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Top 20 Pharmacy Apps You Should Study To Build Your Own App

Nowadays you can buy everything online.

From a needle to a G-wagon.

So, we don’t see any reason you can’t buy pharmaceuticals and other medical-related services online.

The global pharmaceutical market in the year 2021 stood at 1.24 trillion U.S. dollars.

And the market is growing over time.

In today’s blog, we will provide you with an insightful study on Top Pharmacy Apps.

These top online pharmacy apps will eventually help to gain knowledge if you are planning on building one of your own.

We will be discussing some of the most popular pharmacy apps around the world, their user-friendliness, user ratings, and a brief review of these pharmacy apps.

Capable of adding a lot of value to the users, pharmacy apps have aided people in not only delivering medicines.

But they have helped people fix consultation appointments, telemedicine, get regular tests at doorsteps, and almost a 360-degree segment of services that local pharmacies do not.

Resultant, is the rise of a new trend in which physical retail pharmacies are going online to serve their customers better.

With the ginormous opportunity in the on-demand pharmacy app sector, the shadows of success are lurking.

Since every app has something special be it some unique feature(s) or some great UI/UX design.

Top Online Pharmacy Apps – Your Idea Could be the Next Best Pharmacy App!

Capsule Pharmacy

iOS rating- 4.8

Working with the motto of Meds made it easy.

The capsule pharmacy app is a product of Capsule Corporation.

Free to use it is one of the smartest, user-friendly, and hand delivers your medications the same day.

Their motto of same-day deliveries revolutionized the pharmaceutical market and they became one of the most successful top pharmacy app startups with a recent valuation of $1 billion since their inception in New York City in 2015.

RiteAidiOS rating- 4.6

US-based RiteAid corporation launched the RiteAid pharmacy app which became the third-largest pharmacy app to be used in the country.

Offering scan for refill features, transfer prescriptions, store locator, wellness+rewards = loyalty program, and you can avail benefits of a US government-supported insurance program for self-administered prescription drugs called Medicare Part D.

RiteAid app also provides you with printable pharmacy records in case you need them for tax purposes.


iOS rating- 3.9

Founded in the year 2015 by NowRx Inc. in just over 3 years since its birth NowRx established itself as the top pharmacy app.

This pharmacy app currently does not sell anything other than medicines.

As it claims, in case of emergencies, NowRx will deliver your medications within 1 hour, charging minimal extra fees.

Doctors can directly send your prescriptions on the app, you can video chat with a pharmacist available at your free schedule.

The most interesting feature would be the availability of prescription refills using Alexa and Google Home.


iOS rating- 4.7

Launched by UnitedHealth Group, the largest healthcare company by revenues in the world.

OptumRx is not just a medicine delivery app.

It also helps you manage your health.

The app coordinates with doctors to request medication without a prescription.

OptumRx’s My Medicine cabinet stores information about all the medicines you take.

It gives you a bonus feature of comparing costs at retail pharmacies versus home delivery.

Sending requests to doctors to renew prescriptions and at the same time get long-term prescription medication home-delivered for free.


iOS rating- 4.6

Started in 2015 by the trio Prashant Tandon (CEO), Vikas Chauhan, and Nirav Agrawal.

It is now the parent of TATA Digital. 1mg is one of the most influential apps that revolutionized the Indian pharmaceutical market.

The most interesting feature of 1mg is that it asks you if you are a medical professional before signing up with the app.

You can opt for various lab tests from various labs with home collection available.

With AI tools chat with doctors after collection of your primary info.

Its home screen addresses all the major services. So, all you need is a single glance.


iOS rating- 3.7

Owned by WebMD, Medscape is a source of medication, diseases, and medical calculators.

This top pharmacy app provides a source to clinicians with data on more than 8,000 medications and 7,600 diseases or conditions.

It also provides consultancy services to confer with other physicians.

Medscape has been rated as the most comprehensive app for geriatrics.

It has been downloaded more than 10 million times and in 2016 was awarded as the most complete and accurate medical calculator.

It is quick and simple to find information on dose, interactions, side effects, warnings, usage during pregnancy, price, and administration, and the search function features an autocomplete capability.

iOS rating- 4.8

It is the app version of the website which has more than 25 million visitors every year. is one of the top pharmacy apps that patients may utilize as a symptom checker, enter their prescriptions into My Med List, and search for drugs using phonetic search terms.

