that fuels its social element.

More importantly, Twitter is highly ‘sensitive’ when it comes to sharing personal information. Because, it only asks users to put location, birthday and write a small intro which they can even skip if they want.

Such flexibility and clean profiles add professionalism to Twitter which establishes a major difference between Twitter and other popular social media platforms.

Instant global updates in minimum words:

Twitter is known for putting world events first to the world.

Because of its hyper-fast global updates, people use Twitter not only to connect to other people but also to keep themselves up-to-date with their interests.

To catch up with their interest, Twitter facilitates users to use hashtags and have everything related to their interests in front of their eyes.

The best thing about Twitter is its character limit that indirectly compels users to share only those words which matter and justify something relatable.

This is the extreme level of information and news sharing which people find fun to read, authentic and most importantly time-saving.

Excuse us Parag! This is for our readers who haven’t yet understood the idea of Twitter for healthcare

Okay, readers, let’s have a talk, finally.

We already shared what is missing in healthcare and what Twitter owns uniquely.

So, when you connect these two dots, you can see the potential in the idea of Twitter for healthcare.

The idea is entirely formed on the two core features, rather say ideologies, of Twitter which we just shared.

Putting it all together, the following are the top 3 use cases of Twitter’s healthcare version.

Social media:

Let users use it as social media. However, make sure it is a more professional version of it with users having restrictions in terms of character limit while sharing anything related to healthcare and wellness.

Knowledge and news sharing:

Twitter for healthcare platform will work as the most-trusted source for healthcare news which users must have the ability to explore by using hashtags of their interest.

Moreover, the platform must let users keep themselves up-to-date with trending news and topics in real-time the same as Twitter’s ‘What’s Happening’ feature.

Patient support:

All big companies are switching to Twitter for remarkable customer support.

So, why don’t you enable hospitals and providers to solve queries of patients using Twitter for healthcare platform?

This will not only facilitate patients to raise queries in the easiest way but will also let providers help a larger percentage of patients get their questions answered.

Other unique benefits of such an innovative platform are enhanced patient-physician relations and trust due to transparency.

CEO of American Medical Association, James L. Madara said, “Trust in the care, expertise and experience provided by physicians is an essential part of the patient-physician relationship, especially in a crisis.”

We would never have spent time writing this if we did not know how to build this!

Who are we?: We’re healthcare IT experts.
What we do?: We breathe healthcare ideas and execute the same.
Why does it matter to you?: You own an F1 car, we know how to build a track where you enjoy driving it and racing and making money out of it!

In case you are wondering, this is the track we follow to build your track to glory and beyond:

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