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Starting Online Pharmacy in the UK? Tech, Business, & Compliance Help

One thing is clear: reforms in healthcare systems are desperately required.

As a result, now is the perfect moment to launch an e-health business.

It’s also an excellent moment to start working on an online pharmacy app.

We can help you through this process by guiding and supporting you.

Broadly classifying the pharmacy app idea can take up two forms.

Types of Online Pharmacy Apps

1. Branded Online Pharmacy App

A branded online pharmacy app is established by a business utilizing its branded name, style, and other qualities.

This solution serves as an excellent link between the pharmacy and its consumers.

2. Pharmacy Marketplace

A pharmacy marketplace where customers can place prescription orders with any pharmacy that has registered on the marketplace.

It also allows them to compare prices by offering them more choices.

For new companies, it is a good way to gather a new and strong customer base.

How Does an Online Pharmacy Work?

An internet pharmacy, also known as an online pharmacy, is a website.

In which, it allows people to purchase medications and other healthcare products from their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

To use an online pharmacy, a customer typically needs to provide their prescription from a healthcare provider and then place an order on the website.

The pharmacy will then fill the prescription and ship the medication to the customer’s home or another address specified by the customer.

This can be a convenient way for people to obtain their medications, especially if they have difficulty getting to a physical pharmacy or if their healthcare provider is not located nearby.

Benefits of Starting an Online Pharmacy in the UK

You made the right decision when you made up your mind and came up with an internet pharmacy app idea.

Putting in numerological value with this decision you just entered the internet pharmacy market which is projected to reach $109.2 billion by 2025.

An online pharmacy app’s a kin to an eCommerce store.

The main distinction between an online pharmacy and a conventional eCommerce business is the requirement for a prescription!

For Pharmacists:

  • An online pharmacy app makes a patient’s life simpler, especially when it is connected with the National Health Service (NHS) electronic prescription service in the United Kingdom. This enables pharmacists to ensure that potentially harmful medications are only sold to individuals who have been prescribed by their doctor.
  • With the opportunity to sell additional goods, your online pharmacy app can propose alternative medications or over-the-counter alternatives, provide appointment scheduling for doctors, and develop smart marketing strategies based on customer behavior, global health trends, seasons such as cold and flu season, or allergy season, and other reasons.

For Customers:

  • With contactless ordering, online pharmacies are an excellent method to avoid direct interaction. Some of the most prominent pharmacies now employ robotic technologies to issue and deliver orders.
  • You can get orders delivered on short notice, or collect already-packed orders. Hence, less waiting. Also, there are multiple suppliers to select from, medicine marketplaces provide even more possibilities to save through price comparisons.
  • Online pharmacy apps offer a better choice of medicines for customers as Medicine is not always accessible at a local pharmacy, but it can generally be located and bought online, making the online pharmacy app an excellent location to fill prescriptions for patients who require difficult-to-find medications.

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What Do You Get When You Start an Online Pharmacy in the UK with Our Assistance?

We understand that pharmacy app development in the UK can be quite a task because we at SyS Creations have been working on such projects for a long time.

But, in the golden words of the Swedish House Mafia, “Don’t you worry child, see we have got a plan for you”.

Since we develop custom-based pharmacy apps, we will now rightly share what you can expect when designing and developing your pharmacy app idea.

Creating bespoke drug delivery apps for all of your platforms since we don’t practice cloning or copying.

We ensure that your program has a distinct user interface, set of features, and workflow.

It is very simple to use for you, your pharmacists, and your consumers.

We provide your app within a set timeframe or before the deadline thanks to our speedy app development, well-organized, and swift delivery strategy.

We also provide technology and healthcare compliance consultancy.

So you don’t have to go someplace else or pay a lot of money to get your application up to compliance requirements.

Furthermore, we have gurus of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) engineers who assist software robots in simulating human interaction with digital software and systems, reducing transcribing mistakes, and achieving high productivity.

