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How Does a Software Testing Company Work?: Ethics, Team, Process

Software testing is a serious job, so do the people testing software.

However, a software testing company can manage to work with happy faces (of both team and clients) if they have ethics, good team structure and process in place.

Ethics of top software testing company

Ethics create a foundation on which a client’s satisfaction can be sustained.

Without good ethics, client satisfaction remains volatile with the endless fear of losing teammates too.

Thus, top software QA testing companies acknowledge the importance of having ethics in place and prefer to not mess it up even when things aren’t happening according to their best interest.

  • Don’t give false promises to the client.
  • Be upfront and real. Don’t confuse people with fake acts of intelligence.
  • Know real limitations.
  • Don’t just deliver projects to the clients, deliver peace of mind too.
  • Work always with a plan and keep plan B ready for everything.
  • Don’t overestimate or underestimate project cost and timeline. Be relatively precise.
  • Talk in the client’s language.
  • Be a growth partner of the clients.
  • Don’t cut the corners. Work with extreme quality.
  • Be an IT professional but work with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Team structure of best software testing company

It’s not about putting the V6 engine into a supercar, but it is all about tuning it well. Because, an engine pushes the car forward, but a well-tuned engine makes you win the race.

Similarly, having a large team does not guarantee outstanding project delivery, but having a well-trained and well-structured team surely does.

That’s why top software QA testing companies put more emphasis on utilizing the existing team in a better way by putting them in a well-structured team where everyone has ultimate clarity.

QA Lead

QA Lead leads all QA testing operations. He/she manages the QA teams as well. Usually, QA Lead does not perform any test, but he/she validates the complex tests and checks the status of ongoing tests. The most prominent role of the QA Lead is to make sure that all QA testing operations are going in the direction which they have planned.

QA Test Manager

QA Test Manager is more focused on the core testing cycle. He/she prepares the test strategy, assigns the tasks, controls text execution and takes full responsibility for testing. QA Test Manager also ensures visibility, traceability and control of testing activities.

Test Architect

A Test Architect performs his/her role majorly around discovering the perfect solution that meets client requirements and aligns the same with internal resources. He/she also provides solid technical leadership and support to execute complex tests. On the client side, Test Architect briefs clients on new innovative testing products and solutions.

QA Engineers

QA Engineers fall under major two categories, Manual QA Engineers and Automated QA Engineers. In addition to this, under each of these categories, there are Performance Testers, Security Testers, API Testers, UI/UX Testers etc. As per the test cases, they conduct specific tests and find bugs.

Test Analyst

Test Analyst is responsible for project documentation. He/she defines and documents everything from which tests are going to be performed to different test cases, QA testing methodology and results of every test. Test Analysts always have ultimate knowledge of how each function of software/app must work.

The process - from requirement gathering to support

Software QA testing is a journey for clients, QA company and their team members. And it’s always the process that shapes this journey!

Requirement gathering

It all starts with gathering the client’s requirements. Through a series of virtual calls, the QA testing company understands the client’s software/app, its core features and the client’s expectations.

Team formation

Based on the client’s expectations and testing requirements, a team is formed. The team is equipped with Test Architect, QA Engineers, Test Analyst and QA Test Manager. QA Lead looks after every activity performed by this team with reference to the client’s expectations and testing requirements.


Test Analyst defines test cases and documents everything (type of testing, testing approach, testing priority etc) in either Excel or a testing management tool.


Both Manual and QA Automation Engineers execute respective testing tasks on different devices and in different scenarios as per test cases. They also re-run functional and non-functional testing to make sure features that have been tested in the past still work perfectly after a change. (This is called regression testing.)


A well-documented QA testing report is now submitted to the development team so that they can solve all bugs the QA team has just found. Here it is worth mentioning that 100% bug-free software or app is a complete myth!


Free support of 1 month is provided to solve unidentified or newly emerged bugs in a digital product. After the free support period, the client can either ask for dedicated QA engineers who work dedicatedly for a client but remain on the payroll of the QA company or on-demand level 1, 2,3 or 4 support by paying an annual fee for a fixed number of support hours.

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