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Check Out Canada’s Top Online Pharmacies (Because 96% of Online Pharmacies Are Fake!)

Quick Summary: We can happily blame 2020 for people ordering prescriptions online in 2021.

What started as a compulsion during the pandemic has now turned into a routine for people.

As per our internal survey, 53% of Canadians who had not used online pharmacy platforms before the year 2020 are now using them for the sake of convenience.

However, according to ASOP (Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies), there are 35000 online pharmacies around the world but only 1400 of them are safe and legal.

That means, almost 96% of online pharmacies are fake pharmacies.

Thus, to help you with selecting the best virtual pharmacies to order prescriptions online, we are here listing out the top online pharmacies in Canada.

Top online pharmacies in Canada

Please note: We are not a pharmacy. We are a healthcare IT company. We are here putting this list to inspire healthcare entrepreneurs and pharmacists to build something similar.

1. PocketPills

Delivery Fees: $0
Our Expert Rating: 5/5


This is Canada’s most popular online pharmacy platform with no physical stores. Users have to use the PocketPills mobile app or website to order and manage the prescription online.

The top benefits it offers are:

  • Discreet packaging
  • Meds are sorted by dose and time
  • Automatic refills and renewal
  • Manage loved ones’ medications

The PocketPills pharmacy has recently rolled out the telemedicine program from its app itself.

So, now users can talk to physicians and get prescriptions without switching the app.

It serves all provinces of Canada.

2. Costco Pharmacy

Delivery Fees: $0
Our Expert Rating: 4/5

Costco pharmacy

Costco is Canada’s one of the most popular retail pharmacy chains.

For the ultimate convenience of the users, it also offers online pharmacy services.

Users can fill new or refill existing prescriptions online from the comfort of their homes, 24 hours a day.

It also allows easy prescription transfer if a user has a prescription with another pharmacy.

To transfer the prescription to Costco pharmacy, users only need to provide Costco with the pharmacy name and contact information.

However, unlike PocketPills pharmacy, Costco pharmacy does not claim to deliver the prescription within 24 hours!

3. Well Pharmacy

Delivery Fees: $0 for prescriptions only
Our Expert Rating: 4.5/5

Well Pharmacy

Well isn’t just an online pharmacy platform, it is a robust healthcare eCommerce platform from where users can purchase several wellness products as well.

It sells more than 40,000 wellness products online in addition to running a digital pharmacy.

Using Well platforms, users can virtually connect to wellness experts such as dietitians and naturopaths.

Well claims to deliver prescriptions the same day or the next day.

It charges a delivery fee if you order anything else than the prescription and the order value is less than $35.

4. Pharmasave

Delivery Fees: $0
Our Expert Rating: 4/5


Pharmasave owns 750 stores across Canada and with this large market footprint, it is Canada’s largest retail pharmacy chain.

It offers major 3 virtual pharmacy services:

  • New prescription
  • Prescription refills
  • Prescription transfer

The best thing about Pharmasave is that they offer a mobile app named eCare@Pharmasave with many useful features.

These features include:

  • See the current prescription profile of medications
  • Review prescription information
  • Request refills
  • See profiles for dependents, pets, and family members
  • Create reminders to take or refill your medication

However, the UI of the app is not so user-friendly.

5. Rexall Pharmacy

Delivery Fees: Yes (but not fixed)
Our Expert Rating: 4.5/5


Rexall is Canada’s most innovative online pharmacy platform. It offers online prescription management services including prescription refills and prescription transfer.

In addition to medical drugs, it sells beauty products and personal healthcare products in the categories of oral care, lip care, foot care, etc.

The best part of Rexall Pharmacy is that people can buy wellness and personal healthcare products through its delivery partner – Uber Eats.

Thus, there is a delivery fee depending on your location.

Additionally, Rexall Pharmacy allows users to book and receive virtual medical consultations from its partnered physicians.

In 2020, Rexall Pharmacy launched an app named Be Well.

Using this app, users can manage their health and wellness & get rewards.

It is Canada’s most rewarding healthcare-focused loyalty program.

With so many offerings in unique ways, Rexall has become Canada’s most user-friendly and innovative pharmacy.

6. CanadaDrugMart

Delivery Fees: $13.00/order in North America, $25 for international orders
Our Expert Rating: 3.5/5


CanadaDrugMart is one of the most underrated digital pharmacies in Canada.

It offers similar services to other popular virtual pharmacies in Canada. However, the UI of its website is very poor.

And it takes almost 5-21 days to deliver the prescription.

Moreover, to transfer the prescription, users need to email the team of CanadaDrugMart which is a very tedious process.

But the best part is that it supports international shipping.

It operates in Manitoba under a license from the Manitoba Pharmaceutical Association.

If a user refers it to his friends, the user gets free shipping on his next order.

7. NorthWestPharmacy

Delivery Fees: Not disclosed
Our Expert Rating: 4/5


NorthWest Pharmacy is another underrated pharmacy in Canada. It is certified by CIPA and IPABC.

It sells top drugs for all healthcare challenges in different categories such as heart health, men’s health, women’s health, digestive health, and mental health.

The one thing we really appreciate about NorthWestPharmacy is that it facilitates people to order prescriptions by even calling them or by sending emails or faxes.

With this easy way, people who are not able to order online can also order the prescription without stepping out of the home.

But the only reason we are giving them 3.5 out of 5 is the lack of user-friendliness and information on their website.

8. Pharmex Direct

Delivery Fees: Free for prescriptions and $50 for non-prescription products
Our Expert Rating: 4/5

Pharmex Direct

Pharmex Direct is fully accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists.

It was established in 1992 and is now active in the entire Ontario.

In addition to medical drugs, it sells many other non-prescription products in the categories of allergies, supplements, vitamins, and women’s health.

It also enables patients to talk to pharmacists about any doubts related to medications over the phone.

It claims to deliver prescriptions within 24-48 hours in the entire of Ontario.

Delivery Fees: $0
Our Expert Rating: 5/5


Mednow was founded in 2018. In this short period, it has raised $37 million and even started trading publicly.

It offers same-day delivery in the GTA and GVA and 1-3 days for the rest of Ontario and British Columbia.

Additionally, it allows users to chat with pharmacists by phone or text and consult with Canadian physicians online.

This way, from doctor consultations to prescriptions, the Mednow platform offers a 360-degree care solution to all the needs of the patients.

How to Identify a Safe and Legal Online Pharmacy Platform?

ASOP suggests looking for the following signs to identify a safe and legal online pharmacy platform:

  • Requires a valid prescription from a licensed healthcare provider
  • Has a licensed pharmacist available to answer questions
  • Provide a physical address and phone number
  • Protects personal and financial information
  • Does not sell prescription drugs that are not approved by Health Canada or the FDA
  • Has a seal of approval from an independent third-party organization

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