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33% of US TikTok Users Use it as News App: How to be Best Hospital in New York with ‘Healthcare’ Version of TikTok?

It is our ‘psychology disorder’ helping us to write this blog

‘Insanity’ is the psychology term used to describe the action of performing the same work over and over again with the expectation of different outcomes every time.

Though several practitioners consider insanity as a disorder, in our case, it is actually helpful.

Being so obsessed with software and apps, we use popular technology products very aggressively to come up with something interesting, something game-changing – every time we use it.

For example,

We, 2 years back, started exploring Shopify. We explored it so deeply that we later built a Shopify-like eCommerce ecosystem dedicatedly to healthcare.

After that, we explored Tinder and its matching concept. This rewarded us with 5 unique ideas for healthcare matching apps.

And last month, we took a tour of the TikTok app.

Making our beliefs around TikTok more firm, news of 33% of TikTok users consuming it as a news app just popped up.

This made us realize that we are lacking the big. We are lacking TikTok for healthcare!

Such an idea of a healthcare social media app helps a hospital to be the best in New York or helps a healthcare company to target the right audience or even helps a physician to be aware of 15 new healthcare developments in just 5 minutes.

Possibilities are endless. The only concern is, will it be called a copied healthcare app?

Let us talk about something fresh, something unusual available on the Internet.

You are terribly wrong if you are seeing TikTok just as an entertainment and social media app

When Google itself says publicly that TikTok is causing its search business a lot of trouble, we don’t have to doubt that TikTok is doing something out of the ordinary.

Even if Google wants, it cannot simply hide TikTok from the reach of users.

Due to the immense popularity of TikTok, Google leaves with no choice but to index TikTok videos and show them in search results, before showing typical web results.


Things do not end here.

Use cases of TikTok are ever-evolving and now a new study from Pew Research Center shows that 33% of American TikTok users are using the app for news consumption on a regular basis.

While all other social media platforms show a decline across the same metric, the percentage of TikTok users using the app for news consumption has increased from just 21% in 2020.

TikTok News appThis number clearly depicts that social media apps can be consumed with different use cases and there is nothing wrong with it.

A TikTok-like healthcare social media app can make your hospital the best in the city

We hope you are now out of the assumption that social media apps are meant for just entertainment.

With that new you, let us share how TikTok for healthcare or TikTok-like healthcare social media apps can be beneficial for the entire system including hospitals wishing to be the best in the city. (See No: 4 if interested in knowing only the hospital perspective!)

1: For providers

Keeping themselves up-to-date with all the medical developments and news is very overwhelming for the providers.

There are multiple medical news portals but in today’s world, a way of presenting the information matters the most.

None of the online experiences is as engaging and modern as TikTok.

With the TikTok-inspired healthcare app, you can replace traditional medical news portals presenting the information in the same old-school way!

2: For users (patients)

In the last few years, the madness over health, fitness, diet, and overall wellness has increased a lot.

Everyone wants to know that one hack or tip to get fit, live a healthy life, eat balanced food, develop a mental shield, etc.

Indeed, a lot of information is available to them. But the problem is, it is available everywhere and in a very fragmented way.

There is not a centralized place for them to consume health and fitness tips and information while not taking out the dedicated time for it.

A social media app like TikTok can fill this gap and facilitate users to consume health tips and hacks both from experts and other users too – most importantly, in a very engaging way.

3: For healthcare companies

5 of our healthcare clients recently admitted that not having a dedicated platform where healthcare companies can find a specific target audience makes them extend their marketing budget by at least 30%.

By building the largest community of healthcare professionals, patients, healthcare entrepreneurs, and other healthcare stakeholders – of course with help of the healthcare social media platform – you can give healthcare businesses a rare opportunity to have their target audience under the same roof.

Doximity is the best example here. It is a LinkedIn for doctors. So, if one day a healthcare company selling software to doctors wants to market its product, Doximity can prove to be the best place to put an ad on!

4: For hospitals and other healthcare centers

Every hospital in New York or anywhere else wants to be the best. But they could not because patients don’t rate them so well.

A healthcare social media app can take patient experience to the next level.

The main hospital app working on the hybrid concept of TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tinder, and Twitter facilitates hospitals to be the instant love of patients.

Here is how.

  • Use the TikTok concept to share personalized health tips through your hospital’s main app with your patients.
  • Use the Instagram concept to share images of your hospital, its infrastructure, and the extra hospitality services you provide.
  • Use the concept of LinkedIn to showcase the profile of your healthcare staff.
  • Use the concept of Twitter to share any important updates or news in minimum words.
  • And use the concept of Tinder to let patients send appointment requests with available doctors by swiping right and explore doctors’ profiles by swiping left.

Merge all of these social media app concepts into your single hospital app, and see the results!

We are already imagining it. It turns out to be the best hospital mobile app available out there! An app working on the multiple concepts of multiple social media apps!

You can use this app internally and externally.

Internally to deliver exceptional experiences to your patients. And externally to build a community of providers, patients, healthcare companies, entrepreneurs, investors, etc.

Feel the power of social media – or rather – a hybrid model of healthcare social media!

Don’t reinvent the wheel every time: Our superb case study of building a healthcare software ecosystem by taking inspiration from 5 different platforms (20% each)

Inspiration 1:

(Our healthcare software ecosystem progress: 20%)

In Feb 2020, we built a medical equipment ordering system for Ontario-based TCU. (Since it is equipped with no-code capabilities, any healthcare entity can configure it as per its workflows.)

Inspiration 2:

(Our healthcare software ecosystem progress: 40%)

In July 2021, we added a patient portal to it. After all, every medical order needs to be placed and managed for each patient individually. So, healthcare entities need to – anyway – create a patient profile. Both patients and their caregivers can access these profiles and their data from their dashboards.

Inspiration 3:

(Our healthcare software ecosystem progress: 60%)

In Jan 2021, we added document management modules to it. With this, it becomes easy to manage prescriptions, contracts, forms, consents, and other important documents.

Inspiration 4:

(Our healthcare software ecosystem progress: 80%)

In August 2021, we added CRM modules to it. So that now one healthcare entity can manage all its vendors from the same portal.

Inspiration 5:

(Our healthcare software ecosystem progress: 100%)

In July 2022, we added the inventory management and eCommerce modules to it in order to let anyone open a healthcare eCommerce store within minutes.

So now, Our healthcare software ecosystem = Ordering system + Patient portal + Healthcare CRM + Document manager + Shopify for healthcare!

The interesting part is, we did not reinvent the wheel. We just took inspiration from different sources.

The following are its actual screen images.

healthcare software ecosystem

The moral of the story is that there is a thin line between copying something and getting inspiration from something!

So, get inspired by social media apps and build their healthcare version!