The app has information on more than 24,00 registered prescriptions and over-the-counter(OTC) medications.

The app has information on more than 24,00 registered prescriptions and over-the-counter(OTC) medications.

The best part of the app is that the underlying databases are updated at least quarterly.

The app is created by a Drugsite trust, a private company run by 2 New Zealand pharmacists providing in-depth access to consumer information, FDA alerts, food and medicine reactions, allergy and medication reactions.


iOS rating- 4.5

The app saves pharmacists and clinicians time in the prescribing moments.

Epocrates also provides a drug interaction checker that helps individuals prevent harmful interactions between generic, OTC, or alternate drugs from over 30 brands.

Sponsored by Epocrates Inc. and AthenaHealth Services, the app itself is used by more than 1 million clinicians worldwide out of which half are from the US itself.

Although the app is free, you can get an Epocrates Plus version with access to a lot of advanced and additional features.


iOS rating- 4.5 

Originally named Aushdhi. It is India’s largest retail chain outlet for pharmacies.

The MedPlus mobile app is sold by Optival Health Solutions Private Limited.

With its omnichannel services, it facilitates its customers to use online and retail outlets both.

You can buy medicine by brand, products, and compositions at the same time make general health and household purchases as well.

Locating the nearest stores using Google Maps and using lab facilities for tests.

And it currently offers a 25% discount on all your purchases.


iOS rating- 3.7

Having served 3 million customers across the Indian subcontinent Netmeds is backed over by 100 years of experience in the pharmacy business.

Doctor consultations, ordering online lab tests, and order tracking are some of the prominent features.

The app also avails you of general fitness-related products, Ayurvedic medicines, smoking cessation products, and special-purpose footwear.

Netmeds also runs a pharmacists reach-out program where all you do is upload your prescription and the pharmacists will reach out to you promptly.

Founded by Dadha Company, one of the oldest pharmacies in India, serving since 1914.

Patient Access

iOS rating- 4.7

Patient Access is a one-stop shop for patients and medical professionals.

Operational in the United Kingdom, the app is in partnership with the National Health Service (NHS).

You can book a face-to-face remote online appointment with your General Practitioner, nurse, or clinicians.

Get complete access to your health records, medications, and allergies with repeat prescription service online from your preferred pharmacies.

Share your medical record securely with healthcare experts of your choice without having to contact your practice.

Maintaining security with biometrics sign-in and face ID.

Patient Access lets you refer yourself to NHS services such as talking therapies, sexual health, prenatal care, and drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Express Plus Medicare

iOS rating- 5.0

The app was launched in coordination with the services Australia (Australian government).

It serves the whole Australian continent.

All you have to do is link the using myGov account and you are good to go.

Submit your Medicare claims or Enrol your newborn without wasting any time to get the best of medical services.

You can also register or change your organ donation decision.

No need to purchase add-on services as the app is sponsored by the Aussie government and all services offered are free.


iOS rating- 3.3

Accessing a wide range of NHS services, the NHS app in the UK is owned and operated by the NHS itself.

It provides all the medical support with secure access that a patient could ask for.

To use the app, the individual must be over 13 years of age.

You can get your COVID pass and information regarding the pandemic current status.

Apart from general online appointment services you can also access healthcare services on behalf of someone you care for.

View your available medications, request a new repeat prescription, and select a pharmacy to which your prescriptions will be shipped.

Secure login practice by using Touch or Face ID.

MedAdvisor Medications Manager

iOS rating- 4.4

MedAdvisor, which connects directly with top pharmacies across Australia, has been launched as a game-changing software that makes purchasing prescriptions as straightforward as booking an Uber.

The Care for others feature lets you add children, elders, and spouse’s medication to your own MedAdvisor account.

The app is free for all.

You can remind yourself when it’s time to take your meds, fill a prescription at the pharmacy, or see your doctor.

Configure medication reminders, pill monitors, and vitamin or supplement trackers.

The app’s user base has crossed just over a million in a short period.

Healthera NHS Prescription App

iOS rating- 4.7

The Healthera app is depicted by its makers as “a shrewd medication journal for patients that investigates their medicine-taking design, records their concerns and makes a difference then picks up their drug specialist or doctor’s consideration when abuse or unpredictable medicine-taking occurs.”

