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Cost to Develop White-label Pharmacy App Vs. Custom: Get the Best Online Pharmacy App in 2023

We’ve recently launched a white-label pharmacy app that is HIPAA compliant and can be customized to meet your unique needs.

Not only this but it is equipped with multi-user architecture.

Meaning, there are different separate portals for your pharmacy, customers/clients, and your vendors.

As if this is not enough, it comes with no-code capabilities.

This feature allows you to configure our ready-to-use online medicine delivery app as per your unique workflows.

And there is a lot more about it.

So, let us share everything about it in a very well-organized manner.

Also, a cost to develop a pharmacy app in Canada, the USA, and beyond!

What is a white-label pharmacy app?

A white-label app is the best alternative to both SaaS and custom apps.

Because, unlike SaaS, you don’t have to worry about a monthly or yearly subscription for the online pharmacy app.

And unlike custom apps, you don’t have to invest $100,000+ in a single shot.

A white-label pharmacy app is a more affordable, risk-free, and flexible solution.

It comes with your own branding and it costs almost 70% to 80% less than the custom app.

Why? Because it is already built while keeping the best interests and common needs in mind.

And when you want to acquire it, the company customizes it as per your unique needs to make sure you receive what you want.

In case you want to enjoy source code ownership too, you can pay a little extra and get the source code.

You can treat the white-label app as the base.

Developers code on top of it only for missing features that you want to have in your app because of your business nature.

This way, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or build the medicine delivery app from scratch which results in an affordable branded solution that works as per your custom needs.

White-label Vs. Custom online pharmacy app

The cost to build a pharmacy app and time-to-market are the two major reasons for choosing a white-label pharmacy app over the custom one.

Cost to develop a pharmacy app

If you want to build an online pharmacy app in North America, it easily costs more than $100,000 or even $150,000 in some cases.

However, talking about a white-label pharmacy app, well, it costs somewhere between $20000 to $60000 with even customization options.


Even in the best case, developers would easily require at least 6 months to build a custom pharmacy app from scratch.

Whereas, it takes us a maximum of 60 business days to deliver the white-label online pharmacy app after customizing it as per your needs.

Our white-label pharmacy app vs others’ custom app

Make a rational choice.

custom vs white-label pharmacy app

Finally, let us now reveal the actual screens of our white-label online pharmacy app

(Please note: The final UI/UX will have some fundamental differences as we customize the product per every client’s unique needs to make them claim high ROI.)

white-label pharmacy app

The detailed pricing information of our white-label medicine delivery app

We’ve been in the healthcare IT industry for more than 8 years.

Thus, we know the main pain area of pharmacies is the budget.

Because it is not a rational choice for small-medium scale pharmacies to invest $100,000 in tech!

So, we aim to keep the pricing of our white-label pharmacy app very unique.

Here is how.

Pricing details:

  • It comes with a one-time fee. No monthly or yearly subscription.
  • If you need customization on top of the base, we do it with a nominal hourly development fee.
  • You get unlimited usage rights for an unlimited number of your internal staff members, customers, and vendors.
  • You get it for a lifetime.
  • We also host the product on your server. So, you will have a certain level of control over the product.
  • No packages. The entire app is there for you to leverage.

The multi-user architecture of our white-label pharmacy app

We don’t address it as an app but as an ecosystem.

Because it brings all of a pharmacy’s stakeholders under the same roof.

Be it the pharmacy owner as a master admin, internal team members, clients/customers, vendors, and even vendors’ team members, there are separate portals for each of them to let them perform their level of tasks by logging into their profile.

The following image would give you a better idea.

Architecture of our white label pharmacy app

How we saved 2000 hours and $200,000 for our client with our white-label ePharmacy app?

sys creations case study

The requirement was massive – a complete pharmacy benefit management software within a tight budget.

So, what we did – we fine-tuned our already built powerful online pharmacy app base.

We added extra features on top of it to meet the custom needs of the client.

Since we didn’t reinvent the wheel, we ended up saving 2000 hours and $200,000 for a client.

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Trust us. We’ve decided on the feature set after discussing it with at least 100 pharmacy owners!

The following are only some of the major features of our ready-made pharmacy app.

If you want to explore all the features, you just need to fill up the contact form.

We’ll provide a free live demo of our product along with its pricing!

1. Internal/external team management

You as the master admin can create accounts for your staff members and also set permissions for each staff member.

They receive email invitations from where they can start using their portal.

Not only this but you can also create accounts for your customers or they can create it by themselves with your shared link.

So, now from their account, your customers can explore your pharmacy products, upload prescriptions, and place orders.

As if this is not enough, you can create accounts for your vendors too.

You can place online orders for pharmacy products you are running out of which reflect on the vendors’ portal and track the status of orders which is updated by vendors.

This way, it supports both B2B and B2C models.

Internal and external team management

2. Medication ordering

As we discussed, your customers can place prescription orders through their portal.

You can also place orders with your vendors and on behalf of patients.

Every order can be tracked in real time by all allowed users.

There is a built-in chat window alongside the order window so that each of your stakeholders can talk specifically to each order.

