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How These 8 Christmas App Ideas Help You Engage Your Healthcare App Users

Quick Summary: Christmas holidays are around the corner. But who cares when you own a healthcare app! Wondering why we are comparing Christmas and healthcare apps? Well, here is the secret. Top Christmas apps can teach you the strategies for increasing your healthcare app user engagement. So, without any due, let’s jump straight into it.

Learn healthcare app user engagement strategies from these top apps for Christmas

1) Christmas Countdown (2021)


4.8 on Apple App Store out of 1.8K rating. This free Christmas app is for those who can’t wait for Christmas.

The app shows a countdown based on beautiful themes until the day of Christmas arrives. The best thing about this app is it lets users set a countdown widget on the home screen of their smartphone.

Strategy you can learn from it:

Many patients who book an appointment for either virtual or in-person appointments with doctors forget the appointment knowingly or unknowingly.

Many of them also develop a fear of seeing a doctor called Iatrophobia. This results in high no-shows which affect both operationally and financially.

So to reduce no-shows of patients, you can let them set the beautiful countdowns in either app itself or on the home screen of the device with motivating and happy messages and other resources that make their clinical appointment seamless.

Such a countdown can also be used to remind patients to take medicine on time, do workouts and carry out other self-care activities.

2) ElfYourself - Best Christmas Photo App


This is a very fun Xmas app. It lets users make funny videos of themselves and their families and share it directly on social media.

To make a video, you don’t have to work hard. You just need to upload some 5 photos of yourself & your family members and the app assures the rest.

It makes videos on several themes which you can choose from the list. On the Apple App Store, it has a 4.6 rating based on more than 10K reviews.

Strategy you can learn from it:

Every patient’s journey is unique but for patients, it is stressful and nail-biting. You can let them record every phase of their patient journey by capturing moments from the app and making funny videos automatically depicting their patient journey in a delightful way.

These short clips of patient journeys can be shared on social media and with other patients to motivate them.

3) PNP: Portable North Pole - Best Merry Christmas App


This is another Santa-focused video creating and sharing app. Using it, users can create the best cinematic videos which they can share with their friends and family members.

Users primarily use the PNP app to create custom and fun holiday wish video messages. The app can also be used by corporate houses to create professional-grade holiday messages for their teams.

On the Apple App Store, it has a rating of 4.9 out of more than 50000 reviews.

Strategy you can learn from it:

Many times doctors using online mediums to provide care struggle to win the trust and engage patients. This majorly happens while a doctor is treating any senior patient online.

So to make it easy for doctors to win the trust and engage patients, what you can do is enable doctors to create short videos of them introducing themselves and greeting patients. This video will be later shared with patients who book a virtual appointment.

Here, doctors can either create custom video messages or share any pre-recorded video message with patients to win their trust and establish good relations.

4) Santa’s Bag - Best Christmas Wish List App


This free iOS app is a virtual shopping bag for users. With its unique features, it empowers users to manage Christmas gifts, expenses, wish lists and goals in a single place.

The app delivers a very unique Christmas shopping experience. The best thing about Santa’s Bag app is users can keep track of gifts for different people.

On the Apple App Store, it has an overall rating of 4.4 based on 551 ratings.

Strategy you can learn from it:

This is rather a new healthcare app or feature idea than a strategy. You can consider building a healthcare budget planning app or add such a feature into your existing app.

Using this app or feature, patients can keep track of all healthcare-specific expense data in a single place, create a wish list of what they have to achieve in terms of their health and wellness and list out their healthcare-specific shopping items.

5) A Charlie Brown Christmas


This is a paid Christmas learning app. Different characters in this app want to know the true meaning of Christmas. Your task here is to educate them around Christmas and join on a remarkable journey with them.

Strategy you can learn from it:

Many times patients do not understand the clinical terms that clinicians and healthcare apps use quite often. This leads to doubts and confusion which further results in less patient engagement.

So, the way you can solve this challenge is hidden in the Charlie Brown Christmas app. On every app screen, you can embed different micro-learning sessions for your users from where users can learn more about what that app screen is all about, its clinical advantages and clinical terms mentioned on that app screen.

6) Secret Santa 22


This is another secret santa app but a very popular one. It allows users to organize gift exchanges with their close friends. Users can easily make a group of their friends and family members by adding a few images and basic info of budget, gift deliveries etc.

On Apple App Store, the app has a rating of 4.8 out of 7.8K reviews.

Strategy you can learn from it:

You can add a social element into your healthcare app to let users feel more connected. By adding new features like the Secret Santa 22 app, you can let a patient give a gift to another patient. Most importantly, doctors and other clinical staff can plan and give gifts to patients seamlessly.

This is a very unique idea and as far as we know, none of the healthcare apps have yet implemented it!

7) Postagram - Best Christmas Card App


Postagram is a very unique Christmas app. It is used to create custom and personalized digital postcards which can be sent to anyone digitally and physically. Users can either create postcards from scratch or utilize templates.

Strategy you can learn from it:

You can add features like the Postagram app in your healthcare app that facilitates healthcare providers and family members of patients to send them postcards with nice personalized messages which make patients feel good.

This not only bridges the gap between healthcare providers and patients but also gives reasons to patients to be grateful for in life!

8) HoHoHo Quiz


This is a very basic free Christmas app. However, it teaches us a very useful engagement strategy. It is equipped with several questions around Christmas and users have to answer each question. The best part of the HoHoHo quiz app is its delightful UI.

Strategy you can learn from it:

Patients have to answer several questions about their health to collect crucial clinical data. Though this data is very purposeful for doctors, it annoys users to answer multiple questions.

What you can do to keep patient engagement high even while answering questions on your app is gamification. By adding interactive UI elements and gamifying the complete app screen, you give an eye-pleasing experience to users which eliminates the possibility of discomfort.


Healthcare apps are very unique in use. People generally use it to achieve more personal and important goals. If your healthcare app lacks only one element, people would consider it as the second choice.

The only way to get success with your healthcare app is to find inspiration from anywhere – even from the Christmas apps and apply it in your healthcare app.

If you come across any other innovative Christmas app which you think might add value to this blog, please consider sharing it with us.