Pharmacy App Development – Our Guide For A Successful Online Pharmacy App

Quick Summary – Let me take you on a journey today, where you will discover the development of a pharmacy app from its embryonic stage to a fully multifunctional app. With this blog, I will cover various topics and guides. At the same time how the implementation of AI in pharmacy has affected the pharmaceutical industry, why, how & what of developing the app. Moreover, as healthcare IT experts, what do SyS Creations have to offer and what can you expect? Altogether, after reading this blog, your knack for app development will genuinely climb on another level.

Just to give you an overview, the global pharmaceutical market as of the end of the year 2020 was valued at 1.27 trillion U.S. dollars. Out of which $497 billion was US pharmaceutical only.

With the growing global market, it is projected to increase by $1.4 trillion by just 2024.

Now you can understand the opportunities that prevail in the market and how we can help you develop an app to help you achieve it.

The waiting lines, refilling prescriptions, and even remembering to take your medication can be a hectic job when you are ill or going through treatment.

So, imagine you don’t have to do any of these tasks and still get your medicines on time. Now stop imagining and let’s do it.

First, let me welcome you with game-changing information.

AI in online pharmacy apps? What seemed like a dream now is a reality!

Every time I hear the word Artificial Intelligence the only picture that comes to mind is Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man talking to J.A.R.V.I.S which is quite entertaining.

But, I discovered it being used in real-time when our team first used it years ago in medicine delivery app development to find the most suitable and fastest drivers for delivery.

Pharmaceutical companies have been using Artificial Intelligence to find patients for clinical trials. Like running clinical trials for helping Alzihmers and ALS patients, and leveraging AI to treat rare diseases.

AI technology can immensely help pharmacists to improve the efficiency and speed of manually operational tasks- counting pills, ensuring patient adherence and safety- while maintaining proper inventory and staff, medicine verification.

And as for users or customers, AI can initiate image search saving the users time by searching their desired product faster, cut out incorrect drug usage, and auto prescription verification.

Top online pharmacy apps you need to study before launching your own application

A US-based Fortune 500 company RiteAid corporations launched one of the best online pharmacy apps. RiteAid has grown from more than just selling medicines.

As you can opt for immunization and Medicare part D insurance services supported by the US government for prescription drugs.


Launched in 2015, NowRx had established itself as one of the topmost online pharmacies in the US in just 3 years.

  • Physicians can directly send prescriptions
  • Video calling with pharmacists
  • You can refill prescriptions using Alexa and Google Home


The digital pharmacy app was founded in 2013 and bought by Amazon in June 2018. To date, PillPack is one of the most searched Android Drug apps.

You can enjoy 24/7 support, free shipping, and assistance from doctors and insurance companies. And many more features.


Launched by the largest healthcare company by revenues in the world. The UnitedHealth Group is among the fortune 500 companies. OptumRx manages your overall health instead of just purchasing medicines.

  • You can request medication without prescription- the app will coordinate with the doctor by itself.
  • Its My Medicine Cabinet feature has key information about all the medicines you take.
  • The app helps you to compare costs at retail pharmacies and home-delivery. So you can choose the best one for you.


What do we as Healthcare IT specialists have to offer for your online pharmacy app development?

A custom medicine delivery app development for all your platforms because cloning and copying are the things we don’t do.

We make sure your application has a unique UI, set of features, and workflow.
At the same time, it is easy to use for you and your pharmacists and customers.

With our rapid app development, well-organized and quick delivery approach, we deliver your app within a fixed timeframe or before the deadline.

We also offer technology and healthcare compliance consulting services. So, you don’t have to go anywhere else and bear a chunk of fees for getting your application up to compliant standards.

On top of that, we have maestros of Robotic Process Automation(RPA) engineers who help software robots in emulating human interaction with digital software and systems, reduce transcription errors and achieve high productivity.

What set of features your online pharmacy app will have?

As I said earlier, we make custom-based pharmacy apps. I will now rightly share what features you can expect when designing and developing your app with us.

Uploading Prescription – Users just need to upload their prescription, and the AI will automatically configure and add all the drugs in a cart, place the order and keep track for refilling based on previous purchase history.

