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Best NDIS Software for Providers: [Features, Pricing, & Live Product Demo]

Quick Summary: In Australia, all small providers have one requirement in common – internal team management and communication with clients – which they can easily address through Excel and manual SMS/calling.

However, disability service providers are expanding their reach and client base.

And it’s becoming difficult for them to manage their multiple back-office team members, caregivers, vendors, and clients using the manual approach.

This is when NDIS software comes into the picture!

It facilitates providers to manage the workflows of caregivers, clients & vendors and allows them to execute their level of operations from the web app itself – without calling or sending SMS manually to anyone.

And in this blog, we have share everything about it.

A Little Introduction to Our NDIS Software Solution

It is a web-based NDIS management software.

And it is totally different from the rest of the NDIS software (Alayacare, GoodHuman, etc.) available in the market.

Because you can customize it according to your unique needs.

The best part here is that – there is no limitation on customization.

You’ll get 360° freedom for it.

In essence, it is the most flexible, customizable, and affordable software for your NDIS needs available out there.

To get a more sense of it, explore its real-screen images.

(Note: These are not the final images of NDIS software. Its UI/UX may vary as we customize it as per the unique requirements of providers.)

Best NDIS software

What Makes Our Solution the Best NDIS Software for Providers?

There are several NDIS management software available out there.

But our solution can easily outsmart all of them.

The reason is – its functionalities!

And here, we are sharing a few of them.

1. The No-Code Capabilities that Offer Convenience

Our NDIS management solution is equipped with no-code functionality.

That means, it enables you to build your own application within it without the knowledge of any coding.

In other words, you can configure the software to address any of the workflows as it has no fixed boundaries like other solutions like AlayaCare and GoodHuman.

Let us give you an example for better understanding.

The No-Code Checklist Maker Feature:

It enables you to create a custom checklist or daily checks in just 6 simple steps.

And the following is the entire process for it.

  • Give checklist name
  • Add fields
  • Add custom status
  • Configure those statuses
  • Share it with users
  • Review and Confirm

Configure new checklist

You can create a checklist for literally anything by selecting and adding preferences.

And since it has no-code capabilities – this entire process takes less than 2 minutes.

Besides, from one single place, you can view and manage all those checklists you and your team members have created.

Checklist management

2. The Multi-User Architecture Makes It Unique

This is another functionality that makes our solution the best NDIS software.

It offers a separate web portal for your internal and external users.

These users may include your – clients, providers, caregivers and vendors.

It enables them to view, manage and perform their day-to-day operations from their own portal.

Meanwhile, you can view and manage all those users (and their operations) from your own dashboard – called as master admin portal.

This entire architecture helps in optimizing the workflow for the providers – at the same time, saves operational time and cost for the organizations.

Here is how the multi-user architecture looks like.

NDIS software architecture

3. It is Compliant NDIS Software

We are a healthcare-focused IT company.

Thus, we thoroughly understand the importance of data privacy and security.

Therefore, our solution is compliant with many compliance laws such as –

  • GDPR

In essence, you don’t have to worry about cyber attacks or data breaches with our NDIS management solution.

Top 10 Features of NDIS Management Software

Due to the multiple features available, we have listed the most important ones here.

But to explore all of them – you just need to contact us.

We’ll get back to you with a live product demo within 2 to 4 hours.

So, let’s explore.

1. Add and Manage Clients/Vendors

You can easily create new profiles for clients and vendors in just a few steps.

Besides, you can also view and manage all that information from a single screen.

And since it has parallel browsing – you can manage an endless number of users at once.

Create and manage client and vendor profiles

2. Internal Team Allocation to Clients

This process is very simple.

You just need to select an internal team member who will associate with your client.

Besides, you can also provide additional information or access to that team member.

Internal team allocation to clients

3. Document Management with Automatic Document Expiry Notification

The document management process is quite full of hassle.

And there is always a risk of a data breach in it.

But our NDIS software comes up with HIPAA-compliant document management features.

It not just helps you store crucial documents but also lets you set expiry notifications in order to not miss out on document upgrading.

Document management in NDIS software

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4. Task Management

You can create and assign tasks to each internal and external user using NDIS management software.

What you need to do is –

  • Open the user’s profile
  • Provide task-related information and create a task

Creat and manage task in NDIS software

The best thing is that you can also set an expiry date and time along with an automated notification.

Furthermore, there is also a task management feature called – time tracking.

Under this, you can track the status and time of each task that needs to be done, in progress or completed.

Task time tracking

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5. Custom SMS/email Notification Management

You can set automated notifications for any of the events performed by – the client, provider or vendor.

For example,

  • Medication reminder
  • Document expiry
  • Task reminder

The most interesting part is that – you can create your own content for notifications.

Edit notification

And from a single screen – you can manage all those notifications as shown in the below image.

NDIS software notification management

6. Advanced Permission Management

You can give specific permission to each client, provider, and vendor.

This permission may include

  • View
  • Create
  • Update
  • Delete

Manage NDIS software user permission level

7. Built-in Chat Options

This feature makes our solution the best NDIS software for small providers.

Because it lets both internal and external users collaborate – in real time.

This helps you in getting out of the time-consuming, error-prone, and tedious phone calls.

HIPAA compliant text messaging

8. Inventory Management

You can easily get a clear view of all your inventory from the dashboard.

This information may include,

  • View all the products by their name and categories
  • Available products in each warehouse
  • Upcoming products in each warehouse
  • Number of products available in each warehouse

Manage inventory in NDIS management software

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9. Service/Product Listing and Management

You can list and manage all the products or services you are offering in one place.

In which, you can

  • Set pricing
  • Set categories
  • Add videos

List services in NDIS management software

10. Two-Factor Authentication

As we said earlier – we understand the importance of data privacy and security.

Thus, our NDIS management solution comes up with two-factor authentication.

With that, you don’t need to worry about unauthorized access to the software.

The Unique Pricing Structure of Our Solution for NDIS Software

First of all, there is no such thing as ‘plans’ in our case.

Means, there is no monthly/yearly subscription fee.

We make it very affordable and transparent by letting you acquire it with just a one-time licensing fee.

With that, you’ll get

  • Lifetime usage rights for an unlimited number of your users
  • The software comes with your branding
  • We’ll host it on your server (to give you a certain level of control and peace of mind)

But if you wish to customize the product as per your needs – we do it too with the help of our in-house development team.

And for whatever hours that customization would require, we charge a nominal hourly development fee.

That is just because of the dedicated efforts our developers are putting to deliver you a fully customized product.

This flexibility you will never be able to receive with other NDIS software like AlayaCare and GoodHuman.

Because they sell SaaS products that can’t be customized.

The following table will help you make a rational decision that you will not regret.

NDIS software pricing

How to Get Started with the Best NDIS Software for Providers?

You just need to do one simple step.

Just fill up the contact form.

Now sit back and relax.

  • We’ll get back to you with a live product demo within 4 hours.
  • We’ll reveal the pricing of it.
  • If there are customization needs – we’ll listen to it.
  • Our in-house team will customize the NDIS software.
  • Once it is done – we’ll perform several tests on it (including QA, usability, and compliance audit).
  • Before handing over the product, we’ll give you a live working demo of the customized product.