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Telemedicine is Dead and Something New is Replacing It: Start Digital Health Clinic for Men

The blog title speaks everything!

We don’t want to be controversial but this is a reality that the telemedicine platforms are slowly sinking into the deep ocean of gender-specific healthcare needs.

No doubt, there was a profitable market for the telemedicine during COVID-19 pandemic but the specific gender such as men requires more than just virtual care solutions.

In short, starting a digital health clinic for men is a more promising and effective solution.

Let’s explore why!

Telemedicine is not Fulfilling the Modern Needs of the Men’s Health

Despite the usefulness and functionality of telemedicine, its drawbacks are constantly rising as men’s health is no longer limited to virtual care services.

Also, it requires a seamless care experience and adequate product solutions so that men can focus on their healthy lifestyles hassle-free.

However, with just telemedicine solutions, you are not going to deliver it till eternity, and here are some of the reasons behind it.

  • Not focusing on gender-specific needs: Most telemedicine platforms focus on broad care solutions. That’s the reason, it is not able to fulfill gender-specific needs with ease.
  • Virtual care is the primary focus: Because of this, men need to visit the pharmacy store as fewer telemedicine platforms offer prescription delivery solutions.
  • Not offering product solutions: Fewer telemedicine platforms sell men’s health products under the same umbrella.
  • Less affordable without insurance: Non-insured health services are costlier as telemedicine only focuses on virtual care solutions.

From the above parameters, we can safely say that offering only telemedicine solutions is not going to help you achieve your healthcare enterprise goals in the upcoming years.

In short, your telemedicine platform will surely vanish just like boiling water in this ever-expanding digital health tech era.

Thus, a digital clinic for men is the only hope if you want to avoid all this mess.

How Digital Health Clinic for Men is Decoding the Real-Life Health and Wellness Concerns of Men?

A digital health clinic delivers comprehensive solutions regarding men’s health from virtual care to product solutions and doorstep delivery.

The ultimate goal of the digital health clinic for men is to provide a seamless care experience without adding any complexity.

Using the digital health clinic platform, men can effortlessly connect to online care providers for their health or wellness-related concerns so they can buy adequate products to overcome poor well-being.

What are the Benefits?

  • Multiple health and wellness solutions in one place make digital health clinics for men more affordable for non-insured care solutions
  • There is no need for the men to go elsewhere to purchase the products
  • Can communicate with the experts for any query regarding health and product
  • It enables you to provide a subscription-based care model so that you can attract more customers
  • You can also offer personalized care solutions for men
  • What makes digital health clinics for men is that a pharmacy delivery solutions
  • Gives your health tech enterprise better transparency

How Does a Digital Health Clinic for Men Work?

Let's assume a scenario where a man has a skincare concern.

Step-1: Opens a digital health clinic platform

Step 2: Submit the symptoms and medical history in the app

Step 3: Certified healthcare experts conduct a virtual conference with the patient

Step 4: Suggest or prescribe skincare products as per the man’s skin condition

Step 5: Now, man purchase that product from the same platform for one time or can buy a subscription plan for delivery every month

Step 6: Doorstep skincare product delivery

What are the Men’s Health Solutions You Can Offer in a Digital Health Clinic?

You can offer both prescription and non-prescription products.

  • Weight management
  • Sexual health concerns
  • Hair and body
  • Daily health
  • Mental health
  • Skincare

Is it Right to Invest in a Digital Health Clinic for Men?

Undeniably, yes!

A digital health clinic is a superior solution that holds the enormous potential to meet the modern health and wellness demands of men.

There are only a few numbers of health tech startups that deliver gender-specific healthcare solutions.

That means the competition is lower in the market.

What’s more, the demand for men’s health virtual and product solutions is rapidly growing so there is a high ROI for starting a digital health clinic for men.

Last, but not least, it attracts more customers or patients as there are multiple men’s health and wellness solutions at the same place.

Explore the Top 3 Digital Health Clinic Platforms for Men’s Health and Wellness

#1. Roman:


Roman mainly focuses on men’s hair loss and sexual health concerns.

To do so, it offers personalized treatment solutions with the help of US-licensed healthcare experts and certified pharmacies.

#2. Mens:


Using Men’s digital health clinic platform, patients can effortlessly connect with medical experts regarding hair loss or erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, patients can also purchase the products as per suggestions by the experts.

#3. Jack Health:

image2Jack Health is one of the leading digital health clinics for men in Canada.

It offers free medical consultation and delivery services for various hair, skin, sexual, and daily health-related issues.

What are the Features You Can Add to the Digital Health Clinic Platform for Men?

For Users:

  • Dashboard
  • Appointment booking
  • Appointment reminder
  • Appointment history
  • Communication method – chat, voice call, and video call
  • Product section
  • Shopping cart
  • Order booking and tracking
  • Medication tracker and reminder
  • Medication refill
  • Review and feedback
  • Technical support

For Doctors:

  • Dashboard
  • Appointment management
  • Appointment reminder
  • Access to patient medical data
  • Communication method – chat, voice call, and video call
  • Medical and sick notes
  • Appointment history
  • Billing and earning
  • e-Prescription
  • Analytics
  • Technical support

Note: The health-tech platform performs in an intense healthcare environment. In simple terms, healthcare-specific developers are needed to develop a robust and interactive digital health clinic for men.

Explore Our App Solutions for a Digital Health Clinic for Men

Native Mobile App Development:

If you want a high-performing, flexible, and more scalable mHealth app, we have a native app development solution for you.

In this approach, we use Java, Flutter, and Python for Android development and Swift for iOS development.

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development:

It takes less development time compared to the native app as the developer doesn’t need to write a different codebase for both Android and iOS applications.

MVP Mobile and Web App Development:

It is the superior solution if you want to launch the app in the market in less time and also have low investment capital.

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