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On-Demand Prescription Delivery: Boosting Pharmacy Business by 25%

Bad headache and seasonal flu.

Empty prescription drawers and emergency refills.

Condoms and pregnancy tests.

Congested aisles and daunting queues.

Health and safety risks.

And there are thousands of reasons consumers are turning away from the physical store.

They want seamless access to services in one click.

On-demand prescription delivery service fills this gap by providing easy and reliable delivery services, ensuring that patients receive their medicine quickly at their doorstep.

Skip the trip, and get meds delivered!

On-demand Prescription Delivery App: What Is It?

In this digital world, pharmaceutical delivery apps are the best quick solution a patient may have for health and wellness items, diet programs, and prescription drugs delivered straight to their doorstep.

It provides professional consultations from your home and speedy emergency care.

In contrast to traditional healthcare facilities, an online prescription delivery application helps the underprivileged, the elderly, and people with special needs get the best medical care as soon as possible, whether it’s an ambulance, prescription delivery, or an immediate medical appointment.

The days of waiting in line at a pharmacy to order medications are over.

On-demand Prescription Delivery App

Need for On-demand Prescription Delivery App in Modern Healthcare

We’re living in a world where our population is aging fast.

Old people are a vital part of the society, and the safety of their health needs to be taken care of.

For seniors, such pharmacy apps are like a boon.

Moreover, the burden of chronic disease and changing consumer preferences has raised the demand for such immediate solutions.

Online pharmacy applications provide quick and reliable delivery services while making sure patients get timely medication with utmost ease.

Market Research on Mobile Medical Apps Market

According to Data Bridge Market Research analyses, the mobile medical apps market was USD 6.89 billion in 2022.

It will further rise to USD 50.94 billion by 2030.

The market is estimated to grow at a 28.4% CAGR from 2023 to 2030.

In recent years, mobile medical apps have become one of the major needs globally.

The use of connected devices and medical apps to manage chronic diseases is expected to increase the adoption of mobile health applications.

Benefits of On-Demand Delivery Application

Gives your pharmacy operations a booster.

Improve customer experience

  • Providing customers with a quicker and more efficient approach to receiving important medications.
  • Offering personalized and efficient customer service through text and notification.
  • Easy order tracking and information about delivery status.
  • Time & cost saving by not having to visit a pharmacy.
  • Offer prescription and OTC medications to patients with mobility issues or in remote areas, allowing them to order anytime, anywhere.

Improve supply chain management efficiency

  • Better management of inventory and reducing waste by matching demand to supply.
  • Efficient order processing and fulfillment.
  • Optimizing delivery routes to decrease transportation costs and time.

Increase in revenue and profitability

  • Offering on-demand delivery services; additional money for pharmacies.
  • Allowing pharmacists to reach new clients and grow their customer base.
  • Enhanced consumer loyalty and repeat business.

Expand Your Services Beyond Prescriptions: More Revenue

Chances are, the earnings you see per prescription have decreased over time because of rising company costs, changing PBM fees, higher labor, and a variety of other external causes.

Fortunately, there are new methods available for pharmacy owners to expand their services and diversify revenue through their own pharmacy applications.

1. Remote Vital Monitoring

You can start providing digital monitoring and alerts to stay abreast of patients’ conditions.

This allows you to easily keep track of essential details about how patients are doing and how their prescriptions are affecting their general health.

That’s how you can serve more patients while still delivering a good level of care.

2. Strategic Product Stocking

Application Insights and analysis let you determine which products are most popular.

Stock them more, and choose cues from what’s popular online to ensure the things you invest in will sell.

3. Telehealth Services

Through integrating telehealth features you can offer virtual consultations and appointments within your application. It gives more credit to your pharmacy store.

4. Personalized Health Plans

You can also develop personalized health plans based on patient data and preferences.

You can increase your earnings by providing individualized consultations on drugs, supplements, and lifestyle modifications to improve overall health and well-being.

5. Loyalty Programs and Discounts

You can reward loyal customers with discounts and special offers to keep them coming back.

10 Common Features of Pharmacy Delivery Apps

  • User registration and profile management
  • Prescription upload and verification
  • Medication catalog and search
  • Easy ordering and refills
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Secure payment processing
  • Medication reminders and compliance tools
  • Virtual consultations and pharmacist support
  • Feedback and review system

Cost to On-demand Prescription Delivery Application

The cost of developing on-demand prescription delivery apps is dependent on several factors including app features, complexity, security challenges and development time.

The price may also increase due to the need for continued support and compatibility adjustments.

To get the tailored solution, you need to consult with a development professional to get an accurate estimate or you can also get the FREE CONSULTATION with SyS Creations.

SyS Creations, with its experienced tech team and agile project management approach, can optimize the development process with careful consideration of features and factors that influence the overall cost.

Features for Everyone by SyS Creations

Robust features and reliable technology integrated by SyS Creations simplify pharmacy for everyone.

Features for Everyone

Features for Everyone by SyS Creations

Want to Build Your Pharmacy App? Connect with SyS Creations

With so many new ways to generate revenue for your pharmacy, the sky’s the limit in 2024, especially with the right tech team by your side.

Why are we so confident?

Our 50+ army of healthcare IT professionals including, UI/UX designers, app developers, compliance specialists, business analysts and AI/ML specialists which exclusively focused in healthcare IT for the past 10+ years.

SyS Creations’ On-Demand Prescription Delivery Apps are fully compatible with the Board of Pharmacy’s rules and HIPAA-compliant, integrating with your pharmacy’s existing software to provide a seamless patient experience.

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