Product and Drug Search – Thorough filters for a more refined search. So users can always get what they are looking for. The pharmacy app will be integrated with drug directories and PMS to get drug info.

Personalized Offer – With the help of machine learning and AI, the app will analyze the users’ online and offline buying and purchasing patterns and suggest them offers, earn rewards and redeem offers.

Telehealth – Instead of paper prescriptions, now doctors can directly send or upload prescriptions to the app via teleconsultation.

Support – You will be connected to the support team. In case, you face any query or difficulty in operating the pharmacy app.

Order Management – You will have access to all the orders placed, tracking status, and other important details like special instructions and notes.

Customer Service – All your customer queries will be stockpiled in a centralized database with details of query status and customer executive attending.

Shipping and Inventory – Efficiently operate and manage in-house delivery vehicles and teams. Also, knowing the availability of stock of products that gets updated automatically with AI and RPA will be just a click away.

Compliance and Analytics Management – Tracking your compliance to make sure it is up to date. And with the help of analytics, you will be able to have crucial customer data assisting you in understanding the most preferred product, buying pattern, age, and locality. Which will indeed assist you in making business decisions strategically.

Pharmacists Management – Help you, monitor, collect, assess, plan, implement, and follow up. This system will prompt the pharmacist in your alliance to verify the medication and lets you know the safe and effective dispensation of drugs.

We will make sure you have a well regulated and integrated online pharmacy business plan

For you to have a good functional online pharmacy app, you need to build it per integration and compliance. And SyS Creations has mastered both fields. Especially when it comes to the US pharmaceutical market.

Integration with pharmacy management systems and EHRs/EMRs streamline the workflow for medical claims management, dispensing drugs, drug stock management, billing, e-prescription, medication management consultancy, and telehealth medication.

Inclusion in pharmacy management systems means you get an end-to-end better clinical and patient-facing experience.

  • Providing integration with top of the United states PMS Rx30, NRx, McKesson pharmacy systems, Whinpharm, Primex, PDX classic, and Cerner retail pharmacy with our team of Healthcare-specific integration experts.
  • We also have expertise in various EHR and EMR integrations such as Allscripts, Cerner, and Epic using their open APIs. And adhering to HL7 and FHIR integration standards. Your online pharmacy app and its integration with EHR/EMR will boost its viability and make your medicine delivery app relevant and able to access multifunctionality.

For any online pharmacy app to function up to the medical standards in the United States, the app must be HIPAA compliant and ADA compliant.

  • Establishing standards for protecting the privacy of medical information stored and shared on your pharmacy delivery app in electronic form, by implementing the HITECH act under HIPAA compliance.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act(ADA) compliance means all your technology, apps and websites must be accessible to those with disabilities.

And as I told you we only cater to Healthcare-specific IT development, we have a team of highly qualified experts who are proficient in making sure your apps are supremely compliant.

How we rise to the challenge – Our methodology the 6D’s

SyS Creations was started 7 years ago with just one aim in mind to serve the healthcare industry and make healthcare IT solutions feasible for every individual/organization in need.

Since then we have curated a well-structured process of execution for your projects.


Your journey starts the moment you contact us with your idea. Through a series of calls and meetings, we discuss several things and we deliver you the proposal within 2 days with our robust planning strategy.


Now you are in – as we discover more about your project and vision, we assemble a dedicated team of experts as per your requirement. While preparing a workflow based on our discovery call.


Our UI team starts designing mock-ups and once finalized by you we go into full-fledged designing.


The idea is now converting into reality with our developers who use clean code development. And our integration and compliance specialists make sure of standards adherence.

Demo & QA

With QA testing we make sure of the implementation of processes and procedures. And we launch a pilot for feedback and provide you with a training session for running the app.


Finally, the day of the launch. We standby with you till the successful launch. The journey just doesn’t end here, we also provide ongoing support for enhancements, bug fixes, and continuous development.

So, I would love to hear your thoughts on this blog and we would like to discuss your ideas on pharmacy, apps, compliance, and healthcare technologies.

And if you are looking to build one, just letting you know, we have 7 years of experience in providing only healthcare-specific IT solutions.

We can really do wonders for you!