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Understanding Joe Biden’s Plan of Healthcare in USA

“Healthcare Should Be a Right, Not a Privilege in America.”

It all began on 23rd March 2010 when former President of the United States Barack Obama signed the Affordable Care Act in presence of the Vice president; now the current President of the United States Joe Biden.

Bidencare health; and Joe Biden as the President not only faces the adversities of the preexisting pandemic situation and making long-run improvements while reversing the damage created in the healthcare system by his predecessors.

Understanding POTUS’s Bidencare proposal

And today, the scenario seems to be quite different. As Joe Biden said in his agenda for the healthcare system. It is personal for me. He thinks that every American has the right to the peace of mind that stems from the fact they can get cheap, high-quality health care. He believes that no one in this nation should have to lie in bed at night, gazing at the ceiling, thinking, “What will I do if she has breast cancer?” or “What will I do if he has a heart attack?” “Will I declare bankruptcy?”

Insuring more than 97% of Americans, Biden’s introduction of Medicare-like public options for individuals and families. His approach also involves boosting marketplace subsidies to enhance the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Joe Biden’s healthcare goals for the healthcare system are quite clear; with his primary objective being simplifying the complex system, cutting the cost of prescription drugs, and affordable insurance accessibility for everyone.

Biden’s advocacy in Bidencare health of boosting subsidies by restricting the amount people must pay for coverage at 8.5 percent of their income. He wants to ensure that this cap applies to everyone in the U. S. No one in the United States would have to spend more than 8.5 percent of their yearly income on health insurance premiums.

Joe Biden’s proposals to improve care- “When we passed the Affordable Care Act, I told President Obama it was a big deal – or something to that effect”

l. Put a stop to runaway prescription drug prices – One in every four persons who take prescription medications says it is difficult to afford their medication. And Americans pay the highest prices for prescription drugs. Biden intends to eliminate the exemption that allows pharma companies to form negotiating medication pricing with Medicare.

At the same time, Bidencare Health regulates the launch pricing of pharmaceuticals that have no competition and are being overpriced by manufacturers. Under the bidencare proposal, the Secretary of Health and Human Services gathers an independent review board to discuss their value.

  •  Price rises for all brands, biotech, and exorbitantly priced generic medications should be limited to inflation.
  • Uplifting the bans and unnecessary regulations for consumers to buy prescription drugs from other countries as well.

ll. Fix the Lead Pipes – Ensuring universal access to safe drinking water. Biden plans to work on the basics of general healthcare. As Biden said; Lead pipes can be found in 10 million houses and 400,000 schools and daycare institutions. The American Jobs Plan, Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure project, would replace all lead pipes in the United States.

lll. Affordable Care Act (ACA) – In his very first week of presidency Joe Biden signed 2 executive bills restoring the Affordable Care Act and building Medicaid. Helping 16% of Americans who happen to have no medical insurance at all leaving them vulnerable to skyrocketing high medical bills.

Strengthening the ACA which was left weakened under the Trump administration. Currently subsidizing under the “Silver” plan to provide middle-class coverage. Bidencare health plans to propose subsidies on 80% actuarial value which means consumers will only have to cover 20% of the total costs of all the covered benefits.

  • All Americans will have a new and more affordable option of Medicaid
  • Premium tax credits will be calculated to assist more households in affording higher-quality coverage with smaller deductibles.
  • Expanding coverage for low-income Americans

IV. Paid Family and Leave Act – Biden said, “No one should have to choose between a job and a paycheck or taking care of themselves and their loved ones”. We are reforming the preexisting Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), which offers 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for a newborn child or a sick family member. And the new American Families Plan will provide guaranteed 12 weeks of paid leaves.

V. Stopping Surprise Billing – You visit an in-network hospital but are unaware that a specialist at that hospital is not covered by your health plan. Bidencare proposal will prohibit healthcare providers from collecting out-of-network fees to individuals who have little choice over which provider they visit.

Vague about how exactly Bidencare’s healthcare will accomplish. But, if accomplished it could save an estimated $40 billion every year.

As a result of the pandemic’s financial repercussions, millions of Americans file for unemployment and lose their employer-sponsored insurance, bidencare proposal can pull the plug on surprise billing.

Joe Biden’s healthcare goals accomplishments since he took charge!

On the eve of Joe Biden’s 100th day in the Oval office addressing the joint session of the Congress gave a speech highlighting the major three healthcare-related accomplishments.

The availability of Covid-19 vaccine- In the first 100 of Biden’s presidency 220 million vaccines were administered and the number has eventually gone up by 374 million.

Only fewer than 1 percent of old Americans were fully vaccinated. Since Bidencare healthcare came into action more than 85% of oldies are fully vaccinated to date.

Lowering the death rates by almost 80 percent in this age group since the beginning of 2021.

Calling each vaccine “a dose of hope”.

Launching the American Rescue Plan in March the relief money of $1,400 stimulus checks have been reaching people’s pockets. This has helped nearly every one in five Americans who were avoiding or delaying treatment and healthcare due to cost.

He came, he conquered, and he won. But don’t worry he isn’t leaving so soon. Passing an executive order and establishing a Special Enrollment Period.

More than 800,000 Americans rolled into health insurance via keeping the insurance marketplace open till August, 15. Hence, those enrolled despite their income group lower or middle can start reaping the benefits in a short period.


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