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This Cardiac Care Startup Raising $20 Million for Virtual Cardiac Rehab is Answer to Your Question, ‘How to Start and Sustain Cardiac Care Startup?’

Quick Summary: A cardiac care startup named Moving Analytics (Movn) which provides virtual cardiac rehab services has recently raised a whopping $20 million.

The startup capitalizes on the modern care delivery approach in a value-driven way to make rehab services affordable, easier and accessible for patients recovering from heart attacks and patients diagnosed with other cardiac conditions.

The best part about Movn is that they are leveraging multiple cutting-edge healthcare technologies to revolutionize the care delivery approach by bringing providers, payers and patients under the same roof.

The way Movn operates its healthcare operations are lessons for new entrepreneurs who are still not sure of how to start and sustain a cardiac care startup.

How does Movn offer its virtual cardiac rehab services?

The top missing elements of almost all virtual care startups are personalized care, care standards and a 360-degree care approach.

But Movn delivers personalized, standardized and a very comprehensive evidence-based solution. And that’s the reason investors are pouring money into its futuristic vision.

The following is how Movn offers its virtual cardiac rehab services to patients.

Step 1: Baseline and training

The Movn team tells more about the program to the patients and answers their questions. Once the patient is ready, the team completes his/her enrollment. After then, the patient undergoes a clinical evaluation to figure out her/his exact healthcare needs. Every virtual rehab program is exclusive to each patient for deriving high patient outcomes.

Step 2: Access to the app and rehab program

The patient has to install the Movn Rehab mobile app. A patient has already been provided with a cellular-enabled scale, exercise bands, a Bodytrace blood pressure cuff and a Garmin fitness tracker. The majority of these devices are IoT-enabled. Meaning, they get connected with the mobile app and record the vital body signs of the patients. This data is automatically shared with the provider.

Movn app

Step 3:Consistency!

Based on the personalized rehab plan added for each patient by his/her care manager, the app suggests different exercises, virtual medical consultation, food plans, and tracking of overall progress toward achieving a healthy lifestyle. The care manager keeps an eye on the recorded vital body signs and assists patients as per those recorded data and past evidence of similar cases.

Which are the top technologies Movn utilizes for world-class virtual cardiac rehab services?

The essence of any successful healthcare startup is the technology they are leveraging for patients and providers.

Because technology makes sure that patients receive something which they have not been receiving as part of our very old, delayed and clogged-up healthcare ecosystem.

So, talking about Movn, it majorly leverages two cutting-edge technologies. One is IoT (which is more promising) and the other is AI/ML (though this is not what they have officially declared.)

1: IoT

IoT is one of those technologies which healthcare startups avoid because of its high complexity and implementation cost. However, if implemented properly, it can result in real-time vital body signs data recording & sharing while actualizing remote care models in the true sense.

But Movn had the guts to accomplish what other healthcare startups only dream of. Movn has implemented IoT technology with ultimate precision which leads its care managers and providers to have real-time access to the patients’ vital body signs.

With this real-time and historic data of vital body signs, providers can make changes in care plans accordingly, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes along with quicker recovery.

As discussed earlier, Movn provides enrolled patients with different IoT-enabled medical devices to measure and record their vital body signs. Both patients and providers can view this recorded data from the mobile app.

Watch the following video to see the IoT use case of Movn in action.

2: AI/ML

Movn claims to offer evidence-based virtual cardiac rehab to patients. And to achieve that, they must be leveraging AI/ML technology – as per our healthcare business analysts.

Evidence-based care is nothing but care based on decisions and conclusions providers make or reach using the best available, current, valid and relevant evidence.

However, the problem is, there are multiple data that can be used as evidence. And by manually, you cannot ever process that data to find patterns and use that as evidence. Here is where AI/ML comes into play.

It processes a large amount of unorganized data from both past & present and converts it into understandable and meaningful patterns. These patterns are generally in the form of ‘If…then’.

How does Movn make the idea of at-home virtual cardiac rehab sustainable?

Because of the newly-emerged healthcare-focused use cases of technologies and easy access to the talent who have mastered those use cases and technologies, there are thousands of healthcare startup ideas the current generation has come up with.

However, only a few of them are actually sustainable ideas or ideas that can actually deliver value to the patients. So, the question is, how has Movn made such an unrealistic idea of virtual cardiac care so sustainable that investors have put it on their investment radar.

Here is the small part of a big strategy.

1: Winning the confidence

It is easy for healthcare startups to make users feel confident about the tech-enabled healthcare services they are providing when the services are only limited to primary care.

But when it comes to chronic care and especially cardiac care, it becomes overwhelming for cardiac care startups to make users feel that they are not being part of an experiment.

And that’s why, Movn openly discloses the approach and tech they are using and reviews of existing patients. They also very often count the benefits of virtual care delivery on real data. This helps them a lot to win the confidence of patients who still think in-person care is the only option.

2: Making sure of easy accessibility

Movn’s idea of virtual rehab services is great. But if they had chosen a web app rather than a mobile app, they would not have reached the place they are today.

Because a web app is a bit difficult to access compared to mobile apps. In the case of a web app, the user needs to access it from a web browser which users might find complex to access.

In addition to this, a web app also lacks some of the advanced features that make the user experience better. For example, it cannot be compatible with IoT hardware devices which leads to inaccurate and inefficient data collection and sharing.

3: Selling experience, not service

Copying an idea is easy, but not the experience. Tomorrow, there will be multiple cardiac care startups like Movn, but no one will be able to deliver the same experience Movn is delivering.

In other words, Movn is more focused on selling outstanding experiences to patients. And to meet such high standards, they do nothing more than delivering results to the patients.

So, in this way, experience in healthcare is all about delivering results while making patients feel part of the journey.

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