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Build Telehealth App Solution in Australia – Custom or White-Label?

Quick Summary – Recently discovering the potential of virtual care due to the pandemic the Australian continent has opened up a tremendously huge market opportunity for telemedicine solutions.

In today’s blog we will be covering the rise of telehealth app development in Australia, what can your telehealth app offer, and finally what SyS Creations has in store for telehealth solutions in Australia.

Today, let us change our course and talk about telemedicine app development in Australia.

Talking about situational emergence for instant solution. The emergence of Covid-19 has specially given the telehealth platforms a new life in Australia. It is safe to say that they have supercharged them.

Now every Aussie with a healthcare provider and access to telephone and the internet. Irrespective of living in a rural or regional area, city, or country town can avail the benefits of telemedicine solutions in Australia.

How is the Australian government pushing telehealth to the mainstream care delivery model?

As Professor George Braitberg AM, Executive Director of Strategy Quality and Improvement at Australia’s Royal Melbourne Hospital said at the beginning of the pandemic “Only 20 percent of our outpatient visits were being done by telehealth, either by telephone or some form of telehealth platform. But during Covid-19, that number rose to 85 percent”.

While providing healthcare remotely during the Covid-19 from 13th march to 31st December 202,1 the Aussie government has introduced a range of temporary Medicare items to aid health care practitioners in offering telehealth services over the phone or video conferencing.

A range of healthcare providers will be able to provide telehealth services-

  • Mental Health Professionals
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Allied Health Providers
  • Specialist
  • General Practitioners(GP)

At the same time, the healthcare government officials are working immensely with clinical software providers to upgrade dispensing and prescribing software to support electronic prescribing.

Understanding what worked and what didn’t, as well as continuing trying to incorporate virtual models into overall healthcare goals, will guarantee the significant transition for virtual care in the future.

Build a telehealth app in Australia: What can your telemedicine app offer?

A telehealth app connects patients to healthcare providers such as clinicians and GP’s using a virtual platform in the form of a mobile or web app. All you need is an internet connection.

It helps both doctors and patients simplify the consultation process and saves both from unnecessary financial and other burdens. Telehealth apps in Australia can help in assisting through providing online video consultations, treatment advice, and prescription management.

Ever since the country is witnessing regular waves of lockdowns, building telehealth apps in Australia can help in a variety of ways:

  • Treatment with time efficiency – Enable users to make a doctor’s appointment at a convenient time without leaving their home. The consultation commences on time, so you may organize many consultations in a series.
  • Reducing healthcare costs – A remote healthcare practitioner doesn’t need to rent a space. Apart from self-employed doctors clinics don’t have long waiting lines meaning more customer flow. Making the overall consultation process rapid.
  • Ease of access to EHRs – A single place with all the consolidated patient data can save a lot of Doctors’ time. Telehealth apps integrate with EHRs to provide on-demand access to doctors for patient records.

Moving on, a telehealth platform goes both ways for patients and doctors. But the point of difference between the two would be the availability of features. These features make the app for both parties accessible, interactive, and enhance user-friendliness.

Because honestly, the last thing you want to do is find your way around an app while you are sick.

Telehealth App Features:  

App Features

Technologies and tech stacks for your telehealth platform in Australia

1) Technologies

To make your app function more efficiently and effectively, you can add and integrate your app with some technologies which fit perfectly.

  • Cloud Storage:

The cost of establishing on-premise servers for data storage can loosen up your pockets fast. Thus, you can use a cloud-based storage system such as Amazon S3. Even though the prices vary regionally and space requirements. It still is a much cheaper option.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

Let’s just say your doctor isn’t available and you need consultation or some medical advice. And you come across a chatbot on the telemedicine platform who solves your query resting you assured. All thanks to AI.

  • IoT:

Internet of Things or Internet of Medical Things. These are instruments wearable by patients used to track and monitor a patient and send urgent notifications to your doctors in case of emergency. Like fitness trackers, smart drug dispensers, etc.

2) Tech Stacks

It consists of various programming languages, third-party tools, and frameworks required to bring your app into existence.

These are for reference only. You can use tech stacks according to your specifics and requirements.

  • Programming Languages:

Kotlin, JAVA(Android)

  • Back-end Development:

API’s and frameworks- S3, Stripe, EC2
Database- MySQL
Video conferencing- WebRTC, Twilio, RTMP
Programming language- Node.js
Chat- Twilio,

  • Tools:

Mailing: Elastic Emails
Geolocation- Google Maps platform
Notifications- Fire Cloud Messaging
Search & Filters- Elastic search

We made owning a telehealth app easy – Our white-label app for your telehealth app in Australia

In the beginning, we told you that we have a surprise for you all from us. Here it is, a white label telemedicine app.

We are a healthcare-specific IT solutions provider catering only to the healthcare industry which has led to developing the area of expertise. Thus, we know how insanely costly a custom-built app can be.

So, innate vision to give something of essential use to the healthcare community, which led us to work through the vision of developing a White- Label app.

A white-labeled telehealth platform could be a generic built app by an organization for your convenience. So, whether you’re a patient or a medical professional, it’s beneficial for you both as;

Medical practitioners can conduct live-sessions consultancy, exchange patient’s files, and send and receive laboratory tests streamlined. At the same time, it enables doctors to watch patient’s vital health data.

As for patients, a white-label telemedicine platform can assist them in receiving grade a-quality medical services at the convenience of their homes, get a receipt for his or her medications, attend consulting sessions online, fix appointments with their clinicians online, and online payment of medical bills.

At the same time, we also offer you a bundle of customized features as well depending upon your requirement for patients and clinicians in your telehealth platform.

Hence, especially keeping in mind the current healthcare scenario in Australian healthcare and pre-existing lockdown scenarios, a white-Label app is the best telehealth platform.

Click here to check out real screenshots of our exclusive white-label telehealth solution

Are we compliance and integration experts? Absolutely yes!

1) Integration 

As I said, we are a dedicated team of healthcare professionals. It might be a difficult effort for physicians to obtain access to patients’ medical data via telemedicine systems. As a result, we take care of it by integrating with leading EHRs/EMRs.

Don’t worry we got you covered, our team of experts won’t leave you hanging. We assist you with the best EHR/EMRs such as Cerner, EPIC, AllScripts, Australian Digital Health Agency’s My Health Record, and Intersystems used prominently in and around Australia.

2) Compliance

It can be quite financially excruciating when you approach a compliance consultant. And, compliance being a trick in a box can often scare you with surprises.

As every country tends to look for the best of its people and to protect their personal information, data of health records, and public health information. For safeguarding, they establish certain data sharing and exchange rules that every individual doing business in the field needs to comply with.

Thus, the rise of compliance laws. In Australia, public health data is governed and administered under the Privacy Act 1988.

It not only covers the health issues of a patient. It also monitors private information such as contact and billing information, medicare numbers, prescriptions, etc.

The most common misconception regarding the Privacy Act 1988 was that it only exists for physical and paper-based information. Which is false.

How do we know this? We are compliance experts and dedicated IT solutions company only catering to the healthcare Industry. And our compliance specialist told us!

We provide a free compliance consultation service with our compliance law specialist. Who are well experienced and trained when it comes to compliance in Australia.

You don’t pay extra and since our compliance expert is in-house and the communication in the workflow is also maintained.

Hence, telemedicine as a solution has the potential to solve a lot of problems. Especially concerning the pandemic situation and lockdowns in and around the whole Australian continent.

A telemedicine app. No wait, SyS Creations’ white-label telemedicine app is the best telemedicine app platform.

So go ahead and feel free to let us know your interest for the live app demo.