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A Single Company Owns These 20 Top Healthcare Companies (Redesign Health Gives a Serious Goal of Building Healthcare Ecosystem)

Trust us. We are trying our best to not get impressed by what Redesign Health does to our healthcare system

Founded in 2018 with a vision to completely redesign healthcare, Redesign Health has so far launched around 40 top healthcare companies.

Fueled by a very strong mindset that ‘A single company is not enough to redesign healthcare’, the startup has been launching dozens of healthcare tech solution companies with a high success rate for each brand.

And to keep launching the new healthcare companies at the same speed, Redesign Health has recently closed a successful funding round worth $65 million. (So far the startup has raised over $300 million.)

Indeed, Redesign Health gives a serious goal to building the healthcare ecosystem.

Healthcare has advanced a lot since 2020. But now healthcare ecosystems – be it the ecosystem of companies or software – are what require to take it further ahead from here.

With the same thought, we have relentlessly worked for 2 years to build a healthcare software ecosystem which we will share later in this blog. But first, let’s share details about top healthcare companies launched by Redesign Health.


These top 20 healthcare companies are launched by a single company – Redesign Health

It is worth mentioning that Redesign Health has launched 40 top healthcare companies under several categories such as mental health, cancer care, COVID-19, teleaudiology, senior care, women health, and metabolic health.

The following is the list of 20 top healthcare tech solution companies launched by Redesign Health.

1. Fort

Category: Adolescent Mental Health

Fort offers evidence-based, high-quality, and affordable mental health services for children as well as their other family members.

By working with not just children, but their families, Fort ensures quality care with enhanced outcomes.

The company has tied up with Child Mind Institute to help them in drafting treatment modules, training programs, and clinical structure.

2. Anomaly

Category: Healthcare Payment

The company Anomaly is focused on easing payment operations in healthcare.

It makes it more precise while at the same time reducing the costs and eliminating hardships for payers, providers, and patients.

To achieve that, Anomaly leverages cutting-edge AI/ML which seamlessly detects wrong claims and costly errors.

3. Calibrate

Category: Metabolic Health

Historically, an outcome-based model for weight-loss treatment was missing.

Calibrate fixes it with the perfect fusion of “doctor-prescribed GLP-1 medication, 1:1 video coaching, and a comprehensive curriculum”.

4. Coral Health

Category: Health Equity

Coral Health does a wonderful job. It provides a health platform to enhance the engagement and outcome of different communities with education, activation, and healthcare resources.

These all clinical materials are designed specifically to address unique cultural needs. Coral Health is more focused on delivering services to employees and employers.


Category: Elder Care

DUOS brings in a very unique and useful concept in elder care. This is why we consider it as one of the top healthcare companies.

It enables seniors living independently to get paired with Duos who are real people supposed to help seniors with food deliveries, arranging rides, housing, and other small things which make seniors’ lives complete.

Duo also helps seniors with clinical needs too – such as identifying the doctors, filling prescriptions, and getting medical equipment.

6. Ever Body

Category: Skincare

Ever Body offers premium cosmetic dermatology services in the heart of the USA – New York City.

The company leverages both offline and online modes to deliver convenience and quality skin care to customers.

Yes. After booking appointments online, users need to visit Ever Body’s center to receive ultimate skin care therapy – either for a single time or multiple times.

7. Health Quarters

Category: First-mile Care Delivery

Health Quarters is a company focused on delivering multiple levels of care from the brick-mortar clinics set in New York City.

These clinics solve all of the healthcare and wellness issues patients generally have.

Thanks to these clinics, users can find both physicians and wellness specialists under the same roof. Not only this, but Health Quarters ties up with different healthcare brands to serve patients from Health Quarters’ clinics.

8. Intrinsic

Category: Consumer Health

Intrinsic is a very unique company. It acquires other healthcare and wellness eCommerce companies with an aim to infuse growth into it.

Intrinsic acquires even small healthcare and wellness eCommerce companies that sell their products merely on Amazon.

9. Jasper

Category: Patient Support

Jasper is a digital oncology platform. It facilitates cancer patients to receive psychosocial support and coaching with a personalized planner.

Using its app, patients can connect to caregivers, providers, employers, and health plan care teams.

Jasper also provides a comprehensive dashboard to providers through which they can explore the profile of each patient, their biometric data, alert rating, and alert messages.


10. Keen

Category: Health Plan Navigation

Selecting a perfect and affordable Medicare plan is very overwhelming for people.

So, Keen helps them to choose the perfect Medicare plan which maximizes their benefits.

To achieve so, Keen leverages local licensed advisors and purpose-built technology.

The best thing about Keen is that their Medicare advisors are their in-house salaried employees and not gig workers working on commission with Keen having no control over them.

