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How to Build a Digital Wellbeing App Like Wellbeats When Peloton is Losing its Value?

Quick Summary: With the fall of Peloton, the opportunities for starting your own digital fitness and wellness platform are stacking up.

Once valued at a whopping $50 billion, the online wellness & fitness giant lost over $42 billion and is now valued at just $8 billion.

Meaning, Peloton has just made a market space worth $42 billion for you.

But the question is, how to capitalize on this fresh opportunity with wellness app development service.

Before we along with our healthcare IT expertise come to your rescue, let us share a very interesting Twitter thread.

What is a digital wellbeing app?

Wellbeing is anything which is good for people. It generally deals with both physical and mental goodness. So, anything which enhances physical and mental goodness must come under wellbeing.

However, people generally get confused between fitness and wellbeing. In a true sense, fitness is one of the dimensions of wellbeing as fitness is part of physical goodness.

Talking about a wellbeing app, it is a medium to bring you physical and mental goodness using cutting-edge technologies. For example, it helps you meditate, perform workouts, balance your nutrition, manage your sleep cycle and consult with a therapist or coach.

In a more specific meaning, a digital wellbeing app is a digital solution or platform which suggests both physical and mental goodness activities to the users and helps them to record & track their progress through a comprehensive dashboard.

How does a wellness app help users?

Before planning to go for wellness app development service to build wellness app, you must understand its benefits which you can use in business model as value proportions.

  • Good habit building

Users can set which good habit they want to build and the wellbeing app daily engages users in habit building exercises with different activities, tasks and resources. Similarly, users can also get rid of any bad habit they have.

  • Physical fitness

A digital wellbeing app is equipped with an online fitness platform that users can leverage to set physical fitness goals, perform workouts guided by either pre-recorded videos or live fitness sessions and track how close they are getting to their set goal.

  • Ultimate mental health

Armed with soothing music and hundreds of personalized meditation & yoga sessions, the wellbeing app enables users to practice meditation and attain the highest level of mental health.

  • Have ‘meaningful’ food

Food is what defines our inner and outer structure. Thus, an online wellbeing app facilitates users to know the nutrition value of the food they are having, track what and how much they are having and build good food habits.

About Wellbeats – a very successful digital wellbeing platform (recently acquired by LifeSpeak)

Based in Minneapolis and founded in 2008, Wellbeats is a 360-degree digital wellbeing platform equipped with virtual fitness, mindfulness and nutrition modules.

The best part of the Wellbeats platform is that it is designed and built for all – workplaces, schools, universities, families, fitness centers and even for militaries.

In addition to this, its 1000+ online sessions have been crafted with ultimate precision for all age groups, interests and ability levels.

To access these 1000+ online sessions around fitness, mental health and nutrition, users have three options – Wellbeats iOS app, Android app and web app.


Recently – as per official reports – LifeSpeak which is a Canadian wellness company acquired Wellbeats for up to $117.9 million CAD ($92.5 million USD). This acquisition would help LifeSpeak to introduce cross-selling opportunities.

To whom Wellbeats serves with its digital wellbeing platform

Wellbeats has introduced a very profitable business model by bringing several core players of the industry to its target audience. For instance,

  • HR & Employers

Employers can give free access to Wellbeats and its wellbeing sessions to their employees and their families which results in a more happy and healthy workforce, capable of achieving productivity goals.

  • Health Plans and Insurers

Like employers, health plan providers can also give free access to Wellbeats to their clients and their families for starting an outcome-focused journey toward their physical and mental health goals.

  • Brokers and Consultants

Brokers and consultants can also acquire a high number of customers by giving free access to the Wellbeats platform and managing all subscriptions from their dedicated dashboard.

Is it profitable to build a digital wellbeing app like Wellbeats with wellness app development service?

In the introduction of the blog, we already gave you a reason to build a digital wellbeing app with wellness app development service, especially after the fall of Peloton. But we know, that’s not enough to clear your doubts. So, let us share some other facts.

  • After the pandemic, people are more concerned about their health and mental health than ever.
  • Mental health is emerging as the most severe healthcare challenge.
  • People opt-in more for digital solutions than traditional methods of physical and mental health therapies.
  • App development technologies have advanced so greatly that the cost barrier has been solved to some extent.
  • You have a large market to serve – individuals, employers, health plan providers, universities.
  • The operating cost of a digital wellbeing app like Wellbeats is low as 90% of sessions are performed with pre-recorded videos.
  • You have the opportunity to generate multiple revenue streams which help you make more revenue.
  • You do not require a large team as many crucial operations are automated and performed online – such as customer service through the chatbot.

Top common and advanced features you must include in your digital wellbeing platform

Feature set drives user experience as well as app development budget. Thus, let us help you filter out or select only those features which make sense for your users.

Common features:

  • Sign up/Log in with social media
  • Profile creation
  • Set goals
  • Progress tracker
  • Workout modes
  • Workout sessions
  • Meditation sessions
  • Yoga sessions
  • Sleep tracker
  • Mood tracker
  • Food tracker
  • Live classes
  • Diet plan
  • Chat, voice call, video call with the coach
  • Add family members
  • Subscription plans
  • Payment
  • Notifications

Advanced features:

  • Chatbot
  • Gamification
  • Community
  • Wearable integration
  • Employer dashboard

How can we help you build wellness app like Wellbeats?

Who are we?: We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company. In other words, we are an IT company which only works on healthcare IT projects. And when we say ‘we’, we mean healthcare developers, UI/UX designers, business analysts, compliance specialists and QA engineers.

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And what for you?: Well, we have 3E – experts, expertise and experience – which you can utilize to its full potential for your gain. You will enjoy peace of mind as having healthcare IT experts beside you is like having Abraham Lincoln as the president of the USA! We’ll not make you lose the game!

This is our 17-steps wellness app development process we put in use to deliver extraordinary results.

Wellness app development process