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AlayaCare Vs. GoodHuman Comparison: Which NDIS Software is Better?

Quick Summary: AlayaCare Vs. Good human – is the question we hear all the time. But which NDIS software goes above and beyond its competitors in Australia?

All small providers have one requirement in common – internal team management and communication with clients – which they can easily address through Excel and manual SMS/calling.

But with disability service providers expanding their reach and client base, how do they manage their multiple back-office team members, caregivers, vendors, and clients at the same time?

There is some serious technology adoption happening. Disability service providers are now relying heavily on web-based NDIS management software.

Excel and manual SMS/calls aren’t too terrible, but NDIS management software is absolutely ideal for anyone needing to create a roster, add & assign tasks, manage documents, and make communication automatic with custom SMS/email triggers.

It facilitates providers to manage the workflows of caregivers, clients & vendors and allows them to execute their level of operations from the web app itself – without calling or sending SMS manually to anyone.

So back to the main question – what’s better: AlayaCare or GoodHuman?

Let’s dig deep into each software, discuss the pros & cons and cover all features of AlayaCare and GoodHuman in our NDIS software comparison series.

What is AlayaCare?

Based in Montreal, Canada, AlayaCare offers a wide range of software for home care and senior care agencies.

It has over 500 employees and it operates business operations in North America and Australia.

The company has raised over $293 million through the world’s best investors.

Talking specifically about its NDIS software for providers, it is ranked as Australia’s one of the best software for disability service providers. However, it wasn’t built from scratch. Instead, it was most likely built on top of its existing home care software.

Equipped with some very useful features like client management, budget management, invoice and claim management, AlayaCare makes it seamless for disability service providers to manage every single thing with full visibility and transparency.


Credit: AlayaCare

What is GoodHuman?

Based in Melbourne, Australia, GoodHuman is a fairly new company. Founded in 2018, GoodHuman helps human services organizations to deliver their services in modern and client-focused ways.

GoodHuman claims to offer a single source of truth to disability service providers in the form of its 360-degree NDIS software.

GoodHuman’s software is armed with all the purposeful modules which include NDIS CRM, time attendance, NDIS rostering, plan, payroll and finance management.


Credit: GoodHuman

AlayaCare Vs. GoodHuman: Comparing the core features

Although both of the software serve the same industry and have similar feature sets, each of them has differences in terms of how micro those features can get and their overall functionalities.

These both software are ultimately suitable for different organizations and their different things. Thus, it becomes crucial to know the core features in very detail.

In this following section, we will list out major features and help you figure out which delivers you more value than others.

alayacare vs goodhuman
(The good thing about AlayaCare is that it is not just limited to NDIS. It is an actual ecosystem for home care and senior care agencies. Thus, it is possible for AlayaCare to meet your custom requirements which aren’t there in their NDIS software for providers, but in other products. One such example is remote monitoring.)


In a disability care setting, clients or patients matter the most. Every operation at the disability care center is executed with reference to the clients. Thus, it becomes vital to manage all clients, their documents, their care plans, and other important information from a single place.

Both AlayaCare and GoodHuman provide you with NDIS CRM to manage your clients. However, compared to AlayaCare, GoodHuman offers less CRM flexibility. Because the patient portal of AlayaCare is more feature-rich – allowing clients/patients to perform a large number of tasks.

Through the client portal, clients can fill out the forms and view all forms shared with them by their care team. In addition to this, they can view their care team, request new care services, and view details of the next and last care visit.

The following is the entire list of what clients can do with the AlayaCare client portal.


NDIS rostering:

Assigning tasks to your caregivers specific to each client is very overwhelming. Because it is full of uncertainty. If something does not go as planned, the client suffers greatly.

Thus, considering the gravity of NDIS rostering, both AlayaCare and GoodHuman offer that feature in their NDIS management software.

However, the biggest catch here is the poor UI/UX of AlayaCare. This might not sound like a big deal, but, it makes navigating the software challenging for the users and this sometimes leads to errors.

Both of these software offer smart rostering features which enable you to automatically find the perfect caregiver based on the set criteria, availability, and experience for each client.

However, GoodHuman offers you more flexibility with its automation capabilities.

Team dashboard:

Caregivers are an important part of the overall care delivery plans and workflows. You must empower them with the right tools to find all information about their assigned clients, their detailed care plans, shift details, location of the clients, clients’ medical info, etc.

Both AlayaCare and GoodHuman are armed with feature-rich team dashboards, helping caregivers to seamlessly perform their part of the jobs.

However, if we compare AlayaCare and GoodHuman, AlayaCare gets a competitive edge. Its team app offers more flexibility due to advanced features such as electronic charting, route optimization, and most importantly offline mode.

But in terms of UI/UX, this time too, GoodHuman wins the game. Because of its modern UI/UX, caregivers find it less stressful and time-consuming to navigate their dashboard and execute tasks on the go.

NDIS invoicing:

It has been observed that billing and invoicing are where disability service providers spend most of their time and still, they end up losing a lot of money because of submitting invoices with errors.

