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12 Ideas to Solve Healthcare Hiring Crunch

Quick Summary: Due to the pandemic, adequate hiring is an extremely challenging task in almost every industry, especially in healthcare enterprises.

The reason is – burnout among healthcare staff.

We as a healthcare-focused organization comprehend that the burnout in healthcare enterprise staff directly impacts the patient care experience as the medical staff wellness isn’t good enough to focus on several patients’ health conditions.

As a result, it leads them to quit the job which creates more pressure among the existing employees in the organization.

As per the morning consult, burnout leads to “18% of health care workers have quit their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic, while another 12% have been laid off”.

So, the shortage of qualified medical staff is gradually increasing in the healthcare industry.

However, as a healthcare IT company, we have been working with healthcare enterprises for over 7+ years so we understand the healthcare industry the same as you.

For that reason, we have comprehensive solutions for your healthcare hiring-related concerns, but first, let’s discuss some of the major hiring challenges that you might be facing right now.

Primary challenges of healthcare hiring that every healthcare enterprise is facing

The burnout of medical staff and shortage of healthcare talent are the most common challenges for healthcare enterprises.

Talking about the shortage of healthcare professionals, as per Mercer’s study, “The United States will need to hire 2.3 million new healthcare workers by 2025 to keep up with the population”.

Healthcare staffing issue

Apart from the shortage of talent, below are some of the other primary challenges related to healthcare hiring.

  • The trend of high employee turnover
  • Not sufficient employee management strategy
  • Lack of technology usage
  • The inefficient onboarding process for the candidate
  • Poor well-being of the healthcare professionals
  • Time-consuming communication between the HR and candidate

For better understanding, discover the image below.

Healthcare staffing issues reasons

From the above statistics, we can conclude that almost 49% of healthcare professionals quit their jobs due to burnout.

As a result, healthcare enterprises need to focus more on the wellness of the employees which initially helps them to reduce the job quit ratio.

To address those primary concerns about employee burden and hiring procedures, here are some of the finest ideas you can implement in your healthcare hiring process.

12 ideas to solve the healthcare hiring crunch

Idea #1: Integration with social platforms

Social media platforms are one of the best ways to maximize the recruitment process by sharing job posts as per the candidates’ preferences.

Furthermore, it speeds up the recruitment process as you’re posting the requirement on various social media platforms such as Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Idea #2: Quick and easy apply

Provide a seamless candidate experience by offering quick or 1-click apply features on your website.

For better engagement, you can integrate your website directly with other hiring platforms such as indeed, and LinkedIn to attract more candidates. Also, it enables you to track and optimize the performance of each post.

Idea #3: Chatbots for frequently asked questions

With that, your medical staff doesn’t need to communicate with the candidate regarding their job applying most common questions.

As a result, it’ll reduce your employees’ work burden, which allows them to focus on other vital hiring responsibilities.

Idea #4: Engaging and attractive branding page

Make your healthcare enterprise more trustable and recognizable by creating a convincing branding page which helps you stand out from the rest.

Idea #5: Be more transparent in the screening process

Use HR recruiting software which helps candidates to understand more about the ongoing and upcoming hiring stages. With that, you can automate some common screening questions and analyze the progress of the candidates at each hiring stage.

Similarly, you can automate communication with the candidates in a personalized or a bulk manner by sending updates about their performance.

As a result, it speeds up the entire healthcare hiring process as the process is fast and reliable with zero chance of manual error.

Idea #6: Efficient administrative workflows

You can use a workflow management tool that simplifies all the workflows related to both patients and the administration process.

However, the tool needs to be flexible enough to manage all the operational and hiring workflow with customization options as per your requirements.

It eliminates all the manual workflow and gives you benefits such as,

  • HR can create a streamlined workflow for the hiring process
  • Real-time tracking of the employees’ activities
  • Automate candidate appointments and scheduling management that reduce the work burden
  • Efficient document organization and email communication
  • It streamlines communication between the HR and candidates
  • Convenient onboarding and training for the recruitment stages
  • Can customize each process for the talent recruitment

However, most healthcare enterprises develop their own workflow management system, due to data privacy and security breach.

For that reason, we offer complete workflow management solutions for healthcare enterprises as per their hiring requirements.

Explore our case study that will give you deeper insights: Know how we helped Canada-based TCU to achieve 3X faster workflow management

Idea #7: Automate license verification

The license verification is the most time-consuming part of the hiring process. But automating the license and document verification as well as the credential upgrading process, you can boost the entire hiring procedure with accurate and precise data.

Idea #8: Simplify the interview process

Schedule a fast and convenient interview by integrating the scheduling tools within your system.

Furthermore, you can automate the invite notification, in-platform messaging, creating offer letters, and document collection for the interview.

Idea #9: Automatic notification

Automatic reminder to the candidates if something needs to be updated, or done related to documents such as credential renewal, and expired documents.

Idea #10: Faster onboarding process with a digital system

The digital system automatically collects, manages, and updates candidates’ paperwork at the time of the onboarding process which initially reduces the time of the hiring process.

Furthermore, it enables you to track and monitor the progress of the candidate, as well as you can assist them in preparing for the next stage of the recruitment process.

Idea #11: LMS (Learning Management System)

You can offer LMS services for your new or existing healthcare professionals staff to educate them in the most appropriate way.

As a healthcare enterprise, you can provide multiple education videos for the candidates from which they can learn online at any time anywhere.

Also, it allows you to conduct an online exam and can track the performance of each healthcare professional which can help you to provide a more effective learning experience.

Idea #12: Keep the candidates' documents safe

The candidates’ documents contain lots of crucial information such as medical records, banking information, licenses, credential, and other personal files so without proper security storage, there’s a high possibility of a security breach.

That’s the reason, you need to protect the candidates’ crucial information and the ongoing progress in secure storage.

So, that’s the end of the streamlined and most influential healthcare hiring procedure.

Using this seamless hiring funnel in your healthcare enterprise, you can avoid 90% of the recruitment difficulties, while at the same time, reducing the administrative workflow.

However, the poor mental health and wellness of the employee is still a major reason behind burnout.

For that reason, it’s essential to manage the workflow and the well-being of the employee within the healthcare enterprise.

To achieve that, discover how automation can help you with that.

Maintain the wellness of the staff with streamlined internal workflows: Here is how

Healthcare professionals spend almost 80% of their time on the most common repetitive tasks such as – patient appointment & inventory management, EMR/EHR data entry, accounting, and employee onboarding.

As a result, it impacts employees’ productivity, mental health, and most importantly, they can’t focus on the patient’s health conditions as there are multiple tasks to do at the same time.

To address those primary concerns, RPA is a must-needed for your healthcare enterprise’s internal workflows.

RPA is the advanced technology that simply reduces the common or daily repetitive tasks which will assist your medical staff to focus on the patient’s health conditions as well as on the hiring process.

In simple words – it automates your entire internal workflow that improves employee satisfaction, mental health, and overall well-being.

While talent hiring in healthcare is becoming a crucial task, you can break the communication barrier between HR and candidates with a streamlined hiring process and sufficient workflow management.