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QA Outsourcing vs QA Team Extension Model: What Are the Key Differences and Which Works Best for You?

Quick summary: Software or mobile app QA testing in today’s world cannot be skippable as the market is overly intensified for the poor quality of software, web and mobile apps.

To secure a good spot in such an intensified market, your digital product must provide a bug-free experience to the users. But here lies the major challenge – the lack of a dedicated QA team and QA expertise.

One and the only way to overcome this challenge is opting for either the QA team extension model or opting for QA outsourcing model.

Yes, both models are different and that’s what we are going to discuss today.

Why should you go for dedicated QA help from a specialized QA company?

It has been observed that startups and organizations used to give cold shoulder to a mobile app or software testing as they believed their unique app/software idea was enough.

However, recently – especially after growing competition in on-demand, fintech, eCommerce and healthcare app/software market – startups and organizations have realized the importance of delivering remarkable user experience through well-tested digital products.

To counter the competition, they are unknowingly raising the complexity level of the app/software modules. For instance, several app modules of modern-age app/software are working on AI and machine learning technologies to get a competitive edge.

But testing such complex modules is very complex and crucial at the same time. And here is where a dedicated QA team from a specialized QA company is required.

They know the best practices to test such complex app and software modules while keeping testing costs low and completing the testing cycle 3X faster.

Utilizing the best testing tools and testing approaches, they deliver you the quality of work without making you worry about budget and that’s truly a big deal!

Thus, to get your digital product tested with the zero-tolerance policy, with the perfect fusion of automated and manual testing approaches and appropriate testing tools, you must go for dedicated QA help from a specialized QA testing company.

How can you receive dedicated QA help from a specialized QA testing company?

We being a specialized QA testing company offers you flexibility when it comes to seeking our dedicated QA help.

Model #1: QA outsourcing

Under this model, you outsource your QA testing project to us. The best thing about the QA outsourcing model is that you enjoy peace of mind as QA team formation, QA team management and QA task execution are managed by us. You receive weekly and monthly reports on the project progress through our QA project manager who is managing your project with his/her team of automated and manual QA testers.

Model #2: QA team extension

Under this model, you hire our specific QA team members as per your needs who will work as the extended team. In other words, our QA experts hired by you as a part of your QA team extension strategy work dedicatedly on your project with your existing QA team as per your requirements. Based on your needs, you can easily scale up or scale down the extended team.

There is one more model called ‘dedicated team’. But today, we are more focused on QA outsourcing and QA team extension models.

QA outsourcing vs QA team extension: Key differences

Both models are different in several aspects and though many differences are negligible, they can influence your overall project very severely in the long run. Thus, it is advisable to know all differences.

Your engagement in the project:

In the QA outsourcing model, your engagement in the project remains very low as everything is managed by the outsourced company.

But in the QA team extension model, your engagement remains very high as the extended team works on your project parallel to your existing team and it is up to you to utilize the extended team in the best possible way.

Project execution part:

In the case of the QA outsourcing model, your hired company plans and performs project execution while you receive weekly and monthly reports.

But in the case of the QA team extension model, it is your responsibility to execute the project and derive desired outcomes.


Generally, the QA team extension model costs you less as you hire only QA engineers as per your needs and as per the expertise lacking in your existing QA team.

But the QA software outsourcing model costs you more as a full-fledged team of QA engineers work on your project and there is no involvement from your in-house QA team.

Visibility and control:

When you choose the QA software outsourcing model, you lose control over who must work on your project. Because the team is decided by your outsourced company. You also don’t have visibility over who is contributing how much to your project. (In another way, this is a good thing as it delivers you peace of mind!)

In contrast, when you choose the QA team extension model, you enjoy full extended team visibility and control. Because the extended team is your dedicated team and works exclusively for you as per your needs. You can easily track their work and have control of whom to assign on which task.

QA outsourcing model: When to go for it?

Remember, not everything suits everyone. So, decide carefully and if you cannot, feel free to ask for help.

You must go for the QA outsourcing model when,

  • You don’t have any existing in-house QA team.
  • You don’t have knowledge of QA testing.
  • You don’t want to manage the QA team by yourself.
  • You don’t want to manage project execution by yourself.

QA testing team extension model: When to go for it?

This one is the fresh approach and works perfectly in specific conditions such as,

  • When you have an existing in-house QA team.
  • But your existing in-house QA team lacks some expertise.
  • When you want to complete the project faster with external help.
  • When you want to have complete control and visibility.
  • When you want to skip typical hiring, onboarding and payroll tasks.

We act as the specialized QA testing company: Let’s have an ‘opportunity’ call

Yes, we have named our first call with potential clients ‘opportunity’ call, because we discuss opportunities in that call. Opportunities of how you can leverage our IT expertise and experts for your ultimate gain!

We are an Ontario-based leading IT company, having a state-of-the-art development centre in India. We have formed our company structure in a unique way that we have dedicated teams for each major IT needs.

Because of our unique company structure, we have dedicated and industry-specific QA engineers for complex and modern-age QA needs.

Our QA engineers have on-ground experience in testing software, web apps and mobile apps with both automated and manual testing approaches.

We always aim to bring innovation and quality in the testing process to cut down the cost and speed up the execution. And We would love to present how we achieved it with our past projects in our ‘opportunity’ call!