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Best Mindbody Alternative: Architecture, Features & Pricing

Quick Summary: Mindbody is undoubtedly one of the most prominent wellness software in the world.

With its feature-heavy software, it enables wellness businesses to drive growth and build client connections without putting much effort into it.

However, not everything about Mindbody is worth praising for. Because,

  • It follows a monthly-based pricing model which is costlier for small and medium wellness businesses.
  • There is no customization solutions.
  • You have to settle down with their pre-built software which is built for millions of similar businesses like yours but not yours!
  • You own nothing. Neither source code nor a single feature!
  • The moment you stop paying the subscription fee, you cannot access the software anymore.

That’s the reason we have come up with the best Mindbody alternative!

Best Mindbody Alternative: Our HIPAA compliant wellness solution!

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company.

Being healthcare-specific for 8+ years made us very aware of the pain areas of wellness business owners.

Thus, to help them navigate their needs without going through those pain areas, we have invested our best resources and built a powerful solution for wellness businesses.

Because of its mind-blowing features and functionalities – within one month of the product launch – more than 20 wellness, fitness, and spa business owners have acquired it.

And following are the real-screen images of it.

Best Mindbody alternative

(Please note: The final UI/UX of the wellness software will have some differences as we customize the solution as per the unique branding and operational requirements of each client before delivering it.)

Few reasons why it is the best Mindbody alternative in the market

First, it is a ready-to-use solution that also enables you to customize it according to your wellness business needs.

This way – you’ll get the software that is specifically built for you!

Apart from that, the following are some other reasons why we call it the best Mindbody alternative.

  • It is a HIPAA, PHIPA and PIPEDA-compliant wellness software.
  • We host the software on your server. So, you have a certain level of IP rights.
  • The software is fully customizable. Be it – features, functionalities, workflow or compliance.
  • You’ll get your own branding.
  • It is equipped with no-code capabilities. Meaning, you can configure it as per your workflow without having to code anything.
  • It supports multi-user architecture. Means, there is a separate portal for all of your internal and external teams or users.
  • It is built by the healthcare-focused IT team – who have developed more than 50 wellness software in a span of 8 years.

The multi-user architecture of wellness software

White-label wellness software architecture

It is not just software. But it is an entire ecosystem.

Because here – there is a separate web portal for each of the stakeholders.

It may include – internal staff, customers, vendors and their team members, caregivers, pharmacies, and the list goes on and on.

The software allows them to view, perform, and manage day-to-day tasks or activities from their own dedicated portal.

This helps in optimizing workflow and saving operational time and cost!

The no-code capabilities of our solution for wellness business

This is something that makes our solution the best Mindbody alternative.

Because it enables you to configure the software workflow at your convenience.

And to do so – there is no need for coding knowledge.

You just need to ‘select’ and ‘validate’ preferences to configure our wellness software.

To get a more sense of it, let us give you an example of its no-code checklist feature.

This feature helps you to create a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly checklist in just 6 simple steps.

In which – you have to add your preferences just as shown in the below image.

Custom checklist maker

And in the last step – you just need to validate all the information.

That’s it. You have created your own customizable checklist in just one minute.

And from the dashboard, you can view, edit, delete and share those checklists.

Checklist management

Top 10 useful features of our best mindbody alternative

Every feature is hand-picked.

Be it for business management or client management, every feature is reviewed by industry experts so that you acquire the highest ROI hassle-free.

1. Internal team management

You as a master admin can create an unlimited number of accounts for your staff members.

Once you create their profile by adding basic details, they receive an invitation in their email. So now they can log in to their dashboard or portal and perform their level of tasks.

Internal team management in wellness software

2. Client management

Same as your internal team, you can also create accounts for your clients (or clients can create their accounts by themselves through a link shared by you).

From their dashboard, they can perform their level of operations such as exploring your services/products, ordering your services/products, chatting with your team, etc.

3. Vendor and contract management

Not only your staff and clients, but you can also have profiles for your vendors or partners.

They also have a separate portal from where they can execute their tasks and make your overall business operation smooth and completely online.

Besides, you can also manage the contract with your clients and vendors.

Moreover, it also comes up with a contract expiry setup that allows you to set – notification, expiry date and a person who is going to receive a notification.

