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Looking to Build a GP Booking App in Australia? We Have the Resource to Put Your Plan in Action

Here’s what you’ll be walking through today as we move to the Online GP booking platform in Australia.

As we navigate through the market we will explore the reason for the doctors’ appointment booking app, some key features you may need, and making your app futuristic & finally how we can provide assistance.

The advancement of the digital healthcare IT solutions market has now made it feasible to manage operations such as bookings, cancellations, re-booking, follow-ups, and reminders online, eliminating all of the hassle associated with manual appointment booking systems.

Especially as the healthcare domain expands in the Australian continent the access to online appointment booking applications has resulted in increasing demand for the healthcare category from all stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

While the GP market remains a big focus & when you build a GP booking app in Australia the results could be quite amazing on both the business & healthcare front.

What? You don’t believe us!

No worries, we can give you a good reason to believe.

The Ground for Rising in GP Booking App in Australia

The convenience of booking and management of doctor appointment apps has propelled them to the forefront of the healthcare & fitness mobile app development market.

An online GP booking app is a convenient alternative to having to call the doctor’s office after hours in case you forget to book an appointment during the day.

When you build a GP booking app you are streamlining the workflow for the doctors as well.

The patient may quickly check the doctor’s visit schedule, schedule an appointment, and set a reminder.

Patients are relieved of tension as a result of this.

The GP booking app can be more than just an online booking directory.

It can have an X-factor with a prevailing set of features to make it stand out from the crowd.

List of Features You Should Include in Your Medical App for Online GP Booking


  • Appointment booking

The feature that goes without saying, the appointment booking tool should be part of a very simple interface, where the entire process of picking a doctor and confirming the timings for booking the appointment is simple and hassle-free.

Patients should be able to choose a future date based on their availability, while doctors should be able to accept or reject appointments in real time based on their availability.

  • Profiles

Your online GP booking app in Australia will have two key sections: doctor and user profile.

The user profile contains the user’s name, age, gender, and basic health information.

The doctor’s profile, on the other hand, will include information such as their area of specialty, clinic location, visitation charges, and so on.

You can also present this functionality as the ground for presenting the patient’s health chart.

  • Search GP & clinic

The Search option is the next must-have feature for doctor appointment app development.

The patients should be able to search for GPs and clinics based on various characteristics such as specialization, clinic or doctor name, wait time, visiting fees, and so on.

A broad search filter menu to provide the greatest services to users.

Adding geo-location-based features to allow patients to search for physicians and clinics near their home or workplace.

You may access Google and Apple Maps features.

The upside of this would be that the usability of your healthcare app would vastly improve.

  • Telemedicine

The feature that can be added as a part of your GP booking app a little after the product has proven its viability.

People who have mobility constraints like seniors or people receiving chronic care cannot always move frequently.

Thus, the telemedicine feature proves quite beneficial for them as they can receive care through the convenience of their home & even doctors can manage easily in case they need regular follow-ups.

  • E-prescribing

In case your GP prescribes you medication, the electronic prescription is provided as an SMS to your phone or a digital copy of a paper prescription sent to your local pharmacy or added to your app.

Electronic prescriptions are now available to all Medicare cardholders in Australia, and they are a more convenient alternative to paper prescriptions, which are no longer necessary.

An SMS is provided directly to your mobile phone, which you take to your favorite pharmacy, where the pharmacist dispenses your prescription by scanning the code included within the SMS.

Another option you have is to send the prescription through the app to the pharmacy and get the medication on your doorstep if you do not feel like taking a detour.

  • Add-on features

The option for patient check-in from the app, automatic reminders for appointments, chat functions, in-built payment options, health records integration (this can be done in a much later stage of GP booking app development), and doctor review & ratings for patients while providing them the option to add-media so that you know what is the real-time condition of GP’s office.

Get Your GP Booking App Future-Ready With Health-Tech Enhancements

Some technologies can make your GP booking app in Australia efficient & futuristic.

Like, when you include machine learning & AI (for predictive analysis & symptom checker) into your app, you can easily connect patients to the correct doctor making the searches more relevant.

Building your GP booking app within the standards of HL7 & FHIR standard messaging APIs.

At the same time, when you look closely at the near future & the possibility of your app growing in the market, cloud computing will be at your service.

For ex- Google’s healthcare cloud API will bring Big Data, more security, and plenty of secure data storage protecting the patient’s sensitive information with a high level of encryption.

The Cost to Build an Online GP Booking App in Australia & How We Can Assist You in the Development

Ensure that you are always adding value to the customers’ lives rather than offering them everything upfront and then having the same set of medical app features for the rest of their lives.

Hence, it is not practical to pin down the exact number.

Figuring out what the people demand & segregation of all the important factors can guide you towards your tentative investment for building a GP booking app.

We have been catering to the healthcare industry with IT-focused solutions for the past decade.

We have answers to all your questions and they will be quite cost-savvy that we can make sure of.

Whatever fits your target we have the resources and highly expert & experienced healthcare IT developers, designers, in-house compliance experts, and business analysts.

Just Get in touch with us & sit back and relax while we take care of all the tech you need.