11. Kins

Category: Physical Therapy

Kins is a telehealth platform specifically designed and built to deliver virtual physical therapy to 127 million Americans suffering from pain and injuries.

In addition to virtual sessions, Kins also allows patients to book in-home sessions without the requirements of any prescription.

The best thing about Kins is that it accepts most of the popular healthcare insurance.


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12. Lively

Category: Audiology

Lively aims to empower more people with technologically advanced hearing aids so that they can deal with hearing loss much easier.

Lively offers both software (an app) and hardware (Bluetooth-ready hearing aids).

The combination of these two – accompanied by a team of experts – makes people hear better in no time.


13. MedArrive

Category: Complex Care

MedArrive provides a platform that connects patients, providers, and payers with a network of at-home Field Providers.

These Field Providers are EMTs and Paramedics professionals who visit patients’ homes, assess their health, and if required, arrange a virtual visit with providers.

The aim of MedArrive is to reduce ER visits by serving what people deserve – at their homes.

14. Primum

Category: Oncology

The hardest part of oncology practice is decision-making.

So, Primum makes it easy for oncologists to make decisions by matching them to other peer experts so that they can discuss their complex cases and make informed decisions.

So, basically, Primum is a community of oncologists where they discuss and leverage each other’s knowledge for the betterment of patients.

15. Proper

Category: Sleep Therapy

With the combination of supplements and virtual sleep coaching, Proper aims to solve America’s sleep crisis.

The sleep coaching programs of Proper are personalized, holistic, and evidence-based.

Proper also offers subscription plans for supplements and virtual sleep coaching.

sleep therapy

16. Soundry

Category: Complementary and Integrative Health

Built exclusively for Chiropractors and Acupuncturists, Soundry is a patient acquisition and practice management software.

It makes them save time and increase revenue with features like SOAP notes & workflows, patient claims management, client appointment management, advanced reporting, billing, etc.

17. Together Senior Health

Category: Dementia Care

Targeting seniors having difficulties due to Alzheimer’s and dementia, Together Senior Health provides a digital therapeutic and community platform.

The company partners with Medicare Advantage health insurance plans and home health agencies to help seniors find care from the comfort of their homes.

It leverages clinical evidence, real-world user experience, and community-based programming to leave impactful results.

18. UpLift

Category: Behavior Health

UpLift is a healthcare tech solution company that offers a marketplace for patients to find therapists easily.

The best thing about UpLift is that it facilitates patients to find therapists who accept their insurance.

With this platform, patients can book both in-person and virtual consultation sessions with therapists starting from just $20 per session.

19. Vault Health

Category: Consumer Health, Clinical Trials

The top 3 areas of expertise of Vault Health are clinical research, COVID-19 solutions, and workforce screening.

It offers trial tools for remote patient experience with more focus on improving trial performance and outcome.

It also offers COVID-19 testing and vaccine tracking solutions.

And for workforce screening, it offers compliance solutions for background checks, alcohol testing, and healthcare employment screening.

20. Springtide

Category: Child Development

With its state-of-the-art brick-and-mortar autism centers, Springtide helps children to deal with several child development issues and win over them.

An interdisciplinary team of caring specialists of Springtide offers several types of care that include speech therapy, occupational therapy, language acquisition, social skills, school readiness, and functional living skills.

Please note: You can explore all the top healthcare companies of Redesign Health in more detail from this link. Also, the source of all these images is Redesign Health.

Like Redesign Health, we’ve also dared to build an ecosystem – but we choose a healthcare software ecosystem

We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company.

We are driven by our extreme madness over healthcare and our guts to change healthcare with the tech knowledge we have.

After investing 2 years of our best team, we have finally built the first-of-its-kind healthcare software ecosystem.

We are calling it an ecosystem because

a) It has no-code capabilities. Meaning, healthcare entities can configure it as per their workflows without the knowledge of coding.

b) It has multi-user architecture.

Meaning, a master dashboard for master admin (for example a hospital), another dashboard for the hospital’s internal staff, one more dashboard for patients, in fact, one more dashboard for patients’ caregivers. Not only this but a dashboard for hospital’s vendors and one separate dashboard for vendors’ team members too.

Since it is an ecosystem in the true sense, its use cases are endless.

  • Patient management
  • Patient portal
  • Vendor and their contract management
  • Practice management
  • Patient engagement
  • Medication ordering
  • Pharmacy order management
  • Inventory management
  • Medical supply chain management
  • Virtual patient recruitment
  • Lab patient portal
  • Home care management
  • Home care scheduling
  • Healthcare eCommerce
  • And healthcare CRM

The following are some of its real screen images. (These aren’t the final ones as we customize the product for each customer to address their unique needs.)

Healthcare software ecosystem