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Vital Elements for Streamlining Pharmacy Supply Chain

Pharmacy supply chain efficiency is vital for pharmaceutical firms that are facing manufacturing and distributing complexities.

Dealing with different stakeholders and regulations is quite difficult.

There are many points where anything can go wrong.

The pharmacy supply chain sheds light on the truth about a product’s status and performance.

Though visibility is just a part of the puzzle, organizations need to track their products and safety.

A Bit More than Data and Visibility – Real-time Data

In today’s digital era, optimization is directly proportional to data-driven decision-making while automating expensive and lengthy processes.

Real-time data allows companies to tackle pharmacy supply chain issues like stalled shipments.

Automation of repetitive tasks can result in higher safe deliveries and low product waste.

Having quality data is like a half-battle won!

But recognizing and utilizing to find value is a crucial aspect.

The pharmacy supply chain can simplify, transform, and automate processes to

  • Reduce lead time
  • Improve sustainability
  • Minimise cost

The market for supply chain visibility platforms is high nowadays.

The question that arises here is:

“How pharmaceutical companies are going to deploy their data to ensure efficiency in the drug supply chain.”

The Value of Real-Time Data in the Drug Supply Chain

The COVID-19 pandemic was a major factor in the change in the healthcare industry.

It highlighted the areas requiring improvement for more effectiveness and efficiency through automation.

Validated, accurate, and trustworthy data is essential for creating an automated data delivery process or system in the pharmacy supply chain.

SySCreations developed a next-generation pharmacy supply chain platform with the aim of zero-waste supply chains.

At its core is the digitalization of critical pharmacy supply chain data, enabling real-time monitoring and end-to-end visibility.

It minimizes product rejections and downstream effects.

At first, the risk-averse pharmaceutical industry had been reluctant to make big changes.

The industry was skeptical about automizing and optimizing even minute tasks.

By working with pharma companies, we closely monitored each link in the supply chain.

We have been able to provide solutions that significantly improved efficiency.

We have developed a solution that can address all your pharmacy supply chain needs.

Let us share the features of the solution.

The Features of our Pharmacy Supply Chain Solution

1. Automated Refills

With this feature, the software can automatically initiate prescription refills based on predefined criteria or customer preferences.

It streamlines the refill process by eliminating the need for manual intervention.

2. Automated Refill Order Reminders

The software automatically sends reminders to customers when it’s time for them to refill their prescriptions.

It helps ensure that customers don’t run out of medication and encourages timely refills.

3. Automated Prescription Renewal Reminders

Similar to refill order reminders, this feature sends automated reminders to customers when their prescriptions are due for renewal.

It helps patients stay on top of their medication needs and facilitates timely prescription renewals.

4. Limited Medicines Visibility

This feature restricts the visibility of certain medications within the software.

It may be used to comply with privacy regulations or limit access to certain sensitive or controlled substances.

5. Automated order placement in the international partner software

This feature automates the process of placing orders in the software used by international partner pharmacies. It simplifies the ordering process and ensures smooth coordination with international partners.

6. Order sets for specific requirements

This feature allows the creation of predefined order sets tailored to specific requirements.

It simplifies the ordering process by grouping commonly prescribed medications or medical supplies, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

7. Unlimited number of partner pharmacies

This feature allows the software to collaborate with multiple partner pharmacies without imposing a limit on the number of partners.

It supports scalability and flexibility in working with a diverse network of pharmacy providers.

8. Customizable discount rates for each partner pharmacy

This feature enables the pharmacy to set customizable discount rates for different partner pharmacies.

It facilitates negotiations and agreements based on specific partnerships, allowing for flexibility in pricing and promotions.

9. Automated emails and SMS updates to patients

This feature enables the software to send automated emails and notifications to customers, providing updates on prescription status, refill reminders, order confirmations, or other important information from the pharmacy.

The Process of Getting This Powerful and Feature-Rich Software

We have got the powerful base ready.

All you have to do is get in touch with our team and they will assist you with your requirements.

Our team consists of healthcare app developers, business analysts, compliance specialists, and UI/UX designers.

We’ve been working solely on healthcare IT projects from the start of our careers.

Hit the contact button if you want to leave the hassle of the pharmacy supply chain behind and enjoy the seamless operation of the solution.

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