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Dear Health Tech Startups, We Have World-Class Healthcare Developers. Here is Why You Would Love to Work With Them

You might be confused with the blog title. The following few sentences will give you ultimate clarity

Yes, we are here only targeting health tech startups.

Health tech startups can hire our healthcare developers for their product development and maintenance.

We said healthcare developers because our developers are industry-specific and only work on healthcare projects.

We? Well, we are an Ontario-based healthcare IT company, having 50+ healthcare IT professionals that include node.js developers, react.js developers, full-stack developers, DevOps engineers etc.

Our several healthcare developers are already deeply engaged in multiple ongoing healthcare projects worldwide.

The reason you would love working with our healthcare developers is their health tech passion and knowledge which will make you feel like working with someone who easily connects himself/herself with healthcare and has an extreme level of madness over healthcare!

Hold tight. We are now going to assess whether you really need our healthcare developers

We don’t want you to hire developers for your healthcare startups without the needs. That will not help either of us. So, let us help you assess whether you really need to hire healthcare developers.

hire healthcare app developers flowchart

Okay. Now let’s discuss how can you be ready to hire developers for your healthcare startup

In case you forget, let us remind you that entrepreneurs never do anything without a plan. A plan makes you ready to achieve goals with minimum effort.

So, when you decide to hire healthcare developers for your startup, you need to first prepare a plan and meet some prerequisites to nail it.

Here is how you can be ready for that.

  • Know what your organization is lacking in terms of healthcare IT expertise
  • Clear your expectations
  • Discuss with your team working on the product and understand their point of view
  • Set your financial boundaries
  • Set your hiring standards
  • Define short-term and long-term goals with new resources
  • List out interview questions
  • Define tentative roles and responsibilities for new resources
  • Select the hiring model i.e., project-based, hourly model or fixed-monthly payment model

Why do we insist you hire only healthcare-specific developers?

Developers not only build the app or software but also build the success of that product.

While the majority of healthcare startups are now building digital platforms, only a few can make it successfully. And the reason is pretty simple – their development team isn’t healthcare-specific!

So the top reasons why it is your best decision to opt-in for only healthcare-specific developers are,

  • Clinical knowledge: Healthcare-specific developers have knowledge of clinical workflows and thus they can make apps according to those workflows. This results in an app which delivers the clinical outcome.
  • Compliance knowledge: Non-healthcare developers struggle with compliance and its complex technical rules. But healthcare-specific developers deal with it very smoothly and make apps compliant with privacy laws.
  • Industry expertise: Healthcare developers know ins and outs of how healthcare works, different clinical use cases of healthcare apps, clinical protocols, healthcare billing and even healthcare challenges. With this knowledge, they build healthcare apps so valuable that these apps become instant love of both patients and providers.
  • Healthcare passion: The most important thing here is their healthcare passion. They choose to serve only the healthcare industry because of their extreme level of healthcare passion. They want to heal healthcare with their knowledge. They have certain healthcare goals at a professional level. They feel confident working on healthcare IT projects. And they are very serious about healthcare.

How do our healthcare developers work?: Be aware of their work practice and ethics

First thing first, our healthcare developers work for class, not mass. They infuse Canadian standards of quality and American standards of innovation into the work.

They are very clear about what they have to achieve and how. And most importantly, they comprehend their importance in the project. So, the rare thing you can expect from them is stability.

They remain with you from ashes to glory and be a part of every success and failure.

They are upfront. They don’t showcase fake intelligence. They believe in the team but can also perform individually. Because they are trained that way.

They love exploring and working on new technologies. That is what excites them the most. They are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Last but not least, our healthcare developers have a years-long practice of managing tasks into powerful project management tools such as ClickUp, Jira, Slack etc.

So, finally, the answer to the question: Why would you love working with our healthcare developers?

Because of these 4 following reasons!

  • Our healthcare developers have the same intensity of healthcare passion that you have.
  • They talk in your language and understand what you discuss regarding healthcare and wellness.
  • They have vast experience in building digital healthcare products.
  • And they bring in character, professionalism, realness, clarity, value and passion.

We want you to not yet believe in our healthcare developers before seeing their developed healthcare products