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Corporate Telehealth Platform Development to Offer Instant Telemedicine for Employees

Corporate wellness is what we call the key to creating the next generation of workplaces where every employee can attain the highest level of productivity and accuracy.

However, the challenge here for companies or employers is to provide such a platform to their employees from where they can find instant and professional medical help for themselves and their family members.

Here is where the corporate telemedicine platform or telemedicine for employees comes into the picture.

In this blog, we will discuss everything about corporate telehealth app development and how we can help you build one such custom platform for your employees.

Building Own Telehealth Platform vs. Choosing a SaaS Platform: What Should Companies Choose?

Before we tell you the answer with reasons, you must have an in-depth understanding of what you get in a custom corporate telehealth platform and a SaaS telehealth platform.

Custom Corporate Telehealth Platform Development

  • Here, you hire a dedicated healthcare IT company for your project.
  • Your hired tech company assesses your requirements and forms a dedicated team to execute your requirements.
  • That team includes app developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, compliance specialists, and QA engineers.
  • This team designs, develops, and tests the telehealth platform dedicatedly for you – based on your requirements.
  • In essence, you will get everything exclusive from the team to the platform for your unique needs.

SaaS Telehealth Platform

  • The company which provides a SaaS telehealth platform has already built it keeping the most common and basic requirements of all companies in mind.
  • When you ask, they give admin and employee access and charge you a monthly fee per employee. For example, you have 100 employees and they charge $15/month/employee, and you end up paying $1500 each month.
  • Here, you can’t satisfy your specific requirements as the platform has not been developed for you only.

So, What Should You Decide?

Well, it depends on your number of employees and requirements.

For instance, you should go for the SaaS telehealth platform,

  • When you are having less number of employees
  • When you want to just try such a corporate telemedicine program
  • When you are not having any specific requirements
  • When you cannot tie up with doctors to provide virtual care to your employees

And you should go for custom corporate telehealth platform development,

  • When you have 100+ employees
  • When you have long-term plans with a corporate telehealth platform
  • When you have specific requirements
  • When you can tie up with doctors to provide virtual care through your own platform to your employees

ROI Companies Can Derive with a Corporate Telehealth Platform

All big companies have started considering free or very affordable telemedicine access to their employees, especially after the pandemic.

Many companies prefer to build their own platform while many rely on third-party SaaS platforms.

But they ultimately care for employees and their family members which in return lets companies derive several in-direct and direct benefits such as,


Needless to say, a happy and fit employee works productively.

Since the employee has free or affordable access to virtual medical care, he does not think twice about asking for expert help which results in a healthy lifestyle.

Not only this but he can have the same level of virtual care for his entire family as well.

Collaborative Work Culture

An unwell employee cannot work effectively in the team.

In the worst-case scenario, even a single unwell team member in a team can put everyone’s work on hold as there is always high dependency on each team member of a team.

But now since every team member has virtual access to care, they can seek care whenever they need it and make sure they are in the situation to work collaboratively with other team members.

Self Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is what makes employees deliver more and always work beyond expectation.

But illness kills enthusiasm.

So, by running a corporate telehealth program, employers can ensure that their employees don’t fall into the trap of illness which kills their self-enthusiasm.

Which Medical and Wellness Services a Corporate Telehealth Platform can Offer?

The best thing about the corporate telehealth platform is that it can be utilized for any health and wellness purpose of your employees – by just adding new modules.

The following are some of the medical and wellness services you can offer from your platform.

Virtual Medical Consultation

Employees log in using their credentials, book a virtual appointment with an available doctor, have a video call, and receive ePrescription.

Door-Step Medicine Delivery

Employees have the option to select the doorstep delivery of medication prescribed by the doctor.

To support this feature, you have to add an online pharmacy module in your corporate telemedicine app.

Family Care

An employee can create a profile for each of his family members and avail the same virtual care and door-step medicine delivery service for each of their family members.

Overall Wellness Solution

Utilizing the same platform, employers can also offer wellness programs to help employees build good habits, get rid of bad habits, achieve physical fitness, eat good & healthy food, perform yoga, etc.

Mental Health

Introducing mental health services in your corporate telehealth program can prove to be game-changing.

It facilitates employees to set mental health goals, perform activities, track their overall progress, and seek professional help.

The Entire Process of Corporate Telehealth App Development

Here, it is worth mentioning that building a mobile app, software or web app is not just about coding or development.

But it is an outcome of discovery, documentation, workflows, UI/UX, development, testing, compliance audit, piloting, and finally launching followed by support.

To further help you understand the efforts put into building epic products, here we are sharing our entire 17-step process.


Okay, Let’s Make it Straight. If You Have a Plan for Telemedicine, We have Expertise in Telemedicine Tech!

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company.

That simply means that we only work on healthcare IT projects.

Talking about our telemedicine tech expertise, we have been dealing with it even before the pandemic and so far helped multiple hospitals, clinics, and startups build mind-blowing virtual care platforms equipped with an online pharmacy, eCommerce, mental health, and even remote care modules.

To eliminate the cost and time barriers of telehealth app development, we during the first wave of the pandemic launched a white-label telemedicine platform.

Our white-label platform is fully customizable and costs significantly less than the custom platform.

But we’re not just limited to a white-label platform.

With our team of app developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, compliance specialists, and QA engineers, we are well-equipped to build custom platforms as well.

The best thing about our team members is their healthcare-specific expertise.

Because of this specific expertise, we can deliver clinical value to your product and build a product that is compliant with healthcare privacy laws and regulations.

So, you now have a chance to leverage what we call ‘our 3Es – experts, expertise, and experience’ for your gain!