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Mobile App Software QA Outsourcing – Challenges, Questions to Ask, Benefits

After years of experience in the IT industry, we have realized something, i.e., the field of IT is always testing us whether it is our limits of creativity, innovations, or technological advancements.

Thus, today we eyeball you towards the testing phase of every mobile app, and software that they have to go through in terms of Quality Assurance to be able to survive in the forever competitive market.

This blog will deal with challenges, questions, and address all the WHYs of mobile app QA outsourcing

Your mobile app or any software’s success is largely determined by its performance, functionality, usability, and security.

The process of assessing these elements might determine your app’s fate.

Mobile app testing outsourcing means an application or other piece of software is tested by one party and then delegated to an independent test expert, testing firm, or third party.

Let’s say you are developing a care management system for a hospital or a care home business.

Your development team is working tirelessly on developing software but what they lack is testing strategies that will ensure functionality and digital security.

However, outsourced QA testers like us have all the experience and tools needed to conduct thorough and effective tests in your mobile app or software.

Hence, you save loads of dollars on investment in infrastructure and operations.

Challenges You Might Face in Your Mobile App QA Testing

High standards and prerequisites of data security, safety, and performance while being user-friendly cannot be ensured by a QA specialist, without diving deep.

Thus, to make sure your next big venture is up to the mark from spec to release, we have unpacked some major QA challenges in your mobile app QA testing.

How Much Security is Enough?

Your software or mobile app needs to be safeguarded from viruses, malicious attacks, and data breaches.

Since apps and software contain personal information and data that can be used for identity thefts.

This is where we as QA testers come in: compliance with data security laws.

If the mobile app complies with this statutory requirement, it is safe and secure.

Something that we are experts at.

We have carefully devised a testing strategy to make sure your mobile software testing outsourcing is successful.

  • Failover/loading balancing
  • Access control
  • Information on correct/incorrect data use
  • Authentication and user authorization
  • Data sanitization
  • Audit log
  • Structured test data approach
  • Encrypted data transfers

Addressing Users and Their Usability Expectations

When you are testing a mobile app or software, you need to think about the situations in which people may use it.

Let’s say will an elderly user be able to rapidly locate and hit the emergency call button if a critical situation develops while using their condition management app.

Will the app provide emergency notifications, give them an alert, or start a video call to assist them in assessing the issue and responding promptly?

Moreover, the mobile app must support the workflow of all the stakeholders like team members, administrative staff, and more.

Interoperable Apps and Systems

The need for continuous dialoguing between a mobile app/software and other systems that connect to it, including various platforms of data sharing.

You need to maintain accepted standards for data transfers, data interoperability, API accessibility, functionality, and scalability.

This is where QA specialists like us come in.

When the mobile app test outsourcing is done to us, we focus on maintaining the interoperable standards without the need to worry about other aspects of mobile app development giving your mobile app/software a better chance for error detection and fixation.

Questions You Should Ask Before You Hire Someone for Mobile App QA Outsourcing

The most real threat of outsourcing QA for your mobile app is that the engineers you invite to your project team may mishandle your data.

No need to panic now, we have curated a list of questions (with the help of our QA specialists) that you need to ask when the third party conducts mobile app testing.

  • How do they meet industry standards and data security?
  • How do they store electronic and paper records?
  • What sought of training is provided to the employees in handling and dissemination of sensitive material?
  • What sort of audit trial do they use?
  • Are they ISO and SSAE16 compliant?
  • How do they tend to manage user authentication and authorization?
  • Ask about their certifications, knowledge of industry regulations, and security measures.

Mobile app QA outsourcing can save up to 50% of the QA cost of the in-house QA team.

The Advantages of Mobile App QA Outsourcing

After the robust development process, a quality assurance check takes your software to the next level.

A good QA tester like us enables you to provide the software that practitioners require, free of faults that might result in blackouts or the loss of private data of users.

Outsourcing QA for mobile app testing does more than just save costs, there are advantages you get when you let your mobile app testing be outsourced to QA testing experts.

Domain Expertise

You can also have access to subject matter domain knowledge through outsourcing.

If you’ve created a mobile app, get it evaluated by experts who are familiar with ensuring regulatory compliance and other industry-specific needs.

Someone like us who has catered to the IT industry for over a decade and has QAed more than 100 mobile apps and software.

Cost Savvy

This is especially advantageous for newly rooted individuals, or organizations in the app and software development business. There is a lot that goes into running an in-house QA squad.

They may need training, testing software, and exposure to best practices, which must all be maintained up to date. There is hiring to do as well as continuous management.

Outsourcing allows you to avoid all of the labor and expenditures, making it less expensive to provide completed software within the specified timeframes.

QA Expertise

It is rightly said, some things are better left to the experts. This is a benefit that you will only receive if you work with the proper QA provider.

Conduct thorough research and select a company that specializes in QA (you can refer to the questions that you need to ask before hiring QA specialists). An experienced QA provider understands how to deliver tailored solutions to your unique testing needs.

Understanding the Latest Trends and Technologies

The mobile app market is rapidly evolving and outsourcing mobile app testing can help you in accessing tools and technologies without needing to make investments from your pocket.

Code confidentiality-focused operations, timeline maintenance, and QA automation are some of the rules and trends that we as a company tend to follow.

Third-party Perspective

Developing an app or software can be hectic and laborious work.

Leaving very little time, and a lack of attention towards minute details.

Having a reviewer like us, test software, and study code with fresh eyes reveals more errors and provides objective criticism.

While you and your team have a deep attachment to the software you’ve built, sometimes all you need is an independent reviewer to spot issue areas that your team may overlook daily.

As a healthcare QA automation company, we understand all your requirements and model the mobile app with the best available QA practices.

Your software testing outsourcing decision will always be blissful with us.