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Building a Comprehensive Women’s Healthcare Startup like Tia

Quick Summary- Tia, the modern medical home for women, offers women’s health services. Their journey is quite interesting in relation to how the 2 female entrepreneurs built and secured a hefty $100 million funding round to scale its in-person and virtual care. Today’s blog will tell you how the founders of Tia recognized the need for comprehensive women’s healthcare and built a one-stop-shop platform for female healthcare. Also, how can you build a successful healthcare startup or build women wellness app with SyS Creations even if you have a niche?

With an aim to serve 100,000 women by 2023 Tia, a New York-based healthcare company focused on women, secured a hefty $100 million largest series B investment ever led by Lone Pine Capital.

The company was founded in 2017 by Felicity Yost Tia’s chief product and operating officer, and CEO Carolynn Witte.

Since its launch in 2017, Tia women health has served women from the 18-80 age group. At the same time focusing on providing comprehensive women healthcare to women of color, because of the well-documented disparities in health outcomes, and care.

Tia the “modern medical home for women” and how it is changing the women’s health services in the healthcare industry

Currently, in New York City and Los Angeles, Tia offers virtual care at Phoenix, shortly to be on board in San Francisco. The aim of Tia’s women’s health services as said by Witte is to “build out more in-person clinics in existing and new markets while expanding its service lines to care for women throughout their entire lives, from puberty to menopause”.

With a new standard in patient care, women make up a large proportion of annual healthcare spend i.e $3.6 trillion. Still, the U.S healthcare system has widely garbled women’s healthcare by body part or their life stages.

So, how is Tia bringing the necessary change?

Tia advances the paradigm for women’s healthcare by providing both digital and in-person holistic care, treating women throughout their lives and not only in a particular reproductive stage or illness.

The care model of Tia combines primary, mental and gynecologic attention into one smooth, coordinated and integrated experience with additional evidence-based wellness treatments (for example acupuncture) to provide women a single stop for all their requirements in the health fields.

Even though Tia is a virtual-first, with more than 60% of its health services delivered online, the providers also allow the women to get in-person care when they need it.

Tia is also beaming for partnerships with other healthcare systems to allow its patients to choose and access specialty care that Tia does not render like cardiology, obstetrical care, and many more. Solving the problem of specialist, in-patient, and outpatient care.

Partnerships in the health system are extended to include Tia Insurance, allowing even more women to utilize Tia’s networked services, Witte added.

Tia’s collaborative care model. How are they different from your regular healthcare providers?

For the first, Tia only caters to women’s healthcare needs. And you would be surprised to know Tia’s women health services are inclusive and welcoming. As they also cater to the Trans and non-binary community.

Tia’s most wondered claim towards women’s health that they are a center for excellence for people assigned female gender at birth gives them a respected, affirmed, equity, and diversified vibe.

Putting you in the driver’s seat of your own health. They believe every patient is different. Thus, our care is personalized to you, from prevention through root diagnosis and lifestyle-centered therapy. A collaborative care team that guides and supports your decisions.

Typical Doctor’s Office- 

  • Different doctors, different offices
  • No connectivity or note sharing
  • Conflicting care plans and varied health records


  • One-stop Shop
  • Perpetual context and data sharing across providers
  • A single integrated care plan and health record

Your integrated care team would include-

  • Care providers/teams which would provide integrative care best-in-class. While delivering quality treatment, and medicines bespoken to your needs.
  • Our clinical team guarantees that your treatment is safe and seamless and they make your care smooth and seamless, from bloodwork to ultrasounds.
  • The Care Coordinators are available to support you and solve all your queries on EOB, getting same-day appointments, or an Rx refill. We call them quarterbacks of your health.

Services Tia’s comprehensive women’s healthcare offer

1. Primary care

Providing care that is more comprehensive and preventive. Tia incorporates primary medical care as women’s health services. Taking a root-cause approach to primary care they focus on evidence and lifestyle-based wellness.

With Tia primary care is precise- female diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. In-person and virtual visits, collaborating with GYN, therapist, and more.

2. Gynecology

It offers a whole health exam plan with a customized care plan for all GYN-related issues. Fertility planning, STI(STD) tests, struggling with PCOS, all options pregnancy consultancy, contraception consults mood changes and many more.

Tia provides affirming, alternative method reproductive healthcare services both virtually and in person, addressing your physical, mental, and emotional health. Compassionate sexual and reproductive healthcare necessitates more than a one-and-done Pap test.

3. Mental Health

With Tia’s women’s health services, you get both mental health medication and talk therapy all in one. They provide a diverse team of trustworthy licensed clinical therapists. And, accessible pricing including the ability to supply out-of-network therapy reimbursement services.

Tia Services

How do we help you offer women health services the way Tia is providing or to build women wellness app?

Recently, we were approached by an Ohio-based women’s shelter organization. As the whole country went into the abyss of Covid-19 the healthcare facilities fell scarce.

And they wanted to build a women-centric healthcare app. A virtual women’s clinic facility for all the women living in the shelter, and under their emergency shelters, transitional housing, family & domestic violence shelter.

The aim was to provide them with primary and comprehensive women’s healthcare.

So, after careful assessment of their requirements and needs, we help them build an application on our telemedicine white-label platform.

At the same time, the SyS Creations team of clean code developers, designers, and integration experts made sure all the proposed requirements were met.

Using our API and integration expert we provided them a full-fledged app where they can order medications and other health products.

Our compliance experts made sure the app was HIPAA and ADA compliant while following the HL7s FHIR integration standards.

At SyS Creations, we believe that women are the very basis for the existence of humanity. And that who creates us needs to be taken care of with utmost competence.

Supporting the spirit of women empowerment, and women’s health. Most of the services we provide are budget-friendly.