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US-Based Healthcare Staffing App Trusted Health Raised $149M: Know How to Build On-demand Nurse Staffing Platform

Quick Summary: Another day, another news of a healthcare staffing app raising funds!

This time, it is US-based Trusted Health.

As per official reports, Trusted Health revealed the closing of its successful series C funding round worth $94 million and its undisclosed series B funding round worth $55 million.

The startup – Trusted Health – offers an AI-based job matching platform, focused on nursing jobs.

Using this platform, nurses can easily find jobs as per their preference. And it also helps healthcare entities meet staffing challenges while letting them be more focused on quality care delivery.

What is a healthcare staffing app or healthcare staffing portal and how does it work?

A healthcare staffing app connects healthcare entities (clinics, hospitals) with nurses for short-term and long-term hiring purposes.

It works in both directions – nurses can find the jobs they are looking for & apply for it and healthcare entities can search for nurses they are looking for and send job requests.

Healthcare staffing portal follows the on-demand model as it enables nurses to find and accept jobs on short notice and enables healthcare entities to hire nurses on short notice for a specific task.

If not startups, healthcare staffing agencies can use the platform to maintain its staff, assign jobs and monitor each scheduled, ongoing and delivered jobs.

The following is the most detailed explanation of how a nursing job app works:

Front #1: Nurses

  • Nurses create their accounts by adding all of their personal, educational and professional information.
  • They are now able to search all nearby nursing jobs posted by healthcare entities. They can filter out searches based on an hourly wage, shift timing, location etc.
  • They can also add their job preference and save it to receive job requests by healthcare entities.
  • If a nurse finds the job she is looking for, she applies for it which either gets approved or declined by the healthcare entity which has posted that job.

Front #2: Healthcare entities

  • Healthcare entities create accounts by adding business information.
  • If a hospital has a requirement for a nurse, an authorized person from that hospital can search for nurses and send job requests.
  • Here, nurses can either accept or decline job requests.
  • Hospitals can also create a new job by adding all details and wait for a nurse to apply for it.
  • When a nurse applies for that listed job, the hospital reviews that nurse’s profile and either accepts or declines the job request.

Front #3: On-demand medical staffing platform

  • It acts as a medium between nurses and healthcare entities.
  • If working on AI, it suggests jobs to nurses based on their preference and suggests nurses to healthcare entities based on job type.
  • It enables nurses to rate & review hospitals and enables hospitals to rate & review nurses.
  • Hospitals can manage all listed jobs and hired nurses from their dashboard.

Why is there a good market opportunity for building a healthcare staffing app or portal like Trusted Health?

Well, if there wasn’t market potential, investors would never have invested a whopping $149 million in Trusted Health!

Don’t worry. We have 3 more reasons!

Reason #1: A severe labour shortage in the healthcare industry

There had already been ever-lasting healthcare labour shortages in the USA. And the pandemic made it worse.

Since the onset of COVID-19, US healthcare employment has dropped by 524,000 jobs. And if we talk about the future, there will be a shortage of around 30000 nurses by 2025 in the USA.

One of the prime reasons for this unprecedented healthcare labour shortage is altered job preference due to the pandemic.

Nurses are no longer ready to work in stressful conditions while affecting their mental health and putting their physical health into trouble. Because they already have suffered a lot during the initial waves of the pandemic.

But technology can help nurses to find the jobs they are looking for. They can search and apply for jobs that offer them flexibility, safety and a good salary.

Many nurses prefer part-time jobs for the short-term without any work commitment which they can easily search and apply for using an on-demand nurse staffing platform.

Reason #2: Everyone, nurses too, love choices!

In the past, nurses lacked choices when it came to their professional careers.

And the root of that problem was their incapability to compare multiple nursing jobs and select the one which offers them mental peace as well as higher wages than industry standards.

But now using a medical staffing platform, nurses can first find all listed jobs as per their preferences and then compare all short-listed jobs to find the most suitable job for them.

Reason #3: Hospitals want to save staff expenses

To reduce overall staff expenses, hospitals no longer prefer to hire a workforce of full-time nurses.

They instead follow a hybrid model under which they fill only some percentage of open nursing positions and hire the rest of the nurses as per demand for a short time.

For instance, they temporarily fill all nursing positions during December and January when there are more chances of ‘high-demand’ in ER visits.

And when there is low demand, they run the practice with only permanent nurses.

So, with an on-demand healthcare staffing app, we can empower hospitals and clinics to hire temporary clinical staff on short notice with ease.

Top must-have features you must add into your nursing jobs marketplace

Here, it is worth mentioning that there will be three different app modules – one for nurses, one for healthcare entities and one for admin.

App features for nurses:

  • Profile creation
  • Upload documents
  • Search for jobs
  • Apply search filters
  • Save favourite
  • Explore job suggestions
  • Set job alerts
  • Make job request
  • View job information
  • Compare 2+ jobs
  • Set preferences for jobs
  • Accept/decline job request
  • Earning report
  • Past and upcoming jobs
  • Rating & review
  • Customer support

App features for healthcare entities:

  • Profile creation
  • Post jobs
  • Search for nurses
  • Apply search filters
  • Send job requests
  • Explore nurse profiles
  • Accept/decline job requests
  • See all posted jobs
  • Promote the posted job
  • Dashboard to track each hired nurse
  • Rating & review
  • Customer support

App features for admin:

  • Users (nurses, healthcare entities) management
  • Payment & dispute management
  • Customer support team dashboard
  • Promo codes, referral codes, in-app promotion management
  • Heat map and analytics

Explore our 17-step process of developing a healthcare on-demand staffing platform

That was the app development process. Now, let us share our project delivery approach

app development approach

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We’re an Ontario-based healthcare-focused IT company. Since we are healthcare-specific, we have only been working on healthcare IT projects for 7 years.

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With our dedicated healthcare UI/UX designers, developers, compliance specialists, QA engineers and business analysts, we can help you build a world-class healthcare staffing platform with all advanced as well as good-to-have features.

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