The complex nature of service codes and different additional claims submitted by caregivers from the field make the overall process more complicated and overwhelming for the back office staff.

Thus, typical invoicing software does not play its role vitally. A more advanced and automated system is the only solution.

GoodHuman has worked relentlessly to introduce the Connected NDIS Invoicing feature that enables disability server providers to connect the dots between caregivers, administrators, and clients.

This is how GoodHuman explains that feature, “When a customer booking is created, line items are informed by the customer’s digital service agreement and calculated based on the service provided, time, day, location, and support level required.”

Talking about AlayaCare’s invoicing feature, it also has a very superb system. However, it is not as advanced as GoodHuman.

Here it is worth mentioning that being a local Australian company, GoodHuman understands the actual on-ground needs of the Australian human service industry. Thus, it is easier for them to address those local needs.

AlayaCare Vs. GoodHuman pricing

Let’s be honest. Your focus must be revolving around its pricing rather than its core features. So, let’s help you out.

Both of these tools are outstanding NDIS software. However, GoodHuman offers more transparency than AlayaCare when it comes to pricing.

Let us explain.

AlayaCare pricing:

The size and operation of AlayaCare are easily double than GoodHuman. Still, AlayaCare has not revealed its NDIS software pricing anywhere publicly.

The only few things we can find on its official website are,

  • You need to pay a monthly subscription fee (The moment you stop paying a monthly subscription, you lose its software usage rights. It is like Netflix!)
  • That fee will depend on the software module you choose
  • In addition to this, you will also need to pay for the total number of service hours you have each month

GoodHuman pricing:

The best thing GoodHuman can ever do is to make their pricing publicly available.

GoodHuman charges $25 per user/month. So, if you have 20 team members, you will need to pay $500 per month. And that would cost you $6000 per annum.

However, the catch here is, you need to buy its subscription plan for at least 10 team members. That’s the minimum limit you have to meet in order to use its NDIS management software.

Alternative to AlayaCare and GoodHuman for best NDIS software

Both of these NDIS tools are among the most common NDIS tools available in Australia. But in case you haven’t picked either of them, there is another you can consider.

Our cloud-based HIPAA-compliant white-label NDIS software is the ultimate alternative to AlayaCare and GoodHuman.

It is the most flexible, customizable, and affordable software for your NDIS needs available out there.

Additionally, it is equipped with no-code functionality which enables you to build your own application within it without the knowledge of any coding.

In other words, you can configure the software to address any of the workflows as it has no fixed boundaries like AlayaCare and GoodHuman.

One application you can build within it on your own is a daily checklist or daily checks. You can make it on just 6 screens.

Give checklist name >> Add fields >> Add custom status >> Configure those status >> Share it with users >> Review and Confirm


You can create a checklist for literally anything as the software has no-code capabilities which both AlayaCare and GoodHuman lack.


White-label NDIS web app’s other game-changing features include

  • CRM to manage clients/vendors
  • Different dashboards for master admin, internal team members, patients, caregivers, vendors, and vendors’ team members
  • Internal team allocation to clients
  • Document management with automatic document expiry notification
  • Task management
  • Custom SMS/email notification management
  • Advanced permission management
  • Patient service/product ordering system
  • Order/service status tracking
  • Built-in chat options
  • Inventory management
  • Service/product listing and management
  • Check in/check out

The following are its real screen images. (However, the final UI might have little difference as we customize the software as per the unique branding and operational needs of our every client to let them claim high ROI.)

white label ndis software

White-label NDIS management tool pricing plans

First of all, there is no such thing as ‘plans’ in our case.

We make it very affordable and transparent by letting you acquire its unlimited usage rights for an unlimited number of your users by paying a one-time licensing fee.

There is no monthly/yearly subscription fee.

The software comes with your branding and we host it on your server. So, you will have partial IP rights which give you a certain level of control and peace of mind.

If you wish to add new features to it – as per your needs – we do it too with the help of our development team. And for whatever hours that customization would require, we charge a nominal hourly development fee. That is just because of the dedicated efforts our developers are putting to deliver you a fully customized product.

This flexibility you will never be able to receive with AlayaCare and GoodHuman. Because they sell SaaS products that can’t be customized.

The following table will help you make a rational decision that you will not regret.

white label ndis software

The question isn’t AlayaCare Vs. GoodHuman: It’s why not a white-label NDIS product?

The NDIS software comparison reveals one thing – neither is perfect.

They both have their pros and cons and it is up to you to decide which one you find more valuable. AlayaCare has very micro features with poor UI/UX, whereas GoodHuman has limited yet modern features along with remarkable UI/UX.

This is why we have listed an alternative if AlayaCare and GoodHuman fail to meet your needs.

If you want software with your own branding, flexibility to add your own features, no liability to pay a subscription fee, and advanced no-code capabilities to configure the software as per your workflows, neither AlayaCare nor GoodHuman can help you in any way.

And for those needs only, we have built a no-code white-label NDIS software that comes with something AlayaCare and GoodHuman can never deliver – as it is bound to the business model!