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Telemedicine for Hospitals: Get Your Own HIPAA Compliant Mobile/Web Solution (White-label or Custom)

We are Ontario-based telemedicine tech and compliance experts.

We on average develop and deliver 5 telemedicine solutions in a month with the outstanding success of our clients.

With our in-house compliance experts, we even provide healthcare compliance consulting and give the highest priority to HIPAA compliance.

3 types of telemedicine for hospitals solutions we provide brilliantly

You can go for it as per your budget and operational needs.

1. Telemedicine for hospitals white-label app

A ready-to-use, affordable, and feature-packed web + mobile telemedicine platform with your own branding – delivered within days.

telemedicine for hospitals

2. Custom telemedicine solution

We develop a telemedicine web + app dedicatedly for you from scratch while addressing your all custom requirements and following the full software development life cycle.

The following is the architecture of a custom feature-packed telemedicine app.

telemedicine structure

3. Clone telemedicine solution

We develop telemedicine web + app’s UI and feature set similar to top telemedicine apps such as Maple, Babylon, Teladoc, etc.

(We don’t copy. We only get inspiration if a clone is your only need!)

We offer the following features in our telemedicine for hospital solutions

  • Doctor Profile
  • Speech Recognition
  • Mass Messaging
  • Easy Access to Patient’s Data
  • Appointment Management
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Communication Methods
  • Medical Notes
  • Sick Notes
  • e-Prescribing
  • Analytics
  • Appointment History
  • Billing & Earning
  • User Profile
  • Nearby Hospital/Pharmacy Finder
  • Symptom Checker & Tracker
  • Appointment Booking
  • Appointment Reminder
  • Communication Methods
  • Medication Tracker
  • Medication Reminder
  • Payment
  • Review & Feedback
  • Appointment History

Our 2 most exclusive expertise you will find very useful

A successful telemedicine for hospitals app is the outcome of healthcare-specific IT knowledge.

EHR/EMR Integration:

By integrating top EHR/EMR such as Telus PS Suite, Oscar EMR, Accuro EMR, Cerner EMR, PointClickCare EHR, MED e-care EHR, we enable physicians to get instant access to crucial information of the patients from the telemedicine app itself.

Healthcare Compliance:

The telemedicine solution should be compliant with healthcare privacy laws to not put patients’ data at risk and not to be liable for the hefty fine.

Our in-house compliance experts guide the development team to develop a compliant mobile/web app and they carry out a compliance audit before delivering it to you.

With built-in referral system, you can refer patients to specialists easily

A family physician or any primary care provider is the first contact for the patients.

After checking the patients, if needed, the primary care provider refers patients to specialists for specialized care.

The telemedicine app allows primary care providers to refer patients with automatically generated referral notes.

The primary care providers only need to write the referral message. The app will add other clinical and personal information of the patients in the referral note.

Our telemedicine for hospitals solution is for all medical departments of hospitals

We understand the fact that it’s not only the physician who requires a telemedicine solution, but any medical specialty in a hospital can offer virtual care to their patients.

Thus, we engineer telemedicine solutions that support all use cases of hospitals.

  • Telemedicine for dermatologists
  • Telemedicine for primary care
  • Telemedicine for dietitians
  • Telemedicine for psychiatrists
  • Telemedicine for physiotherapists
  • Telemedicine for pediatricians

Billable telemedicine services under Blue Button 2.0

Medicare has expanded its telehealth coverage program under the Blue Button 2.0 program. The details about the telemedicine services that Medicare will pay for are discussed below.


Medical beneficiaries having Medicare Advantage Plan or Original Medical (Part A and Part B) are eligible for telemedicine services.

Covered Services:

  • Office visits
  • Mental health counseling
  • Chronic pain management
  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Preventive health screenings

Telemedicine Delivery Methods:

Medicare will pay for services delivered through

  • Store and forward technology
  • Video conferencing
  • Remote patient monitoring


For telemedicine services, Medicare will pay the same rate as in-person visits and the patient would pay the same copayment or coinsurance as they would for an in-person visit.

It is vital to note that Medicare’s telehealth coverage is constantly evolving. There might be changes or updates to the program in the future.

Check out the real screenshots of the telemedicine app we developed during the pandemic

telemedicine app demo

Why should a hospital use a telemedicine solution?

The following are the top benefits of using telemedicine in hospitals.

Online easy appointment:

Using telemedicine for hospital solutions, patients can easily book online appointments with physicians for virtual medical consultations.

Rapid patients onboarding / Less wait time:

A custom and personalized pre-visit online questionnaire makes patients’ onboarding experience seamless and fast which results in less wait time.

Affordable care:

Telemedicine saves travelling time and cost for both patients and care providers as they can talk to each other from anywhere in the world – even from home.

Fewer patient footprints in hospitals:

Patients who do not require emergency care and patients who are on follow-up visits can effortlessly get access to medical services from home – without visiting the hospitals.

Less overwhelmed healthcare professionals:

The telemedicine solution facilitates healthcare providers to manage patients’ data easily and automate many reporting, data entry and collaboration work which reduces their administrative burdens and creates time for them.

Get answers to your most common questions

It depends on your location and coverage of patients. If a patient is covered under a private or government medical plan, hospitals should not have to charge patients. But in rest of the cases, hospitals can surely charge patients.

The major reason is that not all free video calling platforms are compliant with data privacy laws. It also does not support custom clinical workflows. Additionally, it lacks many features such as medical notes, sick notes, e-prescriptions, payments, etc.

SaaS telemedicine solutions charge a monthly fee for using their solution. Here, hospitals do not own it.

These SaaS solutions also do not support custom clinical workflows as they are general-purpose solutions.

Whereas in the case of a custom solution, the hospitals enjoy the ultimate ownership and it is developed dedicatedly for the hospital itself.

Most importantly, the hospital does not need to pay any monthly fees.

During the pandemic in 2020, many hospitals across North America have adopted the telehealth for hospitals solution and have been using it successfully.

For instance, the Windsor Regional Hospital is using telemedicine in several programs and services including follow-up ortho appointments, anesthesia consults, bariatric consults, mental health, adult and pediatric nephrology, and oncology.

Get a live demo of our telemedicine web/mobile solution 

We don’t just talk. We show you the real telemedicine solution in action – in a free consultation session with our senior technology leader or executive team member.

We ensure that you get answers to all your questions before deciding to go for the telemedicine platform.

Being a Canadian company, we understand the gravity of privacy and thus, we keep everything about your medical practice and ideas confidential.

We bet. You won’t just get the telemedicine solution. You will get our expertise in telemedicine tech and compliance which is rare in nature!

We will help you with telemedicine tech, business, and compliance and not leave anything on your shoulder! ☺