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Healthcare Data Management Software: Architecture, Features & Pricing

From improving care delivery to saving time and cost – data is truly changing the lives of patients and providers.

However, management is a big challenge here, especially for those who are not tech-savvy.

For example – data purity and security!

This is when healthcare data management software comes to the rescue.

It holds enormous potential to address all the data-related roadblocks.

At the same time – opening several thriving opportunities for the organization!

So, in this blog, we have shared everything about our medical data management solution.

But before jumping into that – let us share some important points about it.

10 Possible Blunders You Can Make While Selecting Healthcare Data Management Software

Data is what has the ultimate importance in the healthcare industry.

You cannot take data management in healthcare for granted.

Because both patients and the government now understand the importance of managing healthcare data as per guidelines.

While healthcare entities now also acknowledge the gravity of data management.

However, the complex nature of medical data management and poor technical knowledge make things overwhelming for them.

And as a result, they make some massive blunders that cost them big in the long run.

The following are a few of them.

  • Choosing a non-healthcare-specific data management solution
  • Choosing a non-compliant data management software
  • Choosing custom development and investing more than $100,000 in it
  • Choosing software that lacks advanced role-based access control features that restrict access to the data based on the account type or role of the user
  • Choosing healthcare data management software that comes with fixed boundaries, and not no-code functionalities (that give you the ability to customize the software elements as per your needs without the knowledge of coding)
  • Choosing a SaaS software and paying monthly fees without having any control over the software
  • Choosing a SaaS software and having access to the software only for as long as you keep paying the monthly fees
  • Selecting a medical data management software with no customization option – even not for your branding
  • Choosing software that asks you extra money to use its newly added features
  • Choosing software that gets delivered within hours or days. (Because greatness takes time. Only groceries can be delivered in hours, not software!)

How Do We – With Our Health Data Management Solution – Let You Avoid These 10 Big Blunders Like a Pro?

Being a healthcare IT company, our client base extends to healthcare – providers, startups, and enterprises.

This leads us to have on-ground knowledge of their pain areas.

So, with real knowledge of healthcare data challenges, we’ve built an ideal solution for healthcare data management software.

We – by putting extra efforts – have made sure that our solution solves 10 big challenges for both – an individual healthcare provider and a multi-chain hospital brand.

So, let us give you a glimpse of how our healthcare data management solution lets you avoid these 10 blunders we just discussed.

  • Our solution is healthcare-specific.
  • It is compliant with all major healthcare data privacy laws including HIPAA.
  • It costs 70% to 80% less than a custom platform.
  • It has advanced role-based access control features.
  • It is equipped with no-code functionalities.
  • You don’t have to pay monthly fees like SaaS software.
  • You pay a one-time fee and you reserve it for a lifetime.
  • We deliver it to you after customizing it as per your requirements and branding needs.
  • We keep adding new features to it and we don’t charge extra for that.
  • We deliver the solution within 60 business working days.

Healthcare Data Management Software: Explore its Real Screen Images

Let us tell you one more time.

Whatever you will see in the next few minutes are real screens of our provider data management solution – built by our in-house healthcare IT team.

Also, this is only 10% of our platform.

To know more about it in detail, let us know your interest through the contact form.

We will give you a free live demo of the product on a virtual call.

1. Add a client (patients, providers, customers, or vendors)

The platform facilitates you to store data under each patient or vendor profile.

And for that, you first need to create the client profile.

To create a profile, you need to add all the basic personal and contact information of your clients (patients, customers, providers, or vendors).

Manage all the data in one place

Add patients data in software

2. Edit or manage the profile and associated data

You can anytime edit the created profile and its associated data.

Just click on the three dots near the profile you wish to edit and it will open the edit window.

Edit and manage patients data in software

3. Document management

Our healthcare data management solution comes up with HIPAA HIPAA-compliant document storage feature.

In which, you can add important documents of your clients under the profile of the individual client.

To do so, open the client profile, click on ‘Document Manager’ and then ‘Add New’.

You can now browse documents from your system and upload them.

Our platform supports all widely used document types.

So, you don’t need to worry about it.

Manage documents in healthcare data management software

4. Document expiry setup

This is a very unique and useful feature of health data management software.

You can set up the expiry date for each document you upload.

Not only this, but you can also set up the notification you would like to receive certain days after or before the expiry of the document.

Set up document expiry date

5. Document activity logs

With just a single click, you can track all historic operations performed with a document.

Track data activity in health data management solution

6. Built-in chat

In healthcare, multiple team members are generally associated with a patient or vendor.

So, to make sure every team member from a healthcare organization remains on the same page, we have added a chat feature.

Chat feature in data management software

7. User management

From one single window, you can share access to the healthcare data management software with your team members.

Besides, you can also track their activities such as when was the last time he/she was active.

Not only this, but you can also set up the permissions they have to make sure not all users from your team have access to all the features and data on the platform.

User management feature in healthcare data management software

8. Permission management

We made the solution so comprehensive that you can select and deselect each feature of the healthcare data management software your team members have permission for.

However, this becomes tedious for you to set permissions manually for each user.

So, we added an advanced feature.

All you need to do is, select and deselect the features you want someone to have access to and give it a ‘permission name’.

So, next time when you want to give permissions to a user, you don’t need to select and deselect features again.

You just need to select the ‘permission name’ from the list and all the selected permissions under that name will be given to that user automatically.

