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Custom Laboratory Workflow Automation Solution to Automate LIS Data Entry, Documentation, Reporting, Billing

Quick summary: Things go pretty smooth when you adopt the technology. But things go pretty profitable and time-saving when you adopt automation technology.

Having smart medical labs is not about Alexa-controlled lighting and cooling systems. But it is all about automation-controlled workflows.

So, if you are serious about saving time and efforts you put in adding lab results data into EHR, extracting data from EHR, making data entry into your internal system, generating reports, performing billing and many other boring tasks, we can seriously and brilliantly help you.

And the first aid to you from our side is this blog!

The question is, does your medical lab really need a workflow automation solution?

Honestly, we don’t know who you are. But we know what challenges you are going through.

Poor productivity, costly errors, over-reliance on the workforce, and extensive manual work must be some of your challenges.

If we are right, we own a drink!

On a serious note, these challenges are getting worse with your expansion and on a very terrible note, these challenges might not be allowing you to expand.

What we are here trying to do is help you in evaluating your need for a lab workflow automation solution.

If you’re terribly stuck with the challenges we just shared, you must consider adopting lab automation software or solution.

That’s the most magical, ethical and workable way to get out of the mess you are into!

How does the automation solution automate your laboratory workflows?

Trust us, this is going to be a luxurious experience for you at the cost of your guts to change the way your lab operates.

Before you come to any conclusion, let us clarify that we are here talking about workflow automation and not machinery automation!

Anyway, here is how lab workflow automation works.

  • You choose a process to be automated. Processes can be any – from billing to reporting and data entry. But you must understand that processes with fixed input and output are very feasible to automate with basic automation technology. But those dynamic processes need to be automated with the advanced automation solution equipped with AI and machine learning algorithms.
  • Our automation developers build a software bot using RPA technology and RPA tools such as UiPath and Automation Anywhere. This software bot is a .exe program that gets installed on your system.
  • This software bot is trained and built to perform specific tasks automatically. And it can perform several tasks. But the limitation here is that a software bot can work on a single workflow at a time.
  • There are majorly two types of software bots. An unattended software bot activates by itself at a scheduled time whereas an attended software bot needs to be activated by human command.
  • If you deploy multiple bots, you can also have a dashboard to track what each bot is doing and its performance.
  • To run this software bot, you only need to keep your system powered. It performs all operations by itself. These operations include clicking, typing, selecting, copying, pasting, etc.

The working example of lab data entry automation

A software bot that is designed and built to perform the data entry process opens a system folder containing lab test results.

It then opens a PDF file of the report, scans it, identifies the data including the name of the patient, copies the specific data of that patient, opens EHR & that patient profile and pastes the copied data in the right location – all within 1 minute or less than it which we humans would take at least 4 to 5 minutes.

The bot successfully completes a single cycle. It again performs the same thing for another data entry. It keeps doing this until all data entries are made in EHR.

3rd party automation tools vs custom automation solution: What’s more beneficial?

Let’s face it.

First, 3rd party automation tools aren’t made for your lab. Meaning, you receive a lot of compromises for free along the way of your paid 3rd party tool subscription.

Second, 3rd party tools charge you very smartly. Some charge you per workflow, some charge you per usage, i.e., per automatic data entry, whereas some charge you the way you never understand.

Third, nothing is in your control because you are just a user, not the owner. Imagine, shutting them down their tool while you are in the middle of your monthly report generation process.

And lastly, a lot of exposed data that puts your compliance readiness at risk.

If you are in a position to love this mess, go for 3rd party workflow automation tools and if you believe lab automation software is your investment and not spending, go for a custom one.

Which are the workflows you must automate first to claim high ROI from automation technology?

The whole idea of adopting automation in medical labs is to reduce operating costs and claim high ROI. But whether you will be able to achieve it or not depends heavily on the process or workflow you choose to automate. Because automating the wrong process adds inefficiency to the entire organization.

This is why, focus on automating these error-sensitive, tedious and time-consuming processes first.

  • Lab reporting automation: By collecting data from multiple sources and files, the software bot generates different lab reports within hours which your lab technician would take days.
  • EHR or LIS data entry automation: Automate the process of adding lab result data into EHR or LIS. This is a very tedious and time-consuming process that is mandatory too.
  • Lab orders automation: When you receive lab orders from providers or patients in different ways such as through fax, direct in EHR or on the call, automate the process of adding these lab orders into your LIS for better scheduling and tracking.
  • Lab billing and reimbursement: Automate your entire billing cycle and both private and public insurance claims to save crucial time, costly errors and unwanted delays.
  • Patient engagement & experience: Share lab results automatically with patients via SMS & email, engage patients by sharing personalized feedback forms and provide a better experience by sharing useful resources including onboarding forms automatically.

Already enjoying our blog? What about trying our expertise and healthcare passion?

It’s finally time to reveal ourselves, especially our healthcare passion!

So, we’re an Ontario-based IT company. Nothing new! But hold on, the real man thing starts here.

We are an IT company that has the guts to say no to all other industries and say yes to only the healthcare industry! Even when we know it will affect our expansion hugely!

But as they say, passion has a hunger for an impact, not profit! We had a hunger for impact and that’s why we chose to be a healthcare IT company.

And we mean it. Our entire team has healthcare-specific experience and says it upfront that they only want to work on healthcare IT projects.

Healthcare is something we understand. Thus, we aim to make it more accessible, affordable and patient-focused with the healthcare tech expertise we have earned in the last 7+ years.

Our healthcare tech expertise ranges from UI/UX to development, testing, compliance and even automation!

We are excited to see you executing your lab operations the way other labs haven’t thought of!

(P.S. We have a vision for you even before our first talk. Imagine how productive our first talk would be!)