Online medicine delivery app

3. Medication management

You as a pharmacy can list the products in a very comprehensive manner.

You can even upload the medication data and it gets added to the system automatically.

Medication management in pharmacy app

4. Pharmacy inventory management

This is one of the best feature of our white-label pharmacy app.

Each product you have listed can be aligned to the warehouse where it is currently located along with other details like the current quantity and contact details of the person managing that warehouse.

Inventory management in our white-label online pharmacy app

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5. HIPAA authorization with automatic reminder

You can collect the consent of your customers by sending online forms that your customers can eSign and submit back.

The best feature of this is automatic reminders.

For each consent form, you can set the expiry date and to whom you would like to send automatic notification before or after certain days the consent gets expired.

This helps you keep the consent of the customers/patients up-to-date all the time without manually reminding your customers to update the consent.

HIPAA authorization

6. Task management

Your internal team members can create tasks under the profile of each customer & vendor and assign that task to anyone responsible for it.

That responsible user can now work on that task, chat if they have any doubts, and change the status of the task which is visible to every other associated team member.

Manage your online pharmacy task

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7. Advanced permission management

You can literally set permission at the very micro level (Add, Edit, View, Delete) for each of the features and each of the internal and external users.

However, to make assigning permissions easy for you, we have introduced a ‘Grouping’ feature.

You can select, and deselect each permission and give it a group name.

So, next time, when you want to give a user some specific permissions, you don’t have to select and deselect each thing again.

You only need to select that permission group name from the list and all the already set permissions under that group will be automatically given to that particular user.

Permission management

8. No-code checklist application maker

This is one of the best features of our white-label pharmacy app.

In just 6 steps, you can build a web application for daily/weekly/monthly/yearly checks which you are supposed to run at your pharmacy collaboratively.

Checklist maker

9. Multi-factor authentication

This feature is an additional security layer to the app by verifying the user’s identity in more than one way.

It can include biometric authentication, such as facial recognition or fingerprint scanning, or two-factor authentication, such as a password and a verification code sent to the user’s phone.

10. Regular backups

This feature ensures that all user data is protected.

Even in the case of a data breach or server failure.

With this feature in place, the patient data is never compromised and the app can be restored quickly and efficiently.

The future-proof tech stack of our white-label pharmacy app

The product is completely cloud-based.

With your increasing number of users, you will not struggle to scale up the infrastructure of the product.

It will automatically adjust to the new high demand.

The following is its tech stack.

Tech stack of pharmacy app

Top 5 use cases of our white-label online pharmacy app

So, here is the approach.

The base code is already ready. This covers 80% of your app.

You tell us your custom needs which the base code cannot satisfy.

We code your custom needs on top of the base code and deliver you a complete product.

Because of this approach, you can make the app work for any of your pharmacy business needs.

So, here’s sharing its top use cases.

Our ePharmacy app use cases

1. Pharmacy staff management

You can manage your internal and external staff from one dashboard.

Your staff also does have their own portal so that they can also perform their respective back office tasks online.

2. Pharmacy customer management

You will have a complete database of all your customers in a well-organized manner.

You can have all their information under their profile. You can utilize it for marketing and other purposes as well.

3. Pharmacy order management

You can manage every inbound and outbound order in a very seamless manner.

In fact, you don’t have to call anyone to know the status of every order as real-time status tracking is what you can do.

4. Document management

You can use our white-label online pharmacy app to manage all important documents of your team members, vendors, and patients.

With automatic expiry notifications, you can ensure up-to-date documents all the time.

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5. Inventory and product management

You can list every product you sell and manage its stock in an inventory.

Nothing needs to be managed on spreadsheets.

We can integrate the pharmacy app with your existing pharmacy management systems such as Kroll and Mckesson

Pharmacy app integration

Things get really business-centric now.

If you want to automatically receive new orders which are placed by users through the pharmacy app directly on your pharmacy management system, you have to execute the integration.

You have to integrate the pharmacy app with a pharmacy management system like Kroll and Mckesson for real-time data sharing and fetching.

If that’s what your ultimate plan is, we can make it happen for you.

Being a healthcare IT company, we have the in-house expertise to achieve successful integration while keeping HL7 and FHIR interoperability standards in mind.

In fact, we have done it several times in the past and we can do it millions of other times in the future!

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In case you are looking for a custom pharmacy app, here is how we would build it for you in 17 steps – from scratch

If white-label is not what you are looking for and only want to opt-in for a custom app, the following is the entire process we follow at SyS Creations.

Custom pharmacy app development process

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Finally, how to get started with our white-label online pharmacy app?

Well, we keep the entire process very simple and transparent.

Step 1: Let us know your interest in our white-label product.

Step 2: We will revert you within 2-6 hours and schedule a live product demo session.

Step 3: We will share the live product demo along with its detailed pricing information.

Step 4: If that suits you, we will sign an NDA and hear your customization needs.

Step 5: Our business, design, and development teams will now work on your unique needs.

Step 6: Our QA team will test the newly added code and functionality.

Step 7: Once we get clearance from the QA team, network engineers will host the software on your server.

This entire process will not take more than 60 business days in any case!