Manage your software usage permission from one place

Set up permission level

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Now, Take a Look at the Architecture of Healthcare Data Management Software

It is a web-based health data management solution.

This means, no installation is needed.

You can access it from any browser or any device.

And its architecture is what makes it special from the rest.

But how?

Well, it comes up with multi-user architecture.

In other words – it offers a separate web portal for patients and internal and external users.

For a better understanding, take a look at the below image.

Architecture of healthcare data management software

Architecture overview of our health data management solution:

  • There is one master admin who can control everything – from patient to provider.
  • There is one separate portal for internal users (doctors and other clinical and non-clinical staff) to let them manage their clinical workflows.
  • There is one separate portal for external users (patients and their caregivers) to let them be aware of their care delivery.

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You Can Also Integrate It With Your Preferred Health Tech Solutions!

The importance of tech integration in healthcare is – inexpressible!

Because it,

Integration benefits in health data management software

You can gain this much benefit with our ready-made health data management solution.

Because it comes up with seamless integration capabilities!

Means, you can integrate it with any health tech software you want.

For example,

1. Integration with EMR/EHR

You can access, manage and share the personal and health records of patients directly from the provider data management software.

2. Integration with wearable or IoT devices

You can access, monitor, manage and share the vital signs data of a patient in real-time from the health data management solution.

3. Integration with HIS (Hospital Information System)

You can access, manage, and share the entire hospital information such as:

  • Financing
  • Insurance
  • Care delivery
  • Payment
  • Human resource

4. Integration with LIS (Laboratory Information System)

You can access, manage and share all laboratory-related data directly from the healthcare data management software.

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Importance of Data Management in Healthcare and Where Does Our Solution Fit in

Be it patient data or provider data management in healthcare, things need to be carried out in a precise and efficient manner to avoid unnecessary rework and costly mistakes.

A well-organized and easily accessible healthcare dataset offers several fresh opportunities for a healthcare organization.

It enables you to thrive and perform better in the form of increased revenue, remarkable patient experience, and 100% compliance readiness.

However, dealing with data without messing it up is an art the whole healthcare industry lacks.

They don’t have answers to several questions associated with the privacy and security of healthcare data.

So, we at SyS Creations invested our best resources and almost 2 years to build something very epic.

It is capable of eliminating all ‘what’ and ‘how’ out of healthcare data management.

Yes, we are talking about our healthcare data management solution.

It helps healthcare entities manage patients, providers, or any other data from a centralized dashboard while having ultimate control over who has access to it.

A Seamless Approach to Acquiring Our Solution for Healthcare Data Management Software

There are two different approaches to software acquisition.

And both of them depend on you.

1. You have basic requirements. We have a ready-made product.

  • You just need to fill up the contact form.
  • We’ll connect with you virtually within 2 to 4 hours.
  • Now, we’ll give you a live demo of our product and reveal its pricing.
  • If it fits your both clinical and financial needs – we’ll host it on your own server.

2. You have unique requirements. We have a customizable product.

These unique needs may include – branding, features, functionalities, compliance, etc.

  • Write down your requirements in the contact form
  • We’ll review it and connect with you virtually within 2 to 4 hours.
  • We’ll provide a timeline of the customization process along with its cost.
  • Our team will start customization as per your needs.
  • Once it’s done, we’ll run a few tests on it (from usability and QA to compliance).
  • Before hosting it on your own server – we’ll give you a live working demo of it.

How Much Time and Cost Will It Take for Customization?

The truth is – there is no fixed time and amount.

Because it all relies on your needs and how complex they are.

And without knowing that – we don’t want to give you any random numbers.

Because as a healthcare IT company, we value your precious time and money.

But we can ensure something about its customization time and cost.

  • It’ll cost 70% to 80% less compared to custom healthcare data management software.
  • The customization will not take weeks. You’ll get the product in your hands within a few days.

Still, want to know more about it?

Hit the Contact Us button now!

Top 5 FAQs Around Our Health Data Management Solution

The following are the most common questions asked by healthcare providers and stakeholders.

In case your question is not covered in it – feel free to contact us!

1. Is your healthcare data management solution mobile or web app?

It is a web app.

Based on our observation, we concluded that a web app is what providers and healthcare administrative staff find more convenient to use compared to a mobile app.

And the reason is pretty simple.

Unlike a mobile app, a web app opens on the big window of a laptop or computer which makes it very easy to navigate.

2. What is the tech stack you have used to build your health data management solution?

The tech stack includes,

  • React.js for frontend development
  • Node.js for backend development
  • MongoDB Atlas for database management
  • Twilio for communication purposes

3. Can both small clinics and large hospitals use your solution to manage data?

Yes. The software is very flexible.

Regardless of operation scale, any healthcare setting including clinics, hospitals, and senior care homes can use our solution to get rid of paperwork and save crucial administrative time and effort.

4. How will you deliver the medical data management solution?

The process is very straightforward.

We first give you the live demo of the product and share its costing details.

If that suits you, we listen to your custom requirements.

After customizing the product as per your needs and testing it, we share its access (for a lifetime) along with its usability guide with you.

This entire process takes a maximum of 60 working days from our end.

5. Are there any healthcare settings using your product?

Yes, even though we made it live (unofficially) just a month back, there are more than 10 healthcare centers in Canada currently using it.

So, it is a trusted and tested product.