The app can examine a medicine’s title and information on the medicine and turn these into a plan.

This can be deciphered into a QR code, which is printed back onto the drug’s name.

At the same time, you can add and manage your dependents and their prescriptions.

Medsmart Meds & Pill Reminder

iOS rating 3.0

Created by talking medicines, Medsmart is a UK-based interactive consumer healthcare medical app that provides audio-visual content for medicines.

The app is culminated for keeping track of and overseeing drugs.

The standardized identification scanner work makes it super simple to include drugs.

You can also switch between profiles of you and your loved ones.

The custom naming feature for your particular medicine is also available.

At the same time, minor bifurcation like selecting particular ingredients in a particular medicine you may be allergic to is also available.

Weedmaps Cannabis, Weed & CBD

iOS rating- 4.9

Find neighborhood-authorized dispensaries, weed conveyance administrations, and restorative cannabis specialists close to you.

Select from thousands of nearby retailers all through the US, Canada, Europe, and any place weed is controlled for therapeutic, grown-up, or recreational use.

It guides you toward the breakdown of medical and recreational laws and legal marijuana legislation in the US.

It caters to individuals suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD), Tourettes, Insomnia, and other stress or anxiety-inducing mental disorders.

Founded in 2008, it has revolutionized the pharmaceutical sector.

PharmaEasy- Healthcare App

iOS rating- 4.3

The doorstep pan-India medicine delivery across 1200+ cities & 22,000+ pin codes.

PharmEasy is India’s top pharmacy app in terms of reach.

It has lab tests/diagnostics run in more than 40+ cities as well.

Provided by 91streets Media Technology Private Limited, you can get loads of offers on healthcare products and medications.

At the same time with PharmEasyPlus, you get free doctor consultations and free medicine home delivery without convenience fees.

Whilst, the subscription plan is also available in flexible terms of 3 months or 6 months.

Serving over 50 lakh families all over the country.


iOS rating- 5.0

The brainchild of Medinet Australia Pty Ltd. Medinet allows you to do a self-check-in using your personally generated QR code for doctor’s appointments.

You can also request the first available clinician and keep your app ready and get contacted within 20 minutes of your request.

This eventually can help you if you want an emergency consultation or renewal of prescription drugs and your regular GP is not available.

With navigation to home added with a consultation flow.

Medisafe Medication Management

iOS rating- 4.7

One of the top pharmacy apps in the USA in the recent emergence.

Medisafe by Medisafe Inc. is ranked as the # 1 pill reminder by pharmacists and physicians.

With the app, you can easily import your meds and prescriptions using health records on your phone from more than 100 health systems and hospitals in the United States.

Its various interesting features like medtones which use various sounds like Darth Vader, Nagging Mom, and many more to remind you about your meds.

Synchronizes the family’s medication pill boxes to one put, in genuine time.

Oversee your whole family from one account!

Planning to build your own app?

Explore our detailed guide on Pharmacy app development

7 Key Considerations to Keep in Mind When Building Your Pharmacy App

1. Platform

Decide which platform you want to build your pharmacy app on, whether it’s Android or iOS.

Alternatively, you may choose to develop your app for both platforms.

2. Programming Language

Choose the programming language you want to use to develop your app.

Java, Kotlin, and Swift are popular programming languages used to build Android and iOS apps.

3. Database

Your pharmacy app will need a database to store user information, prescription data, and other important information.

Consider using a secure and reliable database management system.

4. Security

​​Security should be a top priority when developing a pharmacy app. Ensure that your app is secure and that user data is protected.

Use encryption and other security features to keep user data safe.

5. Compliance

Pharmacy apps must comply with relevant regulations and guidelines, such as HIPAA and GDPR.

Ensure that your app meets all the necessary compliance requirements.

6. Integration

Your pharmacy app should integrate with other healthcare systems, such as electronic health records (EHRs) and telemedicine platforms, to provide a seamless user experience.

7. Testing

Thorough testing is crucial to ensuring that your pharmacy app is bug-free and performs optimally.

Consider testing your app on multiple devices and platforms to identify and resolve any issues.

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Moreover, SyS Creations provides free compliance consultancy to make sure that your app is compliant with the healthcare standards of countries like the United States. So, that in the future you do not face any legal consequences.

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