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Get FemTech App Idea for Gulf Countries and Build Women Health App in UAE (Region Wise Guide)

Quick Summary: With women’s involvement increasing in the GDP of gulf countries and women developing awareness around their health and wellness, the femtech market of the Gulf region is set to boom in the coming 5 years.

Other factors driving the growth of the women’s health app market across Gulf countries, including the UAE, are technological advancements and different government programs promoting the good health and wellness of women.

Considering the market opportunities, we will discuss everything you need to know to build a women’s health app in UAE and how we will, as a healthcare IT company, can help you.

Where is the biggest opportunity for women health & wellness app in Gulf countries?

The global femtech market size accounted for $40 billion in 2020 and was projected to reach around $80 billion by 2025. The major contributor is North American and European markets.


However, those markets are now overly intensified. Thus, investors and entrepreneurs are looking for new untapped markets, and Gulf countries have good potential.

In 2020, investment in healthcare crossed $600 million in UAE, which was 200% more than its previous year.

Diversification in population, higher literacy rates among women, easy access to smartphones and the world’s richest nations are causing massive augmentation in the femtech market of UAE.

Other Gulf countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are also showing promising results in healthcare apps for women.

However, these countries fall short against the UAE as the UAE government and several private accelerator programs fuel the growth of femtech startups.

5 types of women health apps that are most likely to succeed in UAE and other gulf countries

The best thing about the femtech industry is that there are several different women healthcare and wellness challenges that you can either solve with individual apps or with a super app.

The following is the list of apps for women which you can consider developing in the UAE:

1) Women-specific telemedicine app

Women face several healthcare and wellness issues which they might not feel comfortable sharing with male doctors.

Thus, you can build a telemedicine app for women to talk to only female doctors regarding their healthcare and wellness issues.

Such gender-specific apps have been in existence for a while. There are several taxi apps like Uber where both drivers and riders are women.

A women-specific app enhances the apps’ value and offers women flexibility, confidence and freedom to share everything without hesitation.

2) Period and ovulation tracker app

Women who would like to conceive should chart their basal body temperature and cervical mucus to predict their fertile days.

Women who do not want to get pregnant can track their menstrual cycle and ovulation using an ovulation calculator.

An app allows users to track their period and ovulation cycle with ease, all from their phones. The app is designed for both women who are tracking to avoid pregnancy and women who are tracking for pregnancy.

Both groups are provided with the same features, but one of the full-featured sections is locked. Full-featured sections include the calendar, cycle statistics, ovulation calculator, pregnancy calculator, a notes section, reminders section, graphs, and settings.

3) Pregnancy app

Pregnancy is one of the most eventful periods in a woman’s life.

Women who are pregnant should be very careful about their health, diet, and lifestyle. Apart from being very cautious about what they eat, expectant mothers have to dedicate a significant part of their time to self-care, meditation, and workouts.

And even more importantly, they have to keep track of every single stage of the pregnancy.

It isn’t surprising that most women find it challenging to track their pregnancy period with the right app. Because all the existing apps failed to provide a custom-made solution for each stage of pregnancy, they just couldn’t be beneficial enough.

4) Women personal care eCommerce app

Women are particular when it comes to buying personal care items online. It has been observed in the startup ecosystem that women-specific eCommerce app gets easy success as it builds up trust very easily by satisfying exact needs.

Thus, you can consider building an eCommerce app for women which facilitates women to buy quality products for personal care, skincare, oral care etc.

5) Diet and weight loss app for women

Women require different diets and workout plans to lose weight. Their calorie requirement and food habits are also different. Because they have another body mechanism as compared to men.

Meaning, you have an opportunity to build a diet and weight loss app for women which addresses women-specific dietary and workout needs.

The best thing about such a type of femtech app is low competition. Yes, only a few apps available have so far targeted this segment of the femtech market.

Get some inspiration from these 3 popular femtech apps of the UAE.

If you’re on a mission to create an app for women in UAE but still lack motivation, these 3 femtech startups from UAE might motivate you or give you a fresh idea.

1) Nabta Health


Nabta Health provides a healthcare super app for women. With its single app, it addresses multiple challenges of women by offering multiple services.

For instance, it helps women to lose weight with curated guides. It also allows women to plan pregnancy by tracking their menstrual cycle. It even allows women to order personal care items online from the same app.

Nabta Health also facilitates doctors to offer quality care to women by having exclusive access to women’s medical and demographic data.

2) My Lily Box


This is a unique femtech startup idea. It empowers women to be equipped with all required essentials to go through periods every month quickly.

Yes, it delivers required intimate essentials bimonthly to the doorstep. That box includes pads, tampons, panty liners, and other intimate care essentials.

To start the monthly subscription, a woman has to select her favourite intimate care essentials, schedule the first delivery, and get delivery before the period.

3) Lizzom


Regular sanitary napkins are made using harmful chemicals and plastic, which cause rashes, allergies, skin sensitivity, amongst other fatal diseases.

And since sanitary napkins are classified as medical products, manufacturers are not required by law to list ingredients on the packaging.

Lizzom is also the manufacturer of sanitary napkins, but it uses organic bamboo and corn to produce them. And to reach the highest ever consumers, it utilizes an online platform for marketing, ordering and payment.

How are women health apps in the UAE different from North America and Europe?

You must know this difference as there are higher chances of knowing women healthcare apps with a perspective of the North American and European femtech market.

1) Use cases

In North America and Europe, femtech apps are generally more focused on helping women attain their health and wellness goals.

But in the Gulf region, the primary use case of the femtech app is developing awareness among women regarding their health and wellness, and the secondary use case is empowering them with the right tools and resources to look after their health and reach wellness goals.

2) Language

All popular North American and European femtech apps support only the English language. But if you are planning to build a women wellness app in Gulf countries, we would suggest you add regional languages in addition to English.

3) Data privacy laws

A healthcare app for women stores and shares several crucial personal and medical information of the patients. To regulate this data handling practice, there are multiple laws in North America. For instance, in Canada, there is one federal law – PIPEDA and several provincial-level data privacy laws like PHIPA in Ontario, HIA in Alberta.

But in gulf countries, there is only federal-level data protection law. For instance, UAE has Federal Law No 2 of 2019 (Health Data Law), which regulates the use of information technology and communications (ITC) in the healthcare sector.

4) App feature set

Popular women health apps operational in North America and Europe have the advanced feature set as the market is overly intensified. To survive it, the app must gain a competitive advantage with advanced features.

But in Gulf countries, the femtech market is in its early stage. Meaning, you can do pretty well in the market with a mobile app or web app having basic but functional features.

No. Building a femtech app in the UAE isn’t just about coding. It is a 17-step process


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