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How We Are Solving Current Challenges in Clinical Trial Recruitment & Monitoring with Mobile Application

Quick Summary: The old-fashioned clinical trial process can slow down the clinical trial participant recruitment and monitoring system by 75%.

To make the system more efficient and save your valuable time, we have come up with an IT solution – a Mobile Application/Software for clinical trial sites.

This app not only helps participants register but also helps clinics with data monitoring, scheduling appointments, and maintaining the medical history & health records.

In this blog, let’s discuss the benefits a mobile app can deliver to clinical trial sites and why you should build a mobile app for clinical trials.

Current time consuming and tedious process of recruiting participants

Clinical trial sites go through a monotonous process to recruit the participants and keep records of the same. The entire process is lengthy, time-consuming, and repetitive so there are chances of human error.

  • The clinical trial site staff contact the participants over the phone and ask for their medical history and health status.
  • Clinical trial site staff record those data in a system or a hard copy all manually and decide whether they’re a good fit for the particular test or not.
  • If the participant is a good fit, they set an appointment over the phone and schedule the test.
  • Manually checking the progress each time a participant comes and regularly taking follow-ups over the phone.

Challenges faced by participants:

  • Participants have to make multiple appointments for regular checkups or attend phone calls for follow-ups from clinical sites.
  • Participants need to travel to the clinical test site for regular checkups and doctors’ advice.

Challenges faced by clinical testing sites:

  • A major problem with this system is that the clinical testing site has to enter all the records manually into a system or in a hard copy. Humans can make mistakes and the clinical staff is no exception. The smallest mistake in the healthcare industry can lead to a bigger problem.
  • Additionally, It slows down the system by 75% – from finding the right participants for a test to maintaining every record is manual. The time that can be used for research will be wasted on doing tasks that a smart application can efficiently perform without an error.

What’s the best solution to the current tedious process?

All these factors create a general sense of discomfort for the participant and clinical staff. The ultimate solution to the current challenges is clinical trial participant recruitment and monitoring apps.

The advanced application for smartphones/software can solve all the current challenges in clinical trial participant recruitment and monitoring.

Clinical trial dashboard

How does it solve the major problems?

For participants:

  • Participants don’t need to call the clinical site to update their health status, they can directly do this in an application/software and update the doctor.
  • Participants don’t need to make a call for the appointments. They can easily do that with this application.

For clinical testing sites:

  • Clinical sites don’t have to prepare the record for everything or store the hard copy of participants. Everything will be stored in the cloud server of a mobile application/ software.
  • Clinical sites don’t have to call the participants to ask about their health status. They can check everything on a mobile app.
  • With the advanced demographic view, doctors can easily filter out participants having problems and schedule an appointment for a further checkup.
  • It becomes a seamless process to recruit participants for clinical trials.

Workflow of clinical client recruitment application

Mobile has become an essential part of every human’s day-to-day life. Thus an application for the participants and clinical sites will have a bigger impact on both.

Clinical trial app screen

For participants:

  • Participants sign-up on the application with a unique ID and password.
  • They can see their medical history, reports, prescribed medication, and daily/ weekly reporting tab.
  • Update the doctor daily/weekly as suggested by entering their health status on the page.
  • Participants can schedule an appointment from the application.

For clinical trial sites:

  • Doctors sign-up with their unique ID and password.
  • The dashboard will show the demographic view of participants that filters out participants having health issues. So doctors can look into their health records and diagnose the problem.
  • To look further, there will be an option to look at every participant’s health status.
  • Clinical trial sites can view the self-reported health status of every participant in a graphical format for easy understanding.
  • Clinical trial sites send notifications to users for participation in new trials.

EHR/EMR integration to clinical trial app

You might be aware of the EHR (Electronic Health Record) and EMR (Electronic Medical Record) in which a participant’s digital record is stored such as demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, immunizations, laboratory data, and radiology reports.

At this point, time is more valuable than ever. So we decided to create something remarkable by integrating both platforms – EHR/EMR and the clinical trial app.

With this integration, clinical trial sites can have direct access to clinical data of participants engaging in clinical trials.

Major advantages of building clinical trial participant recruitment & monitoring app

Clinical trial participant recruitment and monitoring apps have many advantages, so just mentioning a few here:

  • Time-saving technology
  • Improved efficiency by avoiding human errors
  • Reduces scope for error
  • Data security and correct data retrieval made possible
  • Cost-effective and easily manageable
  • Easy access to participant data with correct participant history
  • Improved participant care made possible
  • Easy monitoring of supplies in inventory
  • Reduces the work of documentation
  • Better audit controls and policy compliance
  • Maintain the medical records of the participant
  • Maintain the contact details of the participant
  • Keep track of the appointment dates
  • Save the insurance information for later reference
  • Tracking the bill payments
  • Increased data security

Why should you consider building a clinical participant recruitment & monitoring application?

Building an app for the clinical trial site will not only make the process smoother but will also be convenient for the participants. Since a participant’s convenience should be every clinical trial site’s priority, building an app is the best thing to do.

  • Clinical staff will get more time to do research or other productive work.
  • It not only saves time at the clinical trial site but also is cost-effective and decreases the number of people working on the system of manual entry of data and paperwork.
  • Doctors can focus on the participants having health issues.
  • It will eliminate the chances of human error
  • It will increase the number of trial participants.
  • It will reduce the efforts for data assessment.

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