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Top Profitable Healthcare Startup Ideas for African Market

Mark our words. After a decade – or earlier – the African healthcare market will value as much as the current value of the Canadian healthcare market.

How are we so sure?

Because that’s what the African healthcare market is indicating.

A large percentage of the African population is now using smartphones. Entrepreneurship is getting popular in the African continent.

Investors are more ready than ever to invest in African startups and most importantly, people of African countries now need a change – in terms of quality, rapid, and affordable healthcare!

So, if you are planning to start a healthcare startup in Africa to dominate the African healthcare market shortly, here is the list of the most profitable healthcare startup ideas for Africa.

Most Profitable App-Based Healthcare Startup Ideas for African Countries

Our healthcare-focused business analysts have been dealing with healthcare startup markets of Canada and the USA and this list has been prepared with their help.

Healthcare startup ideas for Africa

1. Telemedicine Platform

The Telemedicine platform is the easiest, most reliable, and most affordable way to ensure continuity of quality, affordable, and rapid care to a large percentage of Africans living in rural areas.

If not direct care to people living in remote areas, telemedicine can at least ensure care through on-ground nurses of remote areas who can collaborate with specialized doctors sitting in urban areas.

What extra telemedicine can provide to people in both urban and rural areas is comfort while seeking medical services.

Patients can easily talk to doctors from the comfort of their homes and make payments online using local online payment methods.

Types of telemedicine platforms you can develop for the African market:

  • Telemedicine for physicians
  • Telemedicine for dentists
  • Telemedicine for dietitians
  • Telemedicine for pediatricians
  • Telemedicine for dermatologists
  • Telemedicine for physiotherapists
  • Telemedicine for ophthalmologists
  • Telemedicine for psychiatrists

2. Marketplace for Doctors

Almost 1 out of 3 Africans face several challenges in finding nearby doctors when they are actually in need of medical assistance.

The situation in many countries of Africa is so severe that people don’t even find doctors for common illnesses such as malaria, resulting in the highest death rate from malaria in the entire world.

So, to help people of Africa receive timely access to nearby doctors, you can build a marketplace for doctors that enables patients to explore all nearby doctors, compare them based on fees, timing, and specialties, and book in-person appointments with preferred doctors.

By adding telemedicine features to your doctor marketplace platform, you can even allow patients to virtually connect to a preferred doctor.

Such a healthcare startup idea not only helps patients get timely access to doctors but also facilitates doctors to acquire more patients using an online medium.

3. EHR Platform for Entire Healthcare System

EHR (Electronic Health Record) is a robust system that stores the medical data of patients generated by different healthcare providers, pharmacies, and labs.

It actualizes seamless data sharing between healthcare providers, pharmacies, and labs.

For instance, labs can easily share lab results as well as images with physicians.

Doctors can also get easy access to clinical data of patients to know patients’ past prescriptions, allergies, and medical notes.

Having access to such crucial clinical data enables doctors to provide quality care to each patient without spending huge time in asking and recording the medical history of patients manually.

In major African countries, there are no major EHR providers.

Meaning, there is huge scope for you to be an early bird and cover the African EHR market share.

4. Women Wellness Startup

Women are highly affected in all African countries when it comes to healthcare.

From general healthcare to birth control and maternity care, they face a healthcare crisis like no other woman in the world faces.

They mostly rely on traditional solutions and sometimes on community health workers.

It is also recorded that women from poor and remote areas lack knowledge regarding personal care and hygiene standards during pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

In case of any complication during pregnancy, the patient needs to be shifted to a specialized care unit which is only there in urban areas.

However, it is not financially feasible for many African families to travel and shift to modern care facilities.

What works best for African women is a mobile app that is the most accessible, affordable, and efficient solution to all their health and wellness challenges.

Types of women’s health apps you can develop for the African market:

  • Period and Fertility Tracker app for Women
  • Pregnancy Tracker Apps
  • Birth Control Apps
  • Disease-Specific Apps

5. Online Pharmacy Platform

Several African countries are notorious for medicine shortages and it is claiming several thousand lives every year.

According to the UN, approx 1.6 million Africans died due to malaria and HIV in 2015 which could have been avoided with timely access to appropriate and affordable medicines.

In many rural areas, there is not a single pharmacy store for many miles.

Thus, people have to travel across the cities to buy medicine which increases the medicine cost significantly.

You can solve all such problems with a single online pharmacy platform.

Using your online pharmacy platform, patients or their family members can easily upload the prescription, make a medicine order, and pay for the order.

Within 1 or 2 days, the medicine sorted as per dosage is delivered to the doorstep of patients.

Not only this but patients can manage their entire medication plan from the mobile app and never miss out on taking their medicine on time.

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