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A Japanese Art of Hiring Top Healthcare App Developers in USA

Finding and hiring perfect healthcare developers is rare. And Japan is known for making rare things very common!

So, why not learn some lessons from Japanese culture and apply those lessons in our hunting of top healthcare app developers?

Trust us, this is a very unique practice but a solid one with of course rare results which you are not expecting.

So, join us on this gainful journey.

First, 十人十色
Meaning, “ten men, ten colours”

Learning, if there are 10 developers, not all developers are meant for you. Because not every developer is a healthcare developer.

Healthcare is a unique industry with lots of technical and compliance challenges. A developer having expertise in eCommerce app development might not be able to develop a healthcare app.

Thus, always hire specific healthcare developers for your healthcare project.

The following are some qualities of healthcare-specific developers:

  • They have knowledge of all technical aspects of compliance laws such as HIPAA, PHIPA.
  • They have knowledge of clinical workflows.
  • They have knowledge of integration standards such as HL7, FHIR.
  • They understand the gravity of coding almost bug-free healthcare apps.

Second, 弱肉強食
Meaning, “survival of the fittest”

Learning, don’t take your first steps into the IT service industry without being fit – without being aware of what is happening in the market.

It is your healthcare project and it is your money. So, first, clear your doubts, get ultimate clarity of what you are expecting, do your research, plan your budget, get some knowledge of healthcare and development technologies and when you feel that you become fit to jump into the market of IT services, then only start your hunting of top healthcare developers.

Otherwise, you would not survive in the market. Because, here too, the concept of survival of the fittest is true!

Third, 異体同心
Meaning, “different body, same mind”

Learning, you need a team who has the same mind, same vision and same passion for healthcare.

A healthcare project does not always need only a developer. It often requires a team. A team of developers, designers, QA engineers, compliance specialists and business analysts.

Because healthcare app development is not just about coding. It is about discovery, documentation, workflows, UI/UX, coding, QA testing, compliance, piloting and launching.

However, it is crucial for you to validate or evaluate whether the entire team has the same passion and mindset for healthcare or not.

So, if you are looking for an entire team, you must opt-in for a healthcare IT company and if you are having a short-term project with only coding needs, you must opt-in for freelance developers.

Fourth, 美人薄命
Meaning, “beauty fades”

Learning, like beauty, knowledge can also fade. Thus, you must hire healthcare developers with up-to-date knowledge of technologies and approaches.

Technologies are changing at a rapid pace. For many developers, it is not possible to cope with the speed of adaptive technologies.

Thus, you must evaluate whether developers have knowledge of all trending technologies such as AI, ML, IoT, blockchain.

Moreover, you also need to validate whether they are able to apply these technologies in modern clinical use cases.

If this is not enough, you must also ask them whether they have expertise in a low-code development platform because that is a new development technology and can save project time and cost.

Fifth, 猿も木から落ちる
Meaning, “even monkeys fall from trees”

Learning, don’t hunt for perfection. Because even experts can make mistakes. So, hunt for characters who take ownership of their mistakes.

Coding is a complex job. It never gets perfect in a single try. So, if you want a job to get done perfectly without any mistakes, you might never get developers for your project.

Thus, rather than hiring perfect developers who never make mistakes, hire developers who make mistakes but find those mistakes, accept them and solve them with a positive attitude.

In essence, prioritize character over knowledge!

Sixth, 蛙の子は蛙
Meaning, “child of a frog is frog!”

Learning, past tells a lot about someone’s present. Thus, always ask and know more about past healthcare projects they have done and the results they delivered.

You have several options here, to know about their past experience.

  • You can ask them directly about their past projects.
  • You can read their online reviews.
  • You can ask for client testimonials.
  • You can research them on 3rd party platforms such as Clutch.
  • You can research them on LinkedIn.

However, what you need to evaluate matters the most here. You have to evaluate,

  • The scale of their past projects
  • Results of their past projects
  • The technology they have used in their past projects
  • The time they took to deliver their past projects
  • Post-project-delivery support they’ve delivered to the past projects

Seventh, 二兎を追う者は一兎をも得ず
Meaning, “those who chase two rabbits do not get even one”

Learning, you must prefer to hire dedicated developers who spend their all energy and knowledge on your project and not many projects – at the same time.

To build epic healthcare products, the two most basic requirements are dedication and knowledge.

They have the knowledge, but what if they are not dedicated enough to take your project to its success level. What if they set a limit because they have multiple projects to manage at the same time? What if they give second priority to your project?

You don’t wish these what-ifs to be true. Right? So, hire only dedicated healthcare app developers!

Eighth, 門前の小僧習わぬ経を読む
Meaning, “people are the product of their environment”

Learning, if you’re building a healthcare product for the US market, make sure to hire North America-based healthcare developers. Because they understand the US market and healthcare industry better than any European or Asian developers.

The Healthcare industry across the globe is very versatile. For instance, there is no concept of EMR/EHR in Asian countries like the USA and Canada. Thus, there is a possibility that Asian healthcare developers might not have expertise or knowledge of EHR/EMR integration.

Similarly, healthcare compliance in the USA is also very unique. North America-based developers understand these laws and implement them in a much better way.

Thus, always consider the ‘environment’ of developers you are going to hire!

We promise and deliver all these qualities in our healthcare app developers

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-specific IT company. Meaning, we only entertain healthcare IT projects.

Our healthcare app developers understand healthcare. We are experts in implementing AI, ML, IoT, blockchain technologies in clinical workflows.

We have ultimate knowledge of healthcare compliance laws. We have been working with healthcare startups, healthcare providers, and healthcare enterprises.

We are a team of healthcare-specific UI/UX designers, business analysts, compliance specialists, QA engineers and of course app developers. We deliver clinical value and peace of mind.

That’s what our qualities are and that’s what makes us your profitable choice!