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Develop Bulk Billing GP App in Australia like HealthEngine (Raised $30M)

The fact is the majority of Australians prefer bulk billing GPs over patient accounts.

In case you don’t know, bulk billing GP bills Medicare directly, and thus, patients don’t have to spend anything from their pocket.

Whereas, under a patient account, the doctor charges patients, and then patients have to submit claims with their Medicare coverage.

The probability of getting 100% Medicare coverage is low in the case of a patient account.

In addition to this, patients have to manage everything by themselves.

Because of these 2 significant reasons, people’s interest in bulk billing GP has been very consistent Рas per Google Trends data.


So, to grab this opportunity, let’s discuss how you can build a bulk billing GP app in Australia like HealthEngine which raised $30 million.

About HealthEngine: Australia’s Most Patient-Focused Healthcare Startup

HealthEngine is a Perth-based health-tech startup that facilitates users to find GPs nearby and book either in-person or virtual appointments with the care providers from their mobile phones.

Co-founded in 2006 by former GP turned CEO Dr. Marcus Tan and Adam Yap, HealthEngine recently raised a whopping $30 million in its series E of the funding round, led by Inspire Impact.

Using its robust platform, users can book appointments with GPs, dentists, physio, and dermatologists. It even enables users to book COVID-19 and flu vaccine appointments.

With a vision to build a super app version of an online healthcare platform, HealthEngine has also rolled out online pharmacy services to deliver prescriptions to the doorstep of patients.

As of now, HealthEngine caters to a very large Australian healthcare market including top cities like Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, and Canberra.

How Did HealthEngine Build a User Base of 3.9 Million Users?: Top Strategies

HealthEngine is dominating the Australian healthcare startup ecosystem with its unique yet common business model, use cases, and value propositions.

Talking about how successful it is, it attracts over 1.6 million visitors to its website every month.


If you want to achieve something similar with your healthcare startup, you can consider applying these top strategies of HealthEngine.

  • Multiple GP search options

HealthEngine allows users to search all nearby doctors, after-hours GPs, and even bulk billing GPs in addition to other specialized healthcare providers and vaccine centers.

With such a multi-search option, it successfully attracts more users to its online platform as it is now able to cater to the needs of multiple user groups.

  • Doctor marketplace with a very large database

HealthEngine is ultimately a marketplace of doctors and clinics.

Almost every doctor and clinic is registered on the HealthEngine platform with very detailed information about their services, available time slots, billing structure, and opening hours.

With such a large database of clinics and healthcare providers, it easily serves all user needs which helps them to claim a high retention rate.

  • Multiple appointment options

People having common and mild symptoms opt-in more for virtual care than in-person care as virtual care is more convenient and saves time.

Keeping its benefits in mind, HealthEngine offers flexibility to users to book either virtual care or in-person care with healthcare providers.

  • A super app version of the bulk billing GP app

You might not have noticed this but HealthEngine is trying to build a super app version of the bulk billing GP platform.

In case you don’t know, a super app offers multiple services from a single platform.

Be it finding nearby doctors, after-hours GPs, bulk billing GPs, booking in-person or virtual care, and even prescription delivery, HealthEngine offers multiple services from its same platform.

As a result, they can generate multiple revenue streams and build a larger user base.

Scope to Develop Bulk Billing GP App like HealthEngine in Australia

When you compare Australia with North American countries such as the USA and Canada, you find a great difference in healthcare technology adoption and the healthcare startup ecosystem.

While the USA and Canada have produced multiple unicorn healthcare startups, Australia is still struggling to build scalable healthcare startups that investors find worthy to invest in.

But now due to the pandemic and affordable healthcare technology, the Australian healthcare segment is undergoing mass transformation.

Consumers have also acknowledged the usefulness of healthcare solutions.

As a result, almost all small-medium scale healthcare startups in Australia experienced rapid growth in the last 2 years.

However, the competition is still in its early stages.

What Australian healthcare startups are adopting now on a large scale has been adopted by North American startups years ago.

Telemedicine, online pharmacy, and doctor marketplace are some of the examples.

So, looking at the very low market penetration of healthcare technologies, it is safe to say that there is huge room available to develop a bulk billing GP app in Australia like HealthEngine.

To make it more patient-focused and generate more revenue, you can consider adding other app modules such as online pharmacy, healthcare eCommerce, and remote monitoring to it.

Since there is no cutthroat competition in the Australian market, you are most likely to make your app an instant hit if you ensure a remarkable user experience, patient-centric app features, a smart business model, and almost zero app bugs.

1. User Experience

You anyhow have to deliver a remarkable user experience to the users. And to deliver it, you have to keep the following things in your mind.

  • Prepare the UI of your app based on the user journey and clinical workflows
  • Make user navigation on your app very smooth
  • Don‚Äôt confuse users with too many features or content on a single app window
  • Serve users with personalized content and services (AI can help you here)
  • Keep app design minimalistic
  • Consider psychological factors while selecting an app color theme


2. Patient-Centric App Features

In addition to the app’s UI, app features also influence the user experience and most importantly mobile app development cost.

Thus, be specific.

The following are some common and advanced features you can consider adding to your bulk billing doctor app.

  • Sign up/login
  • User profile
  • Search nearby doctors
  • Advanced filters
  • Doctor/clinic profile
  • Book appointment (virtual/in-person)
  • Chat/voice call/video call function
  • Built-in navigation to clinic
  • Virtual check-in
  • Online forms
  • e-prescriptions
  • Medicare listing
  • Rate and review
  • Health to-dos
  • Medication reminder
  • Chatbot
  • Healthcare eCommerce
  • Remote monitoring
  • Symptom checker
  • Symptom logbook
  • Add family members
  • Family health check and monitoring

3. Smart Business Model

A smart business model is something that makes you earn more money per user while delivering value and affordability to the user at the same time.

Following are some tips for drafting a smart business model.

  • Define different business models for different user groups
  • Adopt automation to keep operating costs low and profits high
  • Launch subscription plans to build long-term relationships with users
  • Roll out multiple services from your platform to generate multiple revenue streams
  • Focus on keeping doctor and patient acquisition & onboarding costs low
  • Aim to reach break-even-point as soon as possible with strategies
  • To reduce capital cost requirement, opt-in for MVP app, cross-platform app, or even web app

4. A Bug-Free App

Here, it is worth mentioning that it is never possible to build a complete bug-free app.

There are always some bugs.

The thing that matters the most here is how severe those bugs are!

Because a single severe bug delivers a 1o times poorer experience than 10 minor bugs.

Thus, your focus should be on finding severe bugs and solving them rather than finding every bug and solving them all.

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