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Build Home Healthcare Software for Easy Management of Home Care Business

Quick Summary- Running a home care center or business is a real challenge due to healthcare challenges seniors are facing and due to administrative challenges senior care staff are facing. What the best home care management teams do to create win-win situations for both staff and patients is to build home healthcare software. If you are on the same mission, let us help you win it with shining stars.

The home care industry today is experiencing changes, advancements, and upgrades at an hourly pace. The whole idea of building technology around home care seemed like a difficult touchdown to score. But, today it is as easy as Michael Jordan shoots hoops back to back.

We are not saying every technological innovation is modeled to succeed. Thus, bringing your attention to today’s topic with a good source of inspiration.

Homage the app specially designed for home care launched in Singapore and within one year it became from just a startup to a multi-million dollar startup.

This Singapore-based caregiving startup focused on senior care called Homage raised more than $30 million dollars in series C funding.

You can also have home healthcare software development which you can deploy in your senior care home or sell it to other homes under SaaS model.

Reasons to go for home healthcare software development – Make home care personal and stress-free!

When you build a home care management app, no matter if it is cloud-based or on-perm, it has certain advantages

  • Flexibility of service- A customised senior care system may be configured to fit the requirements of your company. For example, senior care homes and assistance facilities have a variety of demands to offer high quality, patient-centered healthcare services with distinct features.
  • e-Workflow- Your employees will be pleased to spend more time offering seniors support in lieu of completing endless format papers. When you can deal with most administrative duties in conversations or select suitable buttons on mobile apps, the overhead for managers is substantially reduced.
  • Streamlining operations- When you can deal with most administrative duties in chats or select suitable buttons on mobile apps, the overhead for managers is substantially reduced. Your employees will be pleased to spend more time offering senior support in lieu of completing endless paper workload.

Don’t worry we have a couple of other solid reasons for you as well.

  • The mHealth market has a projected growth of $213.6 billion by 2025. And if you build a caregiving app, you can have a piece of this billion-dollar pie.
  • Doing good for society by increasing the efficiency and efficacy of healthcare services by delivering them to the doorstep. Especially for the elderly.
  • When you indulge in home healthcare software development, you are giving immediate access to caregivers making their work easy. According to 93% of physicians, senior care app development has seen improvement in patient’s help faster.
  • Using data from these caregiving apps has not only helped caregivers and GPs. But connected hospitals ease of access instead of using paper-based records.
  • The investments you do in home healthcare software development is minimal but can result in a multi-million dollar benefit enterprising opportunity for you.

Range of services you can offer from your home healthcare software

  • Home Care & Nursing- The very basic services includes home and elderly care services available 24×7, respite care, part-time caregivers, and medical escorts.
  • Home Therapy- With the onset of old age physical therapy sessions become mandated for the elderly. You can offer physiotherapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy, back, neck, muscle strain, and sports injury therapy as well.
  • Home Medical- Clinician consultation to high-end care services. House call doctors, GPs, doctors near me, online doctor consultation, medicine delivery, health screening, private ambulance, and medical certificate.
  • Specialized Care- With a team of highly trained caregiving professionals, Services for the elderly which require constant care and monitoring. The services include Dementia, Parkinson’s, stroke, hypertension, cancer, post-surgery, palliative, and end-of-life care.
  • Virtual Doctors- With telemedicine and online consultation from the clinician, GP, or specialist using the home care platform. You can have consultation at and on your own time and convenience.

Home care software advanced features we promise you to add into your platform for your high ROI

We know exactly what a successful home care business needs. So, when we develop your app we make sure you have these features for transparency of management. And for your peace of mind, let us tell you that we have many times in past implemented these features in our projects.

  • Appointment Booking- Elderly individuals might need support with many activities, from food purchases and social connections to frequent medical visits to nurses. Users must be able to arrange one or more visits, and they must provide specifics, such as the estimated hours spent by a career.
  • e-Payments- It helps pay quickly following a visit by making an online payment option. The caregiver enters the labour hours, the patient accepts the record and immediately charges the relevant cost.
  • Feedback and Rating System- It is correctly said, there’s always room for improvement. Every visit may be assessed and provided with feedback systems from caregivers and patients. For it is always important to maintain the quality of your services.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring- It is true you cannot always be present at all times. So, out IoT(wearables) based remote patient monitoring feature helps you to keep an eye on the vitals of all the members at your home’s convenience.
  • Telemedicine- It can be quite difficult for the elderly to move long distances. It’s neither advised nor recommended especially when one is suffering from some illness or is sick. This is where our telemedicine feature comes in. It can provide online doctors, GPs, and Physicians consultancy to the elders in their comfort and even save a couple of bucks on the Uber.

Building home healthcare software for your senior care home – Here’s how you build it

  • The very first thing that you are going to need is the idea. Don’t worry! Not to pressurize yourself. Just take this one and let us guide you on what you are going to need.
  • You will need a company like SyS Creations; The excerpts at healthcare IT solutions, who have been only catering to healthcare-specific IT which have helped us in gaining 7+ years of healthcare IT knowledge and expertise.
  • Our dedicated team of developers is what you are going to need who will with the help of designers will make sure to provide the ultimate UI/UX for your app.
  • You will need our AI, IoT, and integration experts who will make your home care app development well integrated with their API, Redox Integration Engine expertise.
  • Wait! Compliance is still in the books. Your app needs to be compliant with HL7 and FHIR standards. Adhere to the HIPAA (USA), or Privacy Act 1988(Australia). Our compliance specialists have worked with only healthcare making them experts. And the best part, we at SyS Creations don’t charge extra for compliance consultation.
  • Moreover, we provide options with custom-made and MVP-type apps. Also, we understand your requirements and will customize apps with additional features if you want.

Looking to have home care software? We deliver it cleverly and professionally

Our goal is to give you a one-stop-shop for all of your health technology, business, and compliance needs. This eliminates the need for you to coordinate in various ways.

Planning, Discussion, and Team Formation

When you present us with an idea, we will evaluate it and conduct a series of virtual and in-person sessions with you. We will offer you a proposal after the plan has been finished. Following a comprehensive knowledge of your needs and the completion of the contract. To carry out your project, we will assemble a specialized team of healthcare-specific professionals.

Developers, designers, compliance specialists, business analysts, and client managers would be on the team.

Designing and Developing UI/UX

Using all of the greatest healthcare techniques, our designers will go to work on your UI/UX designs right away. Once you have accepted the mockups, our development team begins full-fledged design. Considering user journeys to assist in the design of a user-engaged (low-effort) telemedicine app. Using a clean code design to aid in error-free deployment

Compliance and Q/A Testing

The QA team puts the created platform through rigorous testing in a variety of settings and devices. At this time, if you want to access and experiment with the app, we will provide you with testing credentials. While our compliance team ensures that there are no privacy concerns and that the code and software are in accordance with data protection legislation.

Pilot and Launch

Before officially publishing the app, we pilot test it with fake users. To provide you with an overview of navigation and training in front of the admin and user panels.

Ongoing Assistance

SyS Creations offers constant assistance because technology may be difficult at times. So, don’t be afraid to contact us.

With SyS Creations, we make health and wellness a priority. So, when you build a home care app with us, holistic healthcare is bridged by technology with fewer taps with our dedicated healthcare software developers, designers, business analysts and compliance specialists. .

For the past seven years, we have worked with health organisations including several nursing and long-term care homes of Canada and USA.

We have helped them to keep risk low during the pandemic with virtual care tech and free up senior care staff with automation.

What we are trying to say is, we know how the home care industry works, what challenges it faces and most importantly, how to solve each damn challenge with the knowledge we have!