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On-Demand Doctor App Development | Get Healthcare Delivered At Your Convenience With Our White Label Platform

Healthcare IT solutions are meant to make the healthcare industry an easygoing place.

Thus, there are healthcare apps to make patients’ lives easier!

It includes delivering care and consultation at the patient’s convenience.

A white-label doctor on-demand app is just like Batman rising from the shadows.

An on-demand doctor app development comes into existence to tackle the problems of healthcare consultation for patients on the same ground.

It is a generic developed app for your convenience.

So, whether you are a patient or a medical practitioner, it is advantageous for both of you.

Additionally, it saves the time and effort of creating an app from scratch.

We just don’t develop the app for you, we provide you with solutions.

What is Our White-Label Doctor On-Demand App?

Imagine, if you are a patient who wants to get a doctor’s consultation, you either have to wait in lines, or wait for at least a few hours even if you plan to drop by the emergency room.

Interestingly, if you require a medical expert consultation (such as a neurologist, cardiologist, rheumatologist, oncologist, etc. ), you must be patient (just realized what the pun is!) because the waiting period might be up to a month.

And you can’t always afford to wait that long.

But with the white-label doctor on-demand app, you can schedule a consultation virtually anywhere, including

  • Your home
  • Workplace
  • A hotel room

Sometimes a doctor’s visit is unnecessary, and patients can obtain a real-time online consultation instead.

White-Label Doctor On-Demand App

All of it is just like booking an Uber!

What Do We Offer With Our On-Demand Doctor App Development Solution?

The answer’s quite simple,

“We offer healthcare consultation with convenience.”

Let us explain,

Our white-label on-demand doctors’ platform offers an extensive range of features for both doctors and patients.

Everything required in a telemedicine app with the +1 of the on-demand feature.

1. Real-Time Booking

The on-demand white-label doctors’ app lets the patients book appointments with the doctor whenever they want.

With the real-time availability options.

And as for doctors, based on their availability, they can accept or reject the request.

In case they are attending to another patient, you get redirected to another available doctor ASAP.

You get access to doctors’ availability toggle & their registered, detailed profile.

2. Health Records Integrations

We specialize in providing healthcare IT solutions.

Our devoted and educated team of specialists will make sure that you are not left in the dark.

It might be a difficult process for physicians to acquire access to patients’ medical data via telemedicine systems.

Hence, we take care of it by integrating with leading EHRs/EMRs.

Some of the top EHRs/EMRs that we integrate with to serve both the doctors and patients for your app.

Or if you have some special request with EHR/EMR service our team can take care of it too.

3. Effective Matching

With our white-label doctor on-demand platform, the patient can search for a doctor as per their unique health requirement, and filter through a variety of searches like

  • Location
  • Rating
  • The urgency of the consultation
  • Type of specialist

This matching and filtering capability of our app provides you with valuable suggestions and delivers results much faster.

4. Advanced Reports & Analytics

This feature is generally useful for doctors!


Because all the patients’ reports are summarized and analyzed in the patient summary.

If the doctors want to take a quick look at the patients’ last diagnosis, medications, and progress results, they can get it in just a few clicks.

5. Medications & Prescriptions

Timely medication and prescriptions are of utmost importance for a patient.

A crucial part of on-demand doctor app development is integration with PMS.

Patients using geo-location services can locate the nearest pharmacy and send their e-prescription to get medicine delivered to their location or collect it themself at their convenience.

6. Virtual Visitations

The most latest feature using the IoT and virtual reality.

Patients get a consultation from the doctor with a VR-based service where the existence is virtual but the consultation and experience are real on a personal level.

Take a Look at the Workflow of the White-Label Doctor On-Demand for a Better Understanding

Workflow of the White-Label Doctor On-Demand

  • You choose the type of service you want like telemedicine, doctor-on-demand, or just appointment booking
  • If you need a specialist then, you choose them with the option of your specific requirements
  • Provide keynotes to the doctors like the details of ailments, and other relevant information
  • You can add it for yourself or someone else as well if you’re a dependent
  • Once you get the doctors list and depending upon the requirement you get your consultancy & the online prescription service with the option to pay using digital modes of payment or insurance
  • And finally, you receive the receipt and a rating option

Is it important to integrate EMR/EHR in the on-demand doctor app?

Undeniably, yes.

EMR/EHR integration brings peace of mind to healthcare professionals and enhances the safety of the patient.

But how?

Let’s understand with a simple example.

Without Integration

A healthcare professional needs to operate two complex tech solutions at the same time while diagnosing the patient virtually.

As a result,

  • It increases the care delivery time
  • High possibility of medical errors
  • Increases the operational costs and time
  • Poor patient care experience and satisfaction
  • High work burden

With Integration

It allows healthcare professionals to fetch and transfer the health records of patients from the on-demand doctor app to EMR/EHR and vice versa.

As a result,

  • It lowers the chances of errors which increases patient safety
  • Seamless and accurate data transfer
  • High level of patient satisfaction
  • Fasten the clinical approach that saves time and costs
  • Fewer data errors

Looking for a Customized White-Label Doctor On-Demand App? You Have Landed at the Right Destination! [Real screenshots]

As a healthcare-focused IT solution-delivering company & working for almost a decade in making healthcare a better place through our technological solutions, we developed a white-label doctor on-demand platform.

It is more efficient and faster & assures the consultation delivery every time a patient wants it.

The on-demand doctor app development platform comes around with two options.

  • A single app with a separate registration for doctors and patients
  • Two different apps for doctors and patients on the same platforms

Both have their markets & depending upon your requirement, we provide you with the best platform.

At the same time, we offer customization options to you.

Our team of healthcare tech and compliance experts makes the white-label application and lets you acquire it with full code ownership and your branding attached to it.

Which may cost you free extra bucks.

Go ahead and check out our blog for “White-Label Telemedicine App” for a better understanding and to see real screenshots of our white-label solution.

Compliance can be a tricky play and when you approach compliant consultants the bill can be quite draining on your finances.

Don’t worry our in-house compliance experts got you covered.

Well! You have reached this far.

If your creative sense tingles, we will be more than happy to help you out.

All you have to do is fill out a form with 3-4 lines max and our team members will be in touch within 24 hours.