Online Pharmacy App Features for Customers

  • Registration/Login
  • Search by name/substances with filters
  • Automatic prescription renewal/Order repeating
  • Drug information
  • Instant payment
  • Personalized offer
  • Telehealth consultation(Pharmacies and Clinicians)
  • Customer support 24X7
  • Pickup/Delivery options

Online Pharmacy App Features for Pharmacists

  • Inventory/Order management
  • Pharmaceutical and prescription management
  • Customer service
  • Shipping and Delivery tracking
  • Compliance and analytics management
  • Billing features

Online Pharmacy App Features for Admin

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Marketing Features
  • Customer Management (Data protection)

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Starting Online Pharmacy in the UK with Telemedicine

Your true entrepreneur spirit might have already caught how aggressively North American pharmacy startups have been adding telemedicine app modules into their existing online pharmacy apps ever since the pandemic.

What causing this fresh trend is newly emerged customer behavior.

Patients nowadays expect to receive 360-degree care from a single platform!

Meaning, the idea of having medical consultation with the doctor and getting medications through different apps is something patients would not entertain.

Thus, to not only serve patients better way but to also increase the customer base and add one more profitable revenue stream, you must expand your internet pharmacy app to telemedicine too.

This will not trouble you both in terms of financially and operationally.

Because you already have an IT infrastructure and access to medical professionals.

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How Can we help you Build the No.1 Online Pharmacy App in the UK?

So, here’s the thing: we only cater to healthcare-specific IT development.

Our team of highly qualified experts in the healthcare app development segment makes sure your app is supremely at par.

1. Integration and Interoperability

Integration with pharmacy management systems and Electronic Patients Records(EPR) systems improve workflow for medical claims management, dispensing medications, drug stock management, billing, e-prescription, medication management consultation, and telemedicine medication.

Inclusion in pharmacy management systems results in a better clinical and patient-facing experience from start to finish.

In the UK, we provide integration with pharmacy managers such as Cegedim, MedEpos, Bespoke by blueberry health, and NHS.

Also, with our added expertise in using the NHS interoperability toolkit.

We can make sure your app is savvy with Electronic Patient Records (EPR) systems.

We design the app in such a way that it supports integration with other healthcare data sources, such as PAS, GP address data, and drug databases.

Finally, adhering to HL7 and FHIR integration standards.

Your online pharmacy app and its integration with EPR systems will boost its viability and make your medicine delivery app relevant and able to access multifunctionality.

2. Compliance and Criteria for Health App Assessment

All pharmacy apps must be based on the most recent and up-to-date research, clinical experience, and patient preferences.

You must show proof that the app: improves patient and user outcomes, offers value for money, satisfies user demands, is reliable and easy to use and that people utilize it.

Evidence-based independent study will fare well in an evaluation.

For the app to be considered for ‘National Institute for Health and Care Excellence assessed,‘ we demonstrate a high level of clinical efficacy.

We make sure the two major regulatory approvals are in your pockets before going for the app assessment process.

Which is meeting the medical device regulations by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and Care Quality Committee(CQC) Registration if the app fits in one of 14 regulated activities.

Our compliance with the Data Protection Act and testing with the OWASP Mobile Security Testing Guide (MSTG).

Your pharmacy app development in the UK with us will adhere to the NHS Information Governance Requirements and Information Security Management: NHS code of practice under the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) data protection guidelines.

With the help of our highly qualified team of healthcare IT experts, the whole process is accomplished with ease.

YES! We know the data compliance laws and regulations for when you come to us for a pharmacy delivery app.

But how? Well… the answer is quite simple.

We began 8 years ago with a single goal in mind to assist the healthcare business and make healthcare IT solutions available to every individual/organization in need around the world.

Unlike other software companies, we have only healthcare-specific expertise, and every member of our team is trained and experienced exclusively in Healthcare IT solutions.

We rise to the challenge with our 6D’s of methodology curated for the successful and well-structured execution of your project.

“Discussion, Discovery, Designing, Development, Demo & QA, and Delivery.”

Finally, if you have reached this far and are looking to start internet pharmacy in the UK, we can do wonders for you!

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