4. Product/service listing

You can list your products and services by adding images, videos, descriptions, pricing, etc.

This feature is so advanced that you can set different pricing for your B2B and B2C clients.

Product listing in white-label wellness software

5. HIPAA-compliant chat feature

This is something that makes our solution the best Mindbody alternative!

From the respective portal, all stakeholders which include master admin, staff members, clients, vendors, and vendors’ staff members can communicate with each other to remain on the same page.

HIPAA compliant texting

6. HIPAA-compliant document management

You can upload and manage important documents under the profile of each staff member, client, and vendor.

Not only this but you can also set up the expiry notification so that responsible users receive automatic notifications to update the document before it expires.

HIPAA compliant document management in wellness software

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7. Task assignment and task management

You can create tasks under each client, staff member, and vendor’s profile and assign those tasks to internal and external team members.

From the dashboard, you can view and manage the status of each task.

Task management

8. Advanced permission management

You as a master admin can literally give micro permissions (Edit, View, Add, Delete) of each and every feature of the software to your internal and external users.

Manage your wellness software user permission level

9. Advanced notification management

You can set custom triggers to receive automatic notifications in the form of SMS or email.

Not only this, but you can also configure the notification text, rather say – customizable content.

Edit notification in wellness business software

10. Two-factor authentication and automatic log out

The software is HIPAA-compliant.

Thus, it is equipped with security and privacy features that ensure the highest level of data integrity.

We also have carried out penetration testing and made it free of all found vulnerabilities.

How do we guarantee top ROI with our mindbody alternative?

The pricing model!

Unlike the rest of mindbody alternatives – our white-label wellness software has no monthly or yearly subscription plans.

Because, in the long run, it costs a lot.

For example,

If you select an ‘Accelerate’ plan of Mindbody and pay $279 per month – you end up paying $3348 per year. And in a 5-year run – you would end up paying nearly $20,000.

Even after paying this huge sum, what you receive is just usage rights of the software which isn’t made for you.

Not only this but these plans are so strategically formulated that you only have a choice to opt-in for their premium plans to claim high ROI.

Because in their affordable plans, you can perform only some basic operations.

And if you have advanced requirements, you need to purchase several Add-ons by paying extra.

Besides, things don’t end here.

You also need to pay extra for premium onboarding or having experts to help you set up the software.

However, with us, you’ll not get trapped in such a money-constrained situation.

You just need to pay a one-time fee!

That’s it. No plans. No packages. No Add-ons.

This not just offers a high ROI but also gives you peace of mind since you’ll no longer receive monthly or yearly payment reminders.

Besides, you’ll get extra benefits such as –

  • Lifetime usage rights
  • No restrictions on users. An unlimited number of users can access it.
  • Your own branding.
  • Customize as much as you want
  • We’ll host wellness software on your own server.

How to acquire our best Mindbody alternative?

We aim to keep the process straightforward.

Step 1: Let us know your interest. We will revert back to you within 2-6 hours and schedule a live product demo session.

Step 2: We will give you a live demo and share its detailed pricing.

Step 3: If that suits you, we will sign an NDA and hear your customization needs.

Step 4: Our team will customize the software as per your custom needs.

Step 5: Once our QA team approves the newly added code, we will host the software on your server.

This entire process will take only a few days!

3 FAQs on our alternative to Mindbody

If your questions are not covered here – feel free to connect with us.

Our expert team will guide you through any query regarding our solution.

1. Who can acquire your solution?

In one sentence – everyone who has a health and wellness business.

For example,

  • Fitness business
  • Spa business
  • Salon
  • Integrative Health

2. How much time does it take for customization?

Only a few days. Because the solution is ready.

We just need to do code on top of the base as per your need.

Furthermore, the team that developed this software will perform the customization part.

3. How much investment is required for customization?

There is no fixed amount for it. And there is a reason behind it.

Since the cost of customization is totally based on your requirements – it is not possible for us to set a fixed cost.

Because we don’t want to give you any random numbers and mislead you.

Instead – you just need to pay for the number of hours that our team will spend on customizing the software according to your needs.

And since the product is ready, it’ll not take thousands of hours for customization!