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Planning to Start Women’s Health eCommerce? Validate Your Business Readiness with This Checklist

Quick Summary: Starting a healthcare venture has always been overwhelming. And things get even further complicated when you are trying to start a healthcare business that aims at a very specific user group such as women.

So, to help you avoid complications and go through the mess that might cost you thousands of dollars and your valuable time, here we are sharing a complete checklist.

This checklist will help you validate whether you are really ready to start a women’s health eCommerce store. So, let’s get started.

A checklist to start and conquer the women’s health eCommerce (Global Edition)

  • Have you decided where you are going to start your women’s health eCommerce business?
  • Have you studied whether your selected market has scope for such an eCommerce business?
  • Have you attempted to find out whether your selected market has users which are interested in women’s health eCommerce stores?
  • Have you listed out potential market risks and risk mitigation methods?
  • Have you discovered the current as well as future market trends?
  • Have you understood consumer behaviour?
  • Have you figured out the financial reach of the users you are targeting?
  • Have you listed out all of your competitors?
  • Have you studied their business models, top-selling products, worst-performing products, marketing strategies etc?
  • Have you prepared a plan to outperform your competitors?
  • Have you calculated the capital cost you would require?
  • Have you figured out how to keep capital cost law?
  • Have you calculated the operating cost?
  • Have you figured out how to keep operating costs low?
  • Have you planned high ROI strategies?
  • Have you planned strategies to reach the break-even point faster?
  • Have you defined the cost structure?
  • Have you defined subscription plans?
  • Have you identified revenue streams?
  • Have you planned strategies to increase the number of revenue streams?
  • Have you identified the resources you would require to generate revenue?
  • Have you identified the team you would require to start and run a women’s health eCommerce store?
  • Have you figured out the efforts or tasks you would outsource?
  • Have you defined the hiring and onboarding process for your team?
  • Have you allocated the budget for your team requirements?
  • Have you defined roles and responsibilities for your team members?
  • Have you selected the women’s health products you are going to sell through your eCommerce platform?
  • Have you figured out where you will source these products?
  • Have you discovered potential demand, supply chain risks, and solutions?
  • Have you worked on the delivery part of the supply chain?
  • Have you identified the ways to deliver products within 48 hours of order?
  • Have you recognized the top ways to keep delivery and supply chain management as affordable as it gets?
  • Have you formed your tech vision?
  • Have you decided between a mobile app or a web app for your women’s health eCommerce platform?
  • Have you decided between MVP or a full-fledged version of the tech platform?
  • Have you decided between the native or cross-platform versions of the app?
  • Have you listed out the features for your tech platform?
  • Have you categorized features into user features, admin features, and driver features?
  • Have you further categorized the features into basic, advanced and good-to-have features?
  • Have you listed out the technologies (AI, chatbot, IoT) you wish to have on your platform?
  • Have you hired a technology partner to build your custom eCommerce platform?
  • Have you defined the scalable technology stack for your platform?
  • Have you defined workflows for your eCommerce platform?
  • Have you figured out the integration requirements?
  • Have you worked with your tech partner to make sure your online platform is compliant with all applicable data privacy laws?
  • Have you defined your UI/UX expectations and vision?
  • Have you cleared your QA testing expectations with your tech partner?
  • Have you received a demo of your platform before it gets live?
  • Have you received support documentation from your tech partner?
  • Have you figured out the ways to keep the uptime of your platform as high as possible with quick error recovery?
  • Have you defined ways to record, store and analyze customer feedback and work on it?
  • Have you discovered the healthcare data privacy laws which apply to your business?
  • Have you attained the basic knowledge of the rules and regulations of applicable data privacy laws?
  • Have you hired a tech company which is equipped with compliance experts?
  • Have you worked with your hired tech company to build a compliance strategy?
  • Have you received compliance documentation from your hired tech company?
  • Have you received compliance training?
  • Have you received assurance from the tech team that your tech product is compliant with all applicable data privacy laws?
  • Have you had knowledge of administrative regulations which you have to address at your organization level?

Addressing your curiosity: This is how we build a platform and deliver the project

Yes, mobile/web app development and healthcare project delivery are two different things. And thus, we follow two separate processes.

1. Healthcare app development process: 

Wellness app development process

2. Healthcare project delivery